Saturday, November 24

ham AND turkey.

The ticket is booked and I'm headed to San Diego next Wednesday! I will be meeting up with Martha - my Honduras traveling buddy from back in 2011 and will even get to see her friend Arnold who met up with us to go to Copan! It was awesome meeting these two in Honduras and now I get to see San Diego, Martha, Arnold and MEXICO! Martha is from Mexico and she is going to take me across the border for a few days and I'm psyched! I've never been surprisingly and I can't wait. 

I will be gone for a week and I'm actually nervous about leaving the Moo. He will probably enjoy the break (and I may too) but I will miss him like crazy. I guess it will be a good peak at how I will feel when I go home. Thinking about leaving makes me cry sometimes so we'll see how I actually survive it next week and in December when I head home for Christmas. Scary!

I haven't been on a trip like this in a year and half and I'm so excited. I honestly have no idea what to expect. The only details I know are that I fly to San Diego next Wednesday, Thursday I plan to see San Diego, Fri-Mon is dedicated to Mexico and then maybe some more time in San Diego on Tuesday as I don't fly out until later in the day. I don't know ANY details of the trip - even where we are going. I am just going with Marthas flow as she is from Mexico and obviously has been to the places we are going or knows more what she's doing than I would. I trust her fully! Am I ridiculous or what? Goes to Mexico and doesn't know where she's going.. typical, seriously.

So here's my question for anyone who is from San Diego, Cali or has been and can give me advice. What should I do? What should I see? Should I stroll around a certain part of the city? Martha will be working so I need to amuse myself and I don't know too much about San Diego! If any of you aren't busy next Thursday the 29th and are in that area let me know! :)

Anyways, a quick note on American Thanksgiving. Clearly, it was great! We went to Marks moms house and there was lots of people and of course, his nephew who is SO cute and I love when he's around. He won't look at me but.. I still like him. He'll grow to love me..some day. Dinner was great and we headed to a bar in Marks hometown and had a few drinks, played some game that resembled mini curling and I may have snuck off for some Peanut Butter Cups along the way. Afterward we went back to his moms, took a weeks worth of food and came home and crashed hard into a food/gin and tonic coma. Lovely!!

thanksgiving haul. HAMMMM. & Turkey!! 
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, a safe black friday (I chose to not participate - deals are not worth getting shot!) and have a fabulous weekend!!

Big Love,


  1. I visited San Diego two years ago and really enjoyed Balboa Park, a very large place in the city which includes several museums, beautiful buildings, and a very cool area where artists sell their jewelry and work. And for a fabulous breakfast, eat at The Broken Yolk in the heart of the city. Have fun!

  2. Never been to San Diego, but I'm sure it will be AMAZING. Enjoy Mexico! Do you know what part you'll be in?! We went for our honeymoon and I can't wait to go back again and hopefully see another area!

  3. Most major cities have a Hop N Go tour Bus Co. Buy the ticket take the tour then get on & off as many times as you want in the places that are the most of interest to you:) Happy Trails to ya Bailey!!

  4. Oh have so much fun!

    We had ham and turkey too!
    Xo Megan,

  5. san diego is amazing... plenty to see. the gaslamp quarter is great --!

    you're going to love it -- and if you are going to tiajuana -- BE CAREFUL!



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