Sunday, November 11

random thoughts from sacremento.

It's so hard to keep up with all the little things that I want to tell people. I tell different things to different friends and forget whether I told this person that or that person this. So I decided to just do a random collection of thoughts from my past two (almost three) weeks in Sacramento to give you an idea of my life and some of the day to day things I encounter.

We live in a small apartment in West Sacramento. There are a few complexes in this little round about type area and one is especially freaky. It is a bunch of apartments that form a square around a quart yard and are lived in by mostly, if not all, Russians. They speak in only Russian whenever I'm around (sharing their secrets), stay in their little together and stare us down if we get close to their bubble. They make me feel like they are part of a religious cult..just get weird vibes and really odd looks. Whatever they are cooking all the time smells really good though.

There is also a massive Russian Baptist church right beside my apartments as well. I had no idea whether it was actually baptist (Mark said Catholic) because all the signs and writing on the building are in - you guessed it - Russian. I had to google that shit. Anyways - Russians apparently really like California. The bus stop is right beside the church so to save time we take what Mark has dubbed "The Rape Tunnel" (Mom loves when I use it) to get to the church Parking lot to skip on over to the bus stop.

The buses continue to leave me baffled. I am getting the hang of it but Mark doesn't understand how I don't fully understand what bus will be at what place at what time every day. You didn't grow up on Grand Manan wouldn't understand the lack of skill I have at mastering a bus system or any system other than my mother driving me or bombing around in the blueberry. PS. i totally miss driving and i miss my blueberry.

There aren't many things other than my family, friends and car that I miss about life in Canada though. Life here is different as in it's not really my life but society is the same, Canadians and Americans live a lot the same which Im sure you know. Anything I can get at home I can get here. It's different than Grand Manan of course because I can go to the movies or eat fast food or go shopping. The big difference is that there is much more mexican food (of course what I notice has to do with food) which I am loving. I love a little latin flava as most of you know. There is always mexican music blaring in the apartment parking lot and the grocery store by our house is way Mexican. They have my favorite juice I used to inhale while I traveled. Everything sort of sets me back to that time in my life some days and I like being reminded of it.

Californians are funny. They say "hella" and "hecka" which is funny but I've caught myself saying it lately.. uh oh! I'm totally going to get made fun of for this one aha. They say Pink funny and laugh at the way I say about - of course. People here seem to keep to themselves but anytime I talk to anyone they are really nice.  I find customer service here is generally better and people are more helpful. People here seem pretty laid back for the most part. I definitely do laid back. 

As far as new experiences I've had a few. I had my first trip to Lush, Target AND Taco Bell this week and they were all awesome. Taco Bell was delicious and right up my alley, Target was too amazing for words.. I was shitting myself (see picture below). Lush was great! I have ever used their products - only bought gifts, so it was nice to buy myself a treat. I also bought Mark a robot bath bomb - I'm a good girl friend lol

 Today Mark and I did an Art Walk called Second Saturday and we went and saw all kinds of galleries. It was totally different than anything I've done and we really enjoyed ourselves. Art seems to be big here which is cool - Sacramento is a very cool city not to mention beautiful. We came across this alley with this mural and I needed photographic evidence of it - I loved it.

Mark is a really great artist (something you didn't know im sure, but hey, you dont know much about this guy do ya!) so he was really in his element. Most of the time we really enjoy just being together (lame), hanging out and I love doing little excursions with him. We also went to see the State Capitol today and went to a duck pond and fed them a whole bag of some bread. We were totally a bunch of six year olds.

 I've been working on this post for days and I just can't seem to get it right. I kind of feel like I'm  not getting ANYTHING right with this blog lately. I don't know if I feel as though my life is boring or if a large portion of my brain power is being taken over with this new life where as at home I was focusing most of my energy into my blog because there wasn't anything else to focus on. Or possibly I'm having some bloggers block - that's sort of more what it feels like. I shall keep trying though. I've said it before though and I'll say it again - I don't like blogging just to blog or because I feel like people are waiting for a post, I like to blog when  have something substantial to say so that my posts are better.

If anyone has any questions about my life here or about Mark or anything I would love to answer through email or on my blog. Whatevz. It's all good. And PLEASE I would love for you to check out THIS post. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.It seems as though most of my friends are at home on the island this weekend and it's making me miss it a bit, just wanna have an evening with the ladies, but Christmas is upon us!

It's a long weekend for us and I believe Marks family is coming over for dinner tomorrow so  I should start cleaning like... now. Oh and yes - I've met the family (except his brother) and really like them! Always a good thing. I almost shit my pants the first time I went to meet them.. legit.

Big Love,


  1. Target is wonderful! And it's especially great during the holidays!

  2. I avoid Target like the Plague, it is that amazing. And Taco Bell- well, let's just say it was my go-to drunk food all throughout college, which meant I ate it at least everyother night. How I made it out of college with a beating heart is beyond me....I am so bummed I forgot about second Saturday! I always always forget, and have never been! Maybe next month :) And, hella and hecka is a very norcal thing. I'm from socal, and when i moved up north to Santa Cruz, I was like wtf are these people saying. Which reminds me- do you plan on taking a little drive down highway 1 while you're here. Santa Cruz, Big Sur, etc? If not, put it on your list! I promise you will be happy when you do! xoxo

  3. Hahah, I'm sure your mother feels very safe and secure about the rape tunnel and your neighboring Russian friends. Glad you're having fun and keep posting pictures!!
    Ps. Jealous you went to lush and target!

  4. Target rocks. And it's interesting to compare places we live in. Without trying, we eventually adapt and even pick up local expressions.

    I think this post is fun and entertaining. Don't overthink blogging: just be yourself. You have ample charm and intelligence. Relax and just open your mind onto the page.


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