Tuesday, November 27


I can't believe Christmas in one month! In less than a month I will be back home in the freezing cold weather. It's going to be very bittersweet - seeing everyone I love but leaving the guy I love. Life WOULD make this complicated.

Anyways, It's definitely time to start writing Christmas posts (I could've started a month ago) so I thought I'd do a little wish list of some of the things I'm really coveting this Holiday.

1.) 1oz Coach Poppy - I have finally found a scent I love. I've been searching for a signature scent I could wear - something of good quality that I could wear regularly instead of 5$ Walmart Perfume. I'm in love with this scent! I want the 1oz because the small one is stupid and 65$ is just way too much for the bigger one so the 1oz is a happy medium. I don't like to drown in my perfume anyway.

2.) Sephora In The Glow Set - This is a steal. It's so many awesome products for a good price. I am super into blushes and bronzers these days so I'd love to have some good quality samples and I will buy the big ones if i fall in love with one. It will prob take me a year to use all these anyway since I'm not a HUGE make up person.

3.) Toms I've waited a pair of Toms forever but have never asked until now. I love the cause but I will be the bad person and admit that I'm not usually one to spend over 50$ on a pair of shoes. I do really want a pair - and a pair i can wear with anything - I'm liking the grey. I also think these, these and these are pretty adorable! Oh and these - love them in the green color as well. I need like 1000$ for this store aha.

4.) January Gym Membership I'm gonna need that shit. Yoga too!

5.) Room by Emma Donoghue and Hungry by Crystal Renn I'm a bit behind but I still really want to read these two! I always have a few books on my shelf that I am reading and I'm finally getting to the end of it. I need to restock! Also would love to read this, this and especially this.

6.) Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Moniter A big one for me! I've wanted a heart rate moniter for a while and it's time I have one. I need and want to get serious about fitness again. I hear only good things about this model and it does exactly what I need it to.

7.)Ipod Case I absolutely love this case (should just drive to San Fran and get it) and I love my ipod - I take it everywhere and use it for everything. I really need a case for it other than the 5$ silicone one that falls off and barely gives it any protection. Plus, it's ugly, unlike the one pictured. I also like this one  - too cute. Etsy is the best for cute things!

8.) Kindle Fire I ordered a new laptop, I have an ipod and a decent phone.. so why I think I need something like this - I'm not sure, but I do. Just in case. Yeah...I suck. But it's so easy and cute and portable. Yeah.. I guess I'm being materialistic! Bad Christmas elf!

9.) Gift Cards! I love gift cards - giving em and recieving em. Right now I don't need much in my life but someday I may. My favorite places to recieve them from are La Senza, Lulu Lemon, H&M, Forever 21 and Sephora. Lovely. :)

What's on your wish list this year? What is the one thing you're really really hoping for? My mom and I both love surprises so most Christmases I really have no clue what I'm getting. I know she will get me some things I ask for but I don't know which things. One month until I know!!

Big Love,

Saturday, November 24

ham AND turkey.

The ticket is booked and I'm headed to San Diego next Wednesday! I will be meeting up with Martha - my Honduras traveling buddy from back in 2011 and will even get to see her friend Arnold who met up with us to go to Copan! It was awesome meeting these two in Honduras and now I get to see San Diego, Martha, Arnold and MEXICO! Martha is from Mexico and she is going to take me across the border for a few days and I'm psyched! I've never been surprisingly and I can't wait. 

I will be gone for a week and I'm actually nervous about leaving the Moo. He will probably enjoy the break (and I may too) but I will miss him like crazy. I guess it will be a good peak at how I will feel when I go home. Thinking about leaving makes me cry sometimes so we'll see how I actually survive it next week and in December when I head home for Christmas. Scary!

I haven't been on a trip like this in a year and half and I'm so excited. I honestly have no idea what to expect. The only details I know are that I fly to San Diego next Wednesday, Thursday I plan to see San Diego, Fri-Mon is dedicated to Mexico and then maybe some more time in San Diego on Tuesday as I don't fly out until later in the day. I don't know ANY details of the trip - even where we are going. I am just going with Marthas flow as she is from Mexico and obviously has been to the places we are going or knows more what she's doing than I would. I trust her fully! Am I ridiculous or what? Goes to Mexico and doesn't know where she's going.. typical, seriously.

So here's my question for anyone who is from San Diego, Cali or has been and can give me advice. What should I do? What should I see? Should I stroll around a certain part of the city? Martha will be working so I need to amuse myself and I don't know too much about San Diego! If any of you aren't busy next Thursday the 29th and are in that area let me know! :)

Anyways, a quick note on American Thanksgiving. Clearly, it was great! We went to Marks moms house and there was lots of people and of course, his nephew who is SO cute and I love when he's around. He won't look at me but.. I still like him. He'll grow to love me..some day. Dinner was great and we headed to a bar in Marks hometown and had a few drinks, played some game that resembled mini curling and I may have snuck off for some Peanut Butter Cups along the way. Afterward we went back to his moms, took a weeks worth of food and came home and crashed hard into a food/gin and tonic coma. Lovely!!

thanksgiving haul. HAMMMM. & Turkey!! 
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, a safe black friday (I chose to not participate - deals are not worth getting shot!) and have a fabulous weekend!!

Big Love,

Tuesday, November 20

the good, the bad, the ugly.

The Good
I am being hit with double the holiday spirit as Christmas is totally in swing AND it's Thanksgiving (again) here in the US! Though the "the bad" and "the ugly" ( you will read those after, be patient young grasshoppers) are trying to keep me down - how can I not be just a teensy bit excited about good food and CHRISTMAS just around the bend? That's right, I can't not be excited.. just ain't right. I'M STOKED! And I may have bought tinsel..more on that next post.

The Bad
Loneliness has been viciously attacking me the past few days. I miss my family, I miss my friends and girl time, I miss the ocean and I even miss my job and being productive. I know a big reason I am having such a hard time is because of the time of the month (otherwise known as "the ugly" this week) but it's just been a rough few days. I'm not afraid to admit that life in love isn't perfect and sometimes I take a few hours minutes to cry and miss my life and the comforts of home. It doesn't mean I don't love Mark.. it just means I'm human which is an improvement from what some people would refer to me as. 

The Ugly
Ahh yes, the reason I mentioned for "the bad" this week. It's that time again and my hormones and female reproduction system are waging war against my body and spirit. Excuse my french but fuck you, you little demon! All hell is breaking loose - even on my face. Pimples, pains and passing out - just about ate dust at the gym today after my work out, I guess I wasn't up to being consious and it took about 20 minutes before I could even leave the gym. WTF. Not to mention Mark probably thinks I'm turning into the girl from The Exorcist - which personality will I be when he gets home tonight? Somebody pray for that boy.  
 To all my friends - I miss you and can't wait to see you in four weeks!! Ps. Are you jealous of this stack of 1.5L bottles of Barefoot at 8$ a bottle! I just about shit my pants. The dranks is CHEAP hurrr, bitches. 
Big lovinz,
Bailey J

the good, the bad, the ugly

Friday, November 16

to whom it may concern

Dear Casting Director of Criminal Minds : From all of us to you - thank you for casting Shemar Moore. We love you. Though since I began watching every single episode in rapid succession I began having nightmares and trouble falling asleep... I also feel a sense of calm in my daily life knowing that I can flick on the next episode and see my dear friend Shemar. 

Dear Christmas Decorations : Please stay put in your bags and boxes until after this weekend and if at all possible, until after Thanksgiving. I don't need Marks family thinking I'm a Christmas psycho. I just want to put you up SO bad... so bad.

Dear Gym : Stop being so intimidating. And grant me a work out buddy cause I seriously feel awkward the whole work out and could use a friend in general. This is so not my personality but I am having serious issues feeling comfortable at this new gym. 

Dear Small-Weird-Liquor Store Man : I realize you see lots of hobos people every day, lots of interesting and attention grabbing people, but seriously - I know you know I'm of age. I've been there at least 10 times now in 3 weeks, it's never that busy in there, you clearly recognize me and my over 21-ness. CMON BROTHER! Stop Id'ing this chick.

Dear ID checkers of California : It's really not that hard to read my birth date on my ID card. I don't understand why it takes you over 60 seoncds to realize that the month and the day are in different order than on an American ID apparently. The year is 91 and clearly I wasn't born on the 28th month,  the 5th month has past and I'm good to freakin go. Please let me into your establishment/buy a drink. Facckk.

Dear UPS Man : I really wish you'd run very fast when delivering my ornament from Living In Yellows ornament swap. I am SO excited. I love Christmas, I love mail, I love presents, I love ornaments and I am going to absolutely adore the day that I receive my ornament. EEEEE!!

Dear Black Friday : Me thinks you may be best watched from afar (and with a bulletproof vest on) and then by enjoyed virtually on Cyber Monday. After my replies via blog, fb and twitter regarding THIS post, I think you are just not worth attending. I do need to see some of the magic though.

Dear Cyber Monday : Please be all I need you to be. 

Dear American Thanksgiving : My gut could stand to avoid you (and eating for the next several months) but I'm a little excited to force Mark into making me stuffing and seeing what he can whip up Thanksgiving style. I love me some thanksgiving dinner.

Dear Yellow Tail Shiraz : You are a glorious invention and one day I will visit your makers in Australia and give them kisses and love and then steal as many bottles of you I can fit in my pants while they aren't looking.

Dear Mark : Please remove your shoes from this close to my roost...I can smell your feet. 

Dear anyone reading with half a heart and half a minute :It's crunch time and my food bank needs you. Go to Kraftfoodforfamilies.com simply enter your name and email and choose Action Ministries of Grand Manan Food Bank. For everyone person who signs up Kraft donates 50 cents to the food bank of the persons choice! Time is running out. Help us out! Thank you SO much! :) Ps. If you leave your name and email I don't mind doing it for you. you will not receive emails from kraft.

Big Love,

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Wednesday, November 14

My Black Friday Virginity

I'm ready to lose it - my black friday virginity that is. By being here in California not only do I get to have two Thanksgivings and 2 hristmases (because I clearly need to have one here w/ The Moo before I leave) but I get the chance to experience the REAL Black Friday. I realize this "Holiday" is recognized in some places in Canada but let's face it - the real shit goes down here in America because they are far more villainous than  and selfish than us. Just kidding. Sort of. No but seriously Canadians are bad people too.

Before I offend Americans so harshly they exit out.. I have a few questions. Is Black Friday worth it? The biggest thing I'm in the market for is a Laptop so I want to know where I should go for Black Friday in general and where the best place to go to get a deal on a laptop would be. Is there future shop here? Is there a specific place that you know will have a good deal on? I've had advice to look on Amazon on Black Friday and stay away from the stores but honestly.. that just doesn't sound like much fun.

Where have you found the best deals and the least amount of crazy women? I don't mind a crowd but I don't want anyone punching me in the face or anything. I'm hopefully going to be taking Mark with me as a body guard but he will tire of my Black Friday sale finding antics VERY quickly so I must be vigilant.

I basically need any tips and advice you can give me for my first Black Friday! I will need to do research to find if Sacramento (or West Sac) has the store and where to go and which bus to take (still don't know the bus schedules off by heart like Mark seems to think I should) so knowing me, my intelligence levels and my possibly undiagnosed ADD - it could take a few days to get a sick plan set up.

So help me out lovely American friends! I will not let you down!! Also - I'm getting sort of excited for my first American Thanksgiving IN America next week. That's right - I've celebrated American Thanksgiving before. It was in Guatemala and it was delicious. PUMPKIN PIE ROUND 2!!

someecards.com - Happy Thanksgiving to someone I'd have no problem stomping to death on Black Friday.

Big Love,
Bailey J

Ps. I bought something VERY exciting today. Stay tuned...

Monday, November 12

lazy day.

String Cheese. 
Criminal Minds. 

That is my Monday. 
My tues, wed, thurs, fri should be one thing. 

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day in? It's a long weekend for us as well so Mark is studying and I'm studying Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds.. and it feels so good. 

Get your free donation in to Action Ministries of Grand Manan Food bank at www.kraftfoodforfamilies.ca All you do is enter your name and email and it adds 50 cents to the food bank of your choice (my choice is Action Ministries of Grand Manan and we would LOVE if it was yours too.) for every day you chose to donate (runs until Dec.31).
The offer still stands if you wish to give me your name and email and want me to sign you up. You receive no emails and i moniter all blog comments so if you would like for the comment  to not appear, I will delete it. :) I've had quite a few people ask me to do it and I have no problems adding more. Every donation counts and is very much appreciated. 

Happy Monday. 
Big Love,

Sunday, November 11

random thoughts from sacremento.

It's so hard to keep up with all the little things that I want to tell people. I tell different things to different friends and forget whether I told this person that or that person this. So I decided to just do a random collection of thoughts from my past two (almost three) weeks in Sacramento to give you an idea of my life and some of the day to day things I encounter.

We live in a small apartment in West Sacramento. There are a few complexes in this little round about type area and one is especially freaky. It is a bunch of apartments that form a square around a quart yard and are lived in by mostly, if not all, Russians. They speak in only Russian whenever I'm around (sharing their secrets), stay in their little together and stare us down if we get close to their bubble. They make me feel like they are part of a religious cult..just get weird vibes and really odd looks. Whatever they are cooking all the time smells really good though.

There is also a massive Russian Baptist church right beside my apartments as well. I had no idea whether it was actually baptist (Mark said Catholic) because all the signs and writing on the building are in - you guessed it - Russian. I had to google that shit. Anyways - Russians apparently really like California. The bus stop is right beside the church so to save time we take what Mark has dubbed "The Rape Tunnel" (Mom loves when I use it) to get to the church Parking lot to skip on over to the bus stop.

The buses continue to leave me baffled. I am getting the hang of it but Mark doesn't understand how I don't fully understand what bus will be at what place at what time every day. You didn't grow up on Grand Manan Mark..you wouldn't understand the lack of skill I have at mastering a bus system or any system other than my mother driving me or bombing around in the blueberry. PS. i totally miss driving and i miss my blueberry.

There aren't many things other than my family, friends and car that I miss about life in Canada though. Life here is different as in it's not really my life but society is the same, Canadians and Americans live a lot the same which Im sure you know. Anything I can get at home I can get here. It's different than Grand Manan of course because I can go to the movies or eat fast food or go shopping. The big difference is that there is much more mexican food (of course what I notice has to do with food) which I am loving. I love a little latin flava as most of you know. There is always mexican music blaring in the apartment parking lot and the grocery store by our house is way Mexican. They have my favorite juice I used to inhale while I traveled. Everything sort of sets me back to that time in my life some days and I like being reminded of it.

Californians are funny. They say "hella" and "hecka" which is funny but I've caught myself saying it lately.. uh oh! I'm totally going to get made fun of for this one aha. They say Pink funny and laugh at the way I say about - of course. People here seem to keep to themselves but anytime I talk to anyone they are really nice.  I find customer service here is generally better and people are more helpful. People here seem pretty laid back for the most part. I definitely do laid back. 

As far as new experiences I've had a few. I had my first trip to Lush, Target AND Taco Bell this week and they were all awesome. Taco Bell was delicious and right up my alley, Target was too amazing for words.. I was shitting myself (see picture below). Lush was great! I have ever used their products - only bought gifts, so it was nice to buy myself a treat. I also bought Mark a robot bath bomb - I'm a good girl friend lol

 Today Mark and I did an Art Walk called Second Saturday and we went and saw all kinds of galleries. It was totally different than anything I've done and we really enjoyed ourselves. Art seems to be big here which is cool - Sacramento is a very cool city not to mention beautiful. We came across this alley with this mural and I needed photographic evidence of it - I loved it.

Mark is a really great artist (something you didn't know im sure, but hey, you dont know much about this guy do ya!) so he was really in his element. Most of the time we really enjoy just being together (lame), hanging out and I love doing little excursions with him. We also went to see the State Capitol today and went to a duck pond and fed them a whole bag of some bread. We were totally a bunch of six year olds.

 I've been working on this post for days and I just can't seem to get it right. I kind of feel like I'm  not getting ANYTHING right with this blog lately. I don't know if I feel as though my life is boring or if a large portion of my brain power is being taken over with this new life where as at home I was focusing most of my energy into my blog because there wasn't anything else to focus on. Or possibly I'm having some bloggers block - that's sort of more what it feels like. I shall keep trying though. I've said it before though and I'll say it again - I don't like blogging just to blog or because I feel like people are waiting for a post, I like to blog when  have something substantial to say so that my posts are better.

If anyone has any questions about my life here or about Mark or anything I would love to answer through email or on my blog. Whatevz. It's all good. And PLEASE I would love for you to check out THIS post. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.It seems as though most of my friends are at home on the island this weekend and it's making me miss it a bit, just wanna have an evening with the ladies, but Christmas is upon us!

It's a long weekend for us and I believe Marks family is coming over for dinner tomorrow so  I should start cleaning like... now. Oh and yes - I've met the family (except his brother) and really like them! Always a good thing. I almost shit my pants the first time I went to meet them.. legit.

Big Love,

Wednesday, November 7

I Am WAY Too Excited Right Now!!

I am so very excited to tell you guys that my first ever Guest Post is up! A few months ago Georgia from Georgia Trying Something New asked me if I minded doing a guest post (on the topic of weight loss which I haven't wrote about in forever!) for her while she is backpacking through Europe with her GF Kailee (lucky bitches!!). I, of course, said yes and I am so excited because Georgia is one of my favorite bloggers AND she's from the East Coast as well and I'm thrilled to be on her blog today.  So head over to Georgia Trying Something New and read my guest post titled "Keep On Keepin On!"

Big Love,

Tuesday, November 6

for real, though.

For real, though. It is a serious subject but not one that I can do anything about. I can't vote - but i CAN eat pizza! If I lose followers for posting this I will have a giggle. I've seen so many blogging friends lose facebook likes, twitter followers and blog followers for posting their political opinions or simply encouraging others to vote. Imagine what they will think about my pizza party! People are fucked.

Today I will be voting, or rather donating, for my Local Food Bank in the Kraft Food For Families project and that's a vote I can be proud of. I wrote two days ago about how you can donate (and it's for free!!) just by adding your name and email and choosing Action Ministries of Grand Manan Food Bank on the Kraft Food For Families website. Click the link to give back or click here read the blog post from Sunday with much more info than I'm providing right now :)

If you want to vote but don't have time or if you don't want to vote but will give me permission to do it for you please leave your full name and email. I have no problem putting in a trillion votes from people as long  as they are valid and I have permission. You can leave it in the comment. If you don't want your email to be in the comments that's no problem - just say "I don't want my email to appear" and I will delete the comment (I approve all comments before anyone can see them, so I can delete them before anyone sees them as well). Please take a second to leave me your information or vote for yourself.

I'm super happy to see that everyone's votes have raised 330$ for my local food bank! SO AWESOME! That number can be blown out the water though with some extra help and a little extra love. So let's get donating!!

Big Love,

Sunday, November 4

Got a Sec?

Happy Sunday Guys! How is everything going? I miss you guys, I need to write more! I just wanted to quickly ask for some help from my awesome readers on this beautiful sunday.

Source: luls4.me via matt on Pinterest

Since I was in High School I've had a special place in my heart for the Food Bank on my small island of Grand Manan. The group who run it are so amazing (including my awesome grand mother) and work so hard to keep it not only running smoothly but stocked up to help families on the island in need. My mother works for Scotia Bank and they do an amazing fund raiser for the food bank every year. I love when they announce the money they have raised and go do a HUGE food haul at the local Save Easy. It's crazy awesome how much food they get. It just makes your heart feel full stocking up the small room with what you know could mean so much to a family. I may or may not cry when I help out.

During a big haul I asked "this must last forever, how long before they will need more donations?". I was shocked at how fast they run through that enormous amount of food. They really do need constant donations it seems to have a steady flow of food to feed the families who need help. I live in a very small community so I can't even imagine how much it takes to keep a food bank in a larger town up and running.

I'm not asking you to donate, but if you did that would be amazing. What I'm asking for is a simple "online donation" by the use of your name and email that doesn't come from your pocket. Kraft runs a program called Kraft Food for Families where you simply act like you are donating and instead THEY donate. It's a small donation but I have seen over the past 24 hours how it adds up with the help of people like you.
Yesterday I found out about this project, went online and "donated"  and the total for our Foodbank was $4.00. Today I went again (because you can go every day which is awesome!) and it was already up to 112$ which is wicked!

So why my foodbank? Well, if you see another Food Bank you would rather donate to then by all means, do it! All food banks are in need of donations. I'm asking for mine because I have seen first hand all the work they do. I know we need it and it would mean the world to not just me but the community and especially the ladies who keep that place going to see a large donation go their way, especially with Christmas coming up so quickly! Also, there is a chance for a foodbank to get an extra 5000$ if it has the most names on it's list. This would be so insanely amazing!

All you have to do is go HERE enter your name and email and continue in the steps to donating. When it asks for location (assuming you wish to help out the Grand Manan food bank) we are under Action Ministries of Grand Manan. It  will seem as though it's asking you to donate money which I promise you it doesn't. I was like "hey! this is sneaky" and I just planned to donate anyway but then it does it for you. Like I said, it's a small donation but it totally adds up.

To those of you who actually do this, thank you so much. I appreciate it, the Action Ministries appreciates it, and the people who use the food bank most definitely appreciate it. You can vote up until Dec.31st and whether you do it every day or just once, it's awesome of you.

Once again, thanks so much!
Big Love,

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