Tuesday, September 11

Where were you?

I was in 5th grade on this day 11 years ago. I was sitting in Ms.Saunders (now Mrs.Russells) homeroom class when she told us that something had happened, something bad, something devastating, that would change history. The annoying part to us nosy, anxious and possibly a bit frightened 10 year olds? She,  nor anyone else, would tell us what the hell was going on.

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I remember Courtney letting us  know that a cruise ship had blown up or something other crazy Courtneyism. We weren't buying it. I went to a Boys and Girls Club afterschool program with a few of my friends most days and that day we went and raced into the tv room to see the news. I remember watching the news reports - stunned. As a 10 year old - I was petrified. Although I am Canadian, New York is about 10 hours from us - closer than most American towns are to NY. The biggest question in my 10 year old brain was "are we next?" It took me a long time to realize just what happened that day, what it meant and how massive the impact actually was.

To this day the thought of 9/11 gives me chills. Everything about it makes my heart pound and my eyes water. The emotions I felt that day and feel now are/were nothing compared to what so many people faced that day and what many still have to live with.

I see so many pictures, statuses, tweets, etc telling us to never forget but my question is, how could we? I certainly will never forget that day.
Robert Peraza pauses at the name of his son Robert David Peraza who died in the towers

Where were you 11 years ago today?

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  1. Gosh, I can't believe it's been 11 years. I was just starting my senior year of high school then. It was a frightening day...we will never forget.

  2. I arrived home from school and my step dad was watching the news. I saw footage of the first plane going in the twin tower and it was like watching it from the movies. It was a horrific accident. Then the second plane went into the 2nd tower live on air. We thought it was a repeat of the first one but then realised that the other tower was still on fire. That's when we thought the US was at war. It was crazy.

    We then had the 7/7 bombings in London. A friend of mine survived on one of the tube trains, he had to climb out the window with his gf. Thankfully they weren't on the carriage with the terrorist. Unfortunately though a guy from my school was on another tube train. He was a victim. RIP Richard Ellery.


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