Thursday, October 25

& you thought I was single part 2.

My following count went down by three so I figured I better write a blog before I lose you all. Not really, I know many of you are a bit more loyal than that, but I really do need to write a blog. I promise that now that I'm in California I will be writing more. I know that doesn't make sense, since all this traveling I've been saying I'm about to be doing, but let me drop some knowledge on you.

Remember the post "And You Thought I Was Single"? Well consider this part two. The first part I wrote about my ongoing unhealthy relationship with food and this time I'm writing about my 10 month relationship with my boyfriend Mark who lives here in California. Yes, I came to California for a boy, and No, I'm not shitting you. I know many of you have probably heard by now and some figured it out on your own and to you I say "well played!". So here's the story.

2 years ago (25 months ago yesterday to be exact) I was on an online forum. A user had made a comment I found to be a bit rude (okay, I called him an ignorant asshole) and the user inboxed me. After a bit of a "disagreement" we couldn't step away from the conversation and the disagreement turned into a 6 hour chat. The chats continued.. for a long time.

His name was Mark (which I kept forgetting and waited about 3 weeks until he mentioned what his name was again) and we were undeniably different. We also had undeniable chemistry pretty early on. By the next month we were texting and by the start of the next year we finally started skyping. We fell into a complicated like for each other before my trip to Central America in 2011 and although we couldn't be together we knew we had something. We planned to see each other at some point but nothing ever worked out right.

After I returned from my trip June of 2011 I wasn't sure where we stood. After the summer though, and through the fall, things heated up again and I could tell I was truly falling for this guy. As complicated as it was, and as much as I never wanted this to happen to me, I was falling in love with a guy over the internet. How the fuck was I going to deal with this one?

Luckily the feelings were mutual. Although it was complicated, by Christmas time we knew what we had and we both felt that we had a sort of commitment to each other - that we might as well be together. So on Dec.30th of 2011 we officially began dating and committing to meeting up in 2012. Fast foward 10 months and I'm finally here in Sacramento at his apartment.

It's a lot to take in and it was hard to tell people. Yes, many people knew, more than I intended (its okay.. I forgive those who spilled the beans lol) and I thank every person who was there for me for the past two years. It was extremely hard trying to maintain a relationship, maintain my privacy and cope with the fact that I felt like a liar and someone who was living a double life. Was I being disrespectful to Mark by telling people I was single? Was my privacy worth the lies I told people about my plans for this trip?

In the end I think everything was worth it. Do I wish Mark and I had met a more simple and less taboo way? Yes, I do. But this is my life now and this is the way it happened and I don't regret any of the past two years or my trip to Sacramento to see him.

Now, I know my friends and family are wondering how I'm doing. I will be totally honest and say it's not perfect but I didn't expect it to be. Mark is great, he's basically just how I imagined him and we've had fun, we've had ups and downs so far, but it's been good. The meet up was awkward for about 5 minutes but we quickly realized hey.. im in love with this person.. im fucking DATING this person.. its us. I was quickly comfortable with him and him with me (as far as I can tell anyway).

So far we've done a lot of just hanging out. He took me to try Sushi which I was so excited about and it was SO good but super filling aha. Last night we went to this little boutique (can we say hipster) where there was a show in the back and it was super cool and right up my alley.

I'm not sure what the future brings for this trip or for my relationship with Mark but that's the point of this trip-to see if we work in real life. I'm excited and nervous and all sorts of feelings. I promise to upload a picture of us as soon as I take on ahah okay Mom?

If you are going nuts and wondering if this is a joke please feel free to comment or inbox me with any questions. To any friends who feel out of the loop and like they should've known - it's not personal. I may have intended to tell you but never had the time alone. I hope everyone can forgive me for being a big fucking liar for two years lol I did what I had to do to protect my privacy and keep people from getting in my shit. People thinking I was a lesbian was enough controversy for me.. I guess this blog blows that rumor right out of the water, doesn't it?

Big love to you all,

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PPS. The funniest thing about this trip so far is the pack of wild chihuahuas the terrorize the neighborhood we live in. Funny but annoying. Fucking chihuahuas. 


  1. Have fun Bailey! You owe no one apologies. Your shit is your shit lol... No one elses :)

  2. What a crazy story! Not how you met, but that you kept it a secret for so long! Is there such a thing as a part-time spy? ;) Best of luck, Bailey! (and kudos on avoiding winter. If I could, I would!)

  3. Wow how incredibly exciting!!! Good luck out there Bailey! I hope everything goes how you both hope and this is the start of something wonderful.

  4. Wow! I'm echoing the sentiments of every one else- I can't believe you kept that under wraps for 2 years...I don't know if I would have been able to last 2 weeks! Haha You're so brave for picking up your life and taking such a chance, but the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward ;)

  5. Soooo happy for you Bailey !! You totally deserve it... Hope your having fun :)

    Trish Guptill

  6. In the world that we live in this is how a lot of people meet! I know a girl who met a guy on facebook (random) and married him and moved to Oklahoma! I can't beleive that you kept it a secret for two years though! That's crazy!

  7. I'm sooooo freaking happy for you!!! I LOVED reading this! I can't wait to see all the photos! :-)

  8. Girl have so much fun!! My husband and I met online too and I can't imagine loving anyone else. We kept it a secret for a while too because it felt taboo, but now everyone is doing it!! Two of my best girlfriends are marrying guys they met online. No shame girl, just live your life! I'm so excited for you. Even if it doesn't work out, it's an adventure you will always remember.

  9. I'm in shock and awe. But I'm also very happy for you! Good luck :) Hope things work out well <3

  10. This is fucking awesome. I am so happy for you :) have a blast and get some pics up!

  11. Bailey you go girl...Doesn't matter what others think if this makes you and Mark happy that is ALL that matters...

  12. This made me really happy reading this.

  13. This is the craziest story I have ever read.........but it is awesome

  14. I guess I can't post from my phone. I'm thrilled for you Bailey. No wonder your head was crazy before you left. It's a wonder it didn't explode :) If anyone was hurt by you not sharing earlier, than you don't need them anywho. If they care about you, they should be happy for you, not hurt for themselves!
    Have fun, and carry a big stick for those yapping little bastards terrorizing the neighbourhood

  15. Way to go! I met my boyfriend (now going on 5 years) online. It is still weird for me to admit "We met online" when someone asks how we meant. Even though meeting online is more socially acceptable now.
    I remember the first time I drove to meet him, I prayed the whole way down that I wasn't meeting some murderer because I watch too much SVU.
    He may be the most annoying person I've ever met in my life. But the cool thing is, he lets me say that and he doesn't get hurt.
    And I would rather him annoy me than him not be there at all. Most of the time. Sometimes. Lol.
    None of my friends really even knew I was dating someone until after we met. I don't think lying or hiding something ever crossed their minds, or was an issue, so I hope the same for you.
    Have a great rest of your trip!!

  16. I wouldn't expect the way you found love to be anything different! It's so YOU! :-) Have fun, Bailey - take lots of pictures! Shelley V

  17. This is so sweet! It's hard letting people know you met online, EVEN if it is socially acceptable these days. But, who cares?! As long as you're both happy, it doesn't matter!

    Have fun in California, and sorry to hear about those chihuahuas...eeek! Hah!


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