Sunday, October 21


Today is a big day. Today is my last day on Grand Manan (hence the Bye Bye title) before I head out on another adventure and today is my 200th post. I haven't written anything in almost a week and I wasn't even sure I would write today. It's not that I'm giving up on my blog or don't want to write.. I just have a LOT of stuff in my head. When I have a lot of stuff in my head I don't know how to separate and organize the absolute chaos that is my thoughts and look for something worth writing about. I'm going to give it a go though.

I should probably explain where I have been all week. As most of you know I am leaving tomorrow morning for a two month trip to California. This past week I finished up work, started packing and took a trip to the city with my girl friends to have some fun and say goodbyes before I head out. Not only was I busy but my mind was much like it is today - way too full of thoughts to actually sit down and write a well put together blog. Let me tell you about the going away party.

Friday afternoon we all headed out and met in Saint John Saturday Night. A couple of us decided to get a hotel room so that our friends apartments wouldn't get trashed and we would have extra pre-drinking and sleeping space. We paid a super cheap amount for a super disgusting hotel and it definitely showed. When we arrived at the hotel the alarm clock was going crazy, the blankets and pillows were strewn across the room and nothing had been cleaned. Umm - I think the 80$ at least covered a bed that was made. Nasty.

We got a new room and pretty much forgot about that whole situation - I'm not one too make a huge scene about something like that. A new room was a quick fix. We all got ready, had some pre drinks and headed off the main event.

This is the part where you guys have to not judge me for what we did that night, okay? Promise me? We went to a Tila Tequila concert. In the end, we didn't even see a Tila Tequila concert because she was too drunk to perform (if she can even perform anything besides a strip show) and shecame out 20 mins before the club closed. She slurred a bunch of words, asked someone to grab her ass, took pictures with people and left. She didn't perform a single song.

The night was fun though! Being able to get together with a large portion of my girl friends and get crazy was probably worth the 19$ we each paid for a ticket - it was for me anyway. My friend Nat showed up to surprise me on top of the 10ish other girls and the night ended up Pizza and Garlic fingers so I can't really complain. The evening made me realize how badly I will miss everyone while I'm gone. 2 months is not a long time but when you're separated from your friends and family and all the things that make you comfortable it does make it seem a little more complicated. Damn you friends for being so awesome and making it harder to leave!

To be honest I'm totally freaking about leaving - level 10 stress. Well maybe not 10 but a solid 8. When I get there and figure my shit out I will be fine but like I have mentioned I'm a total quack before a trip and I get really anxious and crazy. I will write to you guys as soon as I get there just so you know I didn't lose my mind along the way.

Not a very exciting 200th post but I should sign off and finish packing.
Talk to you all very soon!
Big Love,


  1. safe travels & no judgement whatsoever -- i didn't even know tila tequila sang?!?!


  2. Casey and I stayed here on the way back from our honeymoon 2 years ago. I told him NEVER AGAIN! I kept smelling something, well it turned out to be rotten fruit (mostly grapes I think) in the sink drain. Yummy. I wonder who was being fed those bad boys?? Sick.


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