Tuesday, November 20

the good, the bad, the ugly.

The Good
I am being hit with double the holiday spirit as Christmas is totally in swing AND it's Thanksgiving (again) here in the US! Though the "the bad" and "the ugly" ( you will read those after, be patient young grasshoppers) are trying to keep me down - how can I not be just a teensy bit excited about good food and CHRISTMAS just around the bend? That's right, I can't not be excited.. just ain't right. I'M STOKED! And I may have bought tinsel..more on that next post.

The Bad
Loneliness has been viciously attacking me the past few days. I miss my family, I miss my friends and girl time, I miss the ocean and I even miss my job and being productive. I know a big reason I am having such a hard time is because of the time of the month (otherwise known as "the ugly" this week) but it's just been a rough few days. I'm not afraid to admit that life in love isn't perfect and sometimes I take a few hours minutes to cry and miss my life and the comforts of home. It doesn't mean I don't love Mark.. it just means I'm human which is an improvement from what some people would refer to me as. 

The Ugly
Ahh yes, the reason I mentioned for "the bad" this week. It's that time again and my hormones and female reproduction system are waging war against my body and spirit. Excuse my french but fuck you, you little demon! All hell is breaking loose - even on my face. Pimples, pains and passing out - just about ate dust at the gym today after my work out, I guess I wasn't up to being consious and it took about 20 minutes before I could even leave the gym. WTF. Not to mention Mark probably thinks I'm turning into the girl from The Exorcist - which personality will I be when he gets home tonight? Somebody pray for that boy.  
 To all my friends - I miss you and can't wait to see you in four weeks!! Ps. Are you jealous of this stack of 1.5L bottles of Barefoot at 8$ a bottle! I just about shit my pants. The dranks is CHEAP hurrr, bitches. 
Big lovinz,
Bailey J

the good, the bad, the ugly


  1. sorry you're homesick & the boy will get over it -- they all do!

    now ya know why we are all crazy wine-o's in the states... lol!


  2. Hey Bailey!

    I just wanted to let you know that Myra and Sarah's linkup idea is NOT original. I have been hosting a GBU linkup since April, and these girls stole the idea from my cohost and I. We have addressed the issue with them and they refused to do anything about it.

    I figured you should know that before you choose to link up with them again.


  3. Gotta love a good wine deal. Not that I ever need new excuses to drink.

  4. Thanks for linking up with us!!

    Sorry you're feeling homesick, girlfriend :( That's such a crummy feeling! BUT, I'm sure you will find your groove really soon and be right back into the swing of things!


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