Wednesday, October 31

which is spookier?

While I looked through my facebook photos for Halloween pictures I realized that the "ghosts of Halloweens" past were not nearly as scary as the outfits of Bailey's high school past. Seriously frightening. It's Halloween so I ought to share some of my past Halloween costumes but maybe share some outfits that could easily be mistaken for Halloween costumes as well. Sort of embarrassing but totally not because I give about as many fucks now as I did when I was wearing that shit (zero, give or take). All of my Halloween costumes sucked. I never had enough money to buy an actual costume and even if I did I was (or at least I feared I was) too fat to fit into anything I liked. Hence the shittiest costumes on the planet.

Halloween 2011 - Jungle Kitty!

Halloween 2010 - Snooki
Halloween 2008 - Dead Prom Queen 

Halloween 2007 - ????

Halloween 2006 - GI Jane

Decently lame costumes..but here is where it gets interesting. I should have played a game so you could guess which outfits were Costumes and which weren't. It would be tricky! But now I'm over halfway through the post and too lazy to attempt that game so coulda, shoulda, woulda.! Here are some of my outfits that should have been halloween costumes. 

 Happy Halloween! What are you Bailey? A Hobo?
 No, bitch. It's not Halloween, itsSeptember &.I'm just dressed like this laying in the road like every other normal 14 year old out there............
 At least I'm not alone here, Tam and Di looked equally as foolish, but I kidd you not - we were headed to a basketball game. Why did I need a headband like that? Who knows. I believe I was wearing mesh gloves, a plaid skirt and mid calf black and red lace up boots as well so.. who knows what I was thinking.
 Can't get together for a girls baseball game without dressing like a baseball playing smurf on crack can I? WHAT THE FUCK?
Just a regular day.. dressed like a candy shop threw up on me. 
Wore this outfit to a music festival. That's normal. Not only did I wear this outfit in real life but I wore it for like 4 days straight. So not okay.

Honestly, my regular every day outfits were scarier than any Halloween costume I've ever pulled off or even seen on someone else. Since my costumes aren't particularly amusing I thought I'd share with you some good Halloween posts to check out on this lovely Halloween. Tonight I'm being pretty adult and not celebrating but I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

Big Love,
Bailey J

Check out Ty's transition into doing the "cute halloween" thing at Arkansassy 
You have to see the coolest costume I've seen all day at Alex's blog If's, Ands and Butts
While you're there make sure to vote for her in the Inspire Language Learning Blogger Competition 
Neelys Teen Mom costume made me chuckle at A Complete Waste of Make Up  
Doggies in costumes are funny so check All In My Twenties and Fantastically Average to see Kristen and Jessicas puppies in Halloween get ups!


  1. ahaha i love looking at old pictures. sooo awesome! thank you for this ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out girl. And you made an AWESOME Snooki. I always have lame costumes blah

  3. Lol, great pics! I have some pretty horrible Halloween pictures on Facebook that I've come to regret ever posting as well. Oh well, I guess that's just part of being young...

  4. hahah, LOVE the pictures! I think my fave was Snooki... you rocked that look, girl! :) ♥


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