Tuesday, November 6

for real, though.

For real, though. It is a serious subject but not one that I can do anything about. I can't vote - but i CAN eat pizza! If I lose followers for posting this I will have a giggle. I've seen so many blogging friends lose facebook likes, twitter followers and blog followers for posting their political opinions or simply encouraging others to vote. Imagine what they will think about my pizza party! People are fucked.

Today I will be voting, or rather donating, for my Local Food Bank in the Kraft Food For Families project and that's a vote I can be proud of. I wrote two days ago about how you can donate (and it's for free!!) just by adding your name and email and choosing Action Ministries of Grand Manan Food Bank on the Kraft Food For Families website. Click the link to give back or click here read the blog post from Sunday with much more info than I'm providing right now :)

If you want to vote but don't have time or if you don't want to vote but will give me permission to do it for you please leave your full name and email. I have no problem putting in a trillion votes from people as long  as they are valid and I have permission. You can leave it in the comment. If you don't want your email to be in the comments that's no problem - just say "I don't want my email to appear" and I will delete the comment (I approve all comments before anyone can see them, so I can delete them before anyone sees them as well). Please take a second to leave me your information or vote for yourself.

I'm super happy to see that everyone's votes have raised 330$ for my local food bank! SO AWESOME! That number can be blown out the water though with some extra help and a little extra love. So let's get donating!!

Big Love,

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