Tuesday, October 30

Life With A Moo

How is everyone feeling after Thursdays bomb dropping?! I'm feeling much the same, I'm sure lol. 

Mark is my first real boyfriend. I say real because I'm pretty sure when I was 8 I dated Millan and when I was 13 I had a boyfriend who i didn't speak to for about 2 months but other than that I've never had a real relationship. He is my first love and the first guy I've ever "lived" with. Lucky guy, eh?

So for the most part I spent 21 years being single. I spent the last 10 months being basically single. Some would argue single is better and there are definitely perks but right now I'm quite enjoying the awesome perks that come with having a boyfriend. Everything is so new and different and pretty awesome.

I've compiled a list of perks of having a boyfriend and "firsts" I've had so far. To some people this is normal and it's weird that I would notice but I've never had anyone and this stuff is pretty fucking wicked for me.

  • I always have someone to scratch my back.
  • I'm not so alone all the time.
  • I get to fall asleep in someone's arms.
  • I sleep so much better with someone next to me.
  • I met his family and almost shit my pants.
  • Two words - back massages!
  • He cooks for me (hes such an awesome cook!)
  • I have a buddy for anything I want to do.
  • I have my own place for the first time.
  • I'm pretty much a housewife lol.. not really but its weird. 
  • I have a reason to take care of myself. Showering once a week is a thing of the past. 
I wish I could make a longer list but I'm headed downtown with my boyfriend.. oh yeah..and I get to say "my boyfriend". Actually being able to talk about him and admit to being in a relationship isn't so secretive and weird anymore.. it's just my life. And it's awesome. No more double life.. feels good.

I'm doing great here in Sacramento and I think Mark is doing okay too..he seems to like me alright. We'll see after a few more weeks when I get into "I'm so comfortable I will fart around you" mode.. he might not find me so adorable then.

Thanks to everyone for all the support. I love you guys so much and I am so happy I finally let everyone in on the secret world of Bailey and Moo. Ooh yeah..that's Marks nickname which I will prob refer to him as for the rest of my life on here.. poor Moo.

Big Love,


  1. I agree with your momma; too sweet! I'm so happy that you're so happy.

  2. How much longer are you here in the States for? Wish I was closer, would love to meet you!!

  3. This is so incredibly sweet! I think that, before you "settle down", it's good to have both periods of dating other people and being happy and single. It's just good to know what that balance is like I think.

  4. It's so great you're having a great time. It must be so weird but a good exciting kinda weird, if you get me.

    It's funny you should mention farts. When I was going out with my last girlfriend, I think she forgot what our first film was or our first meal....but she always remembered who farted first and where I did it. (It was always going to be me - in a hotel whilst going around the revolving door if you're wondering!) haha

  5. Bail! I am so happy for you! Post some pictures of your new life soon :) <3

  6. So sweet and cute! Congrats!

  7. Aww I love your list! Is there a reason why is his nickname is Moo (if it's not too weird/personal)? And I'm laughing at the farting comment- I've been living with my boyfriend for 3 years and it still grosses me out when he farts!


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