Wednesday, November 14

My Black Friday Virginity

I'm ready to lose it - my black friday virginity that is. By being here in California not only do I get to have two Thanksgivings and 2 hristmases (because I clearly need to have one here w/ The Moo before I leave) but I get the chance to experience the REAL Black Friday. I realize this "Holiday" is recognized in some places in Canada but let's face it - the real shit goes down here in America because they are far more villainous than  and selfish than us. Just kidding. Sort of. No but seriously Canadians are bad people too.

Before I offend Americans so harshly they exit out.. I have a few questions. Is Black Friday worth it? The biggest thing I'm in the market for is a Laptop so I want to know where I should go for Black Friday in general and where the best place to go to get a deal on a laptop would be. Is there future shop here? Is there a specific place that you know will have a good deal on? I've had advice to look on Amazon on Black Friday and stay away from the stores but honestly.. that just doesn't sound like much fun.

Where have you found the best deals and the least amount of crazy women? I don't mind a crowd but I don't want anyone punching me in the face or anything. I'm hopefully going to be taking Mark with me as a body guard but he will tire of my Black Friday sale finding antics VERY quickly so I must be vigilant.

I basically need any tips and advice you can give me for my first Black Friday! I will need to do research to find if Sacramento (or West Sac) has the store and where to go and which bus to take (still don't know the bus schedules off by heart like Mark seems to think I should) so knowing me, my intelligence levels and my possibly undiagnosed ADD - it could take a few days to get a sick plan set up.

So help me out lovely American friends! I will not let you down!! Also - I'm getting sort of excited for my first American Thanksgiving IN America next week. That's right - I've celebrated American Thanksgiving before. It was in Guatemala and it was delicious. PUMPKIN PIE ROUND 2!! - Happy Thanksgiving to someone I'd have no problem stomping to death on Black Friday.

Big Love,
Bailey J

Ps. I bought something VERY exciting today. Stay tuned...


  1. Girl you're in for a real treat! lol. I don't really know where to go for a laptop except Best Buy and that shit is crazy! Be sure to post about your experience! lol.

  2. Be prepared to fight! I prefer to spend my black friday online :)

  3. Oh my goodness, good luck getting a laptop in-store. You better be in line they are SOOOOO limited! Some stores give you a ticket, as you wait in line, for the item you are after. When they are out of tickets, and you don't get your claim on one, you can leave and head for the next store! Cyber Monday deals are typically better.

    You should just go out and see the craziness, but get your laptop online.

    Avoid Wal-Mart at all costs! You should always avoid those crazies, but ESPECIALLY on Black Friday!

    Regardless, enjoy your double holidays!!

  4. i never go out on black friday -- too much retail hell for my taste!
    i agree -- cyber monday is better!


  5. I usually shop on black friday, in spite of the fact that I rarely want to buy anything. Last year--I got up at 3 in the morning and went to Kohl's. My shopping list included black tights and a $10 headlamp that my husband wanted for Christmas. Clearly, it's not worth it financially, but I always go with my Aunt and Uncle who usually have a long list and a lot of stuff to buy, and I enjoy my crazy shopper bonding time with them--freezing outdoors in the long lines, and going out to some random fast food place for breakfast afterwards. I'll do it again this year, but I might buy a few more Christmas presents this time, we'll see.


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