Tuesday, October 2

maybe im crazy.

Do you ever do something, think back on it and ask yourself "Am i fucking crazy for doing that?". I mean, we all do crazy shit once in a while but is there an everyday habit you have that others might think is a little kooky? Michelle who writes at The Vintage Apple is asking other bloggers to share things they do that might be considered a little crazy. Here are a few of mine (lets face it, theres a million things I do that make me crazy.

When I go to the bathroom I have to check the toilet for spiders and insects. I have since I was little. I'm afraid they will crawl onto me if I'm on the toilet too long so I only check when I'm going #2. It doesn't even cross my mind if I just have to pee. Does that make me crazy?

When I'm sad or clusterfucky I clean my room and start throwing all my shit out or selling all my clothes. I think it's a way of trying to like refresh my life but it's stupid cause then I end up with an empty closet.Does that make me crazy?

Sometimes if I have a bath I fill the bathtub with super hot water and let the cold water run over my feet. I know it's weird.. like what's the point? Does that make me crazy?

I hold my keys between my hands when walking anywhere in the dark just in case I have to poke anyone's eyeballs out. Does that make me crazy?

At least once a week I drive a few km past my destination before I realize that I fucked up. Does that make me crazy?

I  eat my food in a certain order or in certain combinations. Does that make me crazy?

I can cry over any movie or song. I can go weeks without crying over anything in my own life but hit me with a sad song or a sad movie and I'll be balling. Does that make me crazy? (or much just a pile of emotional wreckage)

When driving onto the ferry (I live on an island for those of you who are new!) I refuse to idle between the ramp and the ferry - my car MIGHT be the car to fall through. Does that make me crazy?

I literally go into attack mode if someone touches my sides or my stomach. It must be an insecurity thing. Does that make me crazy?

I also go into attack mode when people move my shit. If I set something down, I have a plan for it, don't fucking move it. Does that make me crazy? and a little aggressive?

I love me some raspberry jam on a grilled cheese. Does that make me crazy? 

I can't wear watches and bracelets unless its a homemade bracelet and light. I hate having weight on my wrists and that sort of shit is always getting in the way. Does that make me crazy?

I have an emotional attachment to my car hence why I put thousands of dollars into a piece of shit car. I would drive a cavalier forever. Does that make me crazy?

Comment and let me know what makes you crazy..that is if you haven't taken off already because I'm ridiculous.

Big love,



  1. Raspberry jam on grilled cheese, just might have to try that!
    I also clean & purge when I am upset, it makes me feel better too. And carrying our keys like that is just plain smart!

  2. I just about died. Or peed in my chair. HILARIOUS. I'm not gonna lie... the toilet paper thing is a little weird, but to each his own lol.

    I do the SAME thing with my closet! And house. It can be midnight and if I'm stressed I clean like a madwoman. And every season I go crazy and clean out my closet. I don't know I even have clothes left!!

    1. im totally gonna clean out my closet tonight- no lie ahah.

      and ps your comment didnt delete - i just have to approve them before they show! so yay! i got it aha :)

  3. i can sooooo relate to the crying over songs and movies (and commericials) -- that is SO me!

    and i carry the keys -- my dad taught me that!

    i think you are perfectly normal with little quirks/idiosyncrasies like us all!


    1. the keys thing seems like a paranoia thing but its a pretty good idea aha. and im glad someone else cries over everything too ahaha

  4. I definitely always have my keys between my fingers at night, just never know when that stranger will come at you!!

    1. for real! i need to defend myself somehow and it wont be with my muscles lol

  5. I totally walk with keys weaved in fingers!!! Especially leaving the mall at night!!! NOT CRAY at all!! Smart! Thanks for linking up!!!

    1. No prob - super fun link up! loved reading all the posts :)

  6. I always check the toilet for snakes...just in case. Ick! :)

  7. Definitely not crazy! Haha these made me smile, because I can't help but relate!!

  8. Lol I do the same thing with my keys. Better safe than sorry right?! lol

  9. Girl where is your button on here? Am I crazy? I can't find it for the life of me.

  10. I totally cry over movies and TV shows and stuff ALL THE TIME. I'm such a baby. I also carry my keys in my hand when I'm running alone or walking somewhere at night, people are crazy, I'm not crazy. Lol.

  11. I bought and carried 15 different magazines, at a value of apx $70, around 3 different airports for my 20 hour journey to Denmark. That is like just a little over 1 mag per hour. Does that make me crazy? I will answer that one for you. Yes! haha. As far as all your crazy questions in this post, I pretty much do all of those things too, so I will go ahead and say No, I don't think you are crazy. I think you are just plain sensible haha.


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