Thursday, December 13

an unplanned thank you.

I planned to post a blog about all the toys I remember from my childhood today but I have something on my heart that I needed to write and post asap. Stay tuned tomorrow for the previously mentioned post - it will definitely take you back.

I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone who has ever helped me in any way. Whether you are a life long friend who has been there for me, a high school acquaintance who has gone to the bathroom with me at a party, the mother of a friend who has shown interest in my life, someone I have worked with, traveled with, played a sport with.. if you have ever helped me, or been there for thank you.

While chatting with my best friend Maddy today I just realized how fucked up I would be without the support I have in my life - great friends, family and even an amazing support system through blogging and myfitnesspal. I struggle from time to time with my self worth and my self image and I get into some pretty dark places. If I didn't have all the support I do sometimes I wonder what would become of me.

To everyone person who has lifted me up, told me I was beautiful, made me smile, hung out with me, wrote on my facebook wall, commented on my blog, made me feel included.. to anyone who has thrust positivity into my life - I thank you so much.

This world is sometimes scary. It's scary, cruel, and complicated. I have learned though, that by choosing to surround myself with people like you, that life can be pretty great and even the darkest corners can have light shone into them. Thank you for putting joy and hope into my life. I love you all and hope you all have an amazing holiday.

big love,

michelle obama says it best.

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