Friday, November 16

to whom it may concern

Dear Casting Director of Criminal Minds : From all of us to you - thank you for casting Shemar Moore. We love you. Though since I began watching every single episode in rapid succession I began having nightmares and trouble falling asleep... I also feel a sense of calm in my daily life knowing that I can flick on the next episode and see my dear friend Shemar. 

Dear Christmas Decorations : Please stay put in your bags and boxes until after this weekend and if at all possible, until after Thanksgiving. I don't need Marks family thinking I'm a Christmas psycho. I just want to put you up SO bad... so bad.

Dear Gym : Stop being so intimidating. And grant me a work out buddy cause I seriously feel awkward the whole work out and could use a friend in general. This is so not my personality but I am having serious issues feeling comfortable at this new gym. 

Dear Small-Weird-Liquor Store Man : I realize you see lots of hobos people every day, lots of interesting and attention grabbing people, but seriously - I know you know I'm of age. I've been there at least 10 times now in 3 weeks, it's never that busy in there, you clearly recognize me and my over 21-ness. CMON BROTHER! Stop Id'ing this chick.

Dear ID checkers of California : It's really not that hard to read my birth date on my ID card. I don't understand why it takes you over 60 seoncds to realize that the month and the day are in different order than on an American ID apparently. The year is 91 and clearly I wasn't born on the 28th month,  the 5th month has past and I'm good to freakin go. Please let me into your establishment/buy a drink. Facckk.

Dear UPS Man : I really wish you'd run very fast when delivering my ornament from Living In Yellows ornament swap. I am SO excited. I love Christmas, I love mail, I love presents, I love ornaments and I am going to absolutely adore the day that I receive my ornament. EEEEE!!

Dear Black Friday : Me thinks you may be best watched from afar (and with a bulletproof vest on) and then by enjoyed virtually on Cyber Monday. After my replies via blog, fb and twitter regarding THIS post, I think you are just not worth attending. I do need to see some of the magic though.

Dear Cyber Monday : Please be all I need you to be. 

Dear American Thanksgiving : My gut could stand to avoid you (and eating for the next several months) but I'm a little excited to force Mark into making me stuffing and seeing what he can whip up Thanksgiving style. I love me some thanksgiving dinner.

Dear Yellow Tail Shiraz : You are a glorious invention and one day I will visit your makers in Australia and give them kisses and love and then steal as many bottles of you I can fit in my pants while they aren't looking.

Dear Mark : Please remove your shoes from this close to my roost...I can smell your feet. 

Dear anyone reading with half a heart and half a minute :It's crunch time and my food bank needs you. Go to simply enter your name and email and choose Action Ministries of Grand Manan Food Bank. For everyone person who signs up Kraft donates 50 cents to the food bank of the persons choice! Time is running out. Help us out! Thank you SO much! :) Ps. If you leave your name and email I don't mind doing it for you. you will not receive emails from kraft.

Big Love,

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  1. I would totally be your work out buddy if we lived in the same town-- I need one too! I have no motivation and hate walking into a gym alone. Dumb!!

    I'm hoping to finish most, if not ALL of my shopping on Cyber Monday!!

  2. I can't wait to put up Christmas decorations either! I'm trying to wait until at least after Thanksgiving!

  3. I miss you and will be glad to actually SEE you at Christmas and go hit upa bit of Black Friday just for a little taste xoxo


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