Friday, December 21

apocalypse to-do list

If I actually believed that this was my last week on earth there are clearly a few things I would get done and a few things I wouldn't have bothered with.
  • I would spend my last moneys to fly Moo to me - I miss him so very much.
  • I would never have bought Christmas presents!
  • I would tell a lot of people where to go and how to get there because they prob would be headed that way shortly.
  • I'd feel no shame for eating massive amounts of food. I still eat massive amounts of food but there is a bit of shame involved.
  • I would attempt to do a cart wheel because I've never done one and if I hurt myself it's like -- meh. I'm gonna die.
  • I would get my DANCE on. I would shake my booty in every direction. Dancing makes me so happy and feel so free.
  • I honestly would probably break some shit. Maybe do a bit of vandalism.
  • I wouldn't shower or do anything silly and time wasting like that.
  • I would buy a lion and maybe a Beluga whale.
  • I would get a wild and crazy tattoo such as "Marks Bitch" on my ass or "this is my face" written on my forehead. Just for apocalypse kicks.

On the real, I WOULD fly Mark here and I would spend the time I have left appreciating my family, my friends and the blessings this life has brought me. Although I do not wish for the world to end, I have to say - I've had a pretty cool life so far and there isn't much I would change given the chance. I do have a lot to be thankful for and I am totally psyched about some of the things I have done and experienced - I know I'm very lucky.

On an evening where so many are hurting in my community after an accident, and so shortly after the horrible tragedy in Conneticut it really makes you appreciate the ones you love. Sometimes I feel sad that it takes accidents to make me feel that intense love for people - I should remind myself more often to soak up my wonderful life and all these amazing people that are in it - whether there is an apocalypse approaching or not.

Have a good day everyone - because if you live through it, it's a good one.
Talk to you Saturday....maybe.
Big Love,


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