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furbies? come again?

I, for one, cannot believe Furbies are back in! I remember my brother got me a furbie for my birthday when I was really young -maybe 7 or 8. I remember his friend asking him if I liked my furbie before I even opened it too.. thanks, dude.

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They seem like such a retro toy to me.. I can't believe they are back. Now that I am old enough to know better I find them more creepy than I did as a child. I know some of the adults reading this are thinking "you're still a kid.." but the scary truth is that so many of these toys were popular over 10 years ago. That's a decent amount of time. Alas, the creepy factor of furbies or my aging is not my blog topic, its my inspiration. Seeing the furbies and all the other Christmas toys at walmart and around the internet got me thinking about all the stupid toys and obsessions we had in my generation.

One that got me laughing were the lasers. Do you remember that fellow 90s kids? All the boys had a laser and you weren't cool unless you whipped it out at a school assembly when the lights were off or in class. Maybe you  made your cat chase it around the house..maybe not. Eventually, like most toys (along with smiles, laughter and dodgeball), lasers were banned at GMCS im quite sure. You were a BAD ASS MOTHA FUCKA if you were shining your laser after the ban. Power to the students.

Another "trend" we'll call it-as it wasn't an official toy-that was banned at GMCS were rubber band balls. I feel confident this trend was actually started by Sable or Annie or someone similarly creative and odd (i mean that with love). This got pretty popular considering what it is - students would go across the street to the dollar store, buy a package of rubber bands and get started. You can learn how to make one here.

Im quite sure I never jumped on that "band"wagon - see what i did there?- but one thing I was crazy over were virtual pets, think Tamagotchi, nanos, gigapets, etc. I think my love of furbies, virtual pets and eventually neopets stems from a deep depression of never having a real pet - thanks mom. Either way - fookin' loved these things!

I was also big into the spice girls and you wanna know I chased after the whole collection of Spice Girls sticker gum! Remember those? The pieces of gum that came with a sticker of one of the spice girls posing, a headshot or the whole gang on them. Golden. I remember Rachels old dresser being covered in the stickers. Im pretty sure there were lollipops too. Loved it. It wasn't a trip to Vernes unless I got to get a piece of Spice Girls gum. I was never allowed to get Pokemon cards over rated trend from my day.

I also constantly wished I had a pair of Spice Girls inspired platforms like these babies. Thank god that didn't happen.

The trend I'm hoping didn't hit other schools were fuzzy dinks. Let me explain. In grade seven our class was a bit odd.....we were always a bit odd. Let me preface this by saying that in Gr.5 for our graduation section in the yearbook, the most popular favorite song was Ride Wit Me by Nelly. Yeah. We were THAT class. Anyway - dinky cars became popular within my grade 7 class. Yes, we were maybe getting a little too old and it may surprise you to know that a lot of the girls were super into it - of course, Diana was one of them. If I'm not mistaken it was Diana who decided to start decoarting her dinky car with feathers and The Fuzzy Dink was born. Weird kids. So wish I had a picture!

I had a crazy amount of love for Sky Dancers. I had a shit ton of barbies but barbies couldn't fly so they were useless. I remember setting my Sky Dancer off and just waiting for that one time shed stay up there and keep sky dancing. I think I wanted to fly more than anything as a kid - I had dreams about it so often. Life goal : be a sky dancer.

Source: via Leanne on Pinterest

Here are a few more items sure to punch you in the stomach with nostalgia. What 12 year old girl DIDNT mash?? Pretty sure I dedicated a few months of my life to it. I WILL get *insert crush of the week here*'s for a husband and we WILL live in a mansion in Florida.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

LOLOL - does anyone else remember these finger balancing birds? I so do.

Oh 90s/early 2000.... You are ridiculous.

I could go on forever with this, seriously. The toys are so funny and I love looking back on those years but I also should keep this at a decent length.

I hope you guys have all had a smile remembering our games and antics of the past. In my opinion, that's exactly where these toys, ESPECIALLY furbies, should stay but.. its apparently too late. Awe well.

What was your favorite toy as a child?

Big Love,


  1. I loved the sky dancers too, but hated how bad it hurt when they would spin out of control & come flying at you...more of a childhood weapon than toy lol


  2. I love Baby Alive and she took batteries-a novelty in the 70`s to get a toy with batteries--I am old-lol Debs

  3. OH MAN. I had a Furby back in the day, and that thing scared the pants off me. It would be turned off, and in a box, in the furthest room in the house... and it would start talking and making noises! I swear, those things were possessed. I'm surprised it didn't try to kill me in my sleep... actually it probably did try that.

  4. Ok seriously. Spice Girls were awesome. I had the Baby Spice Barbie. Awesome!

    I miss my Bop It! though. And my Polly Pockets.

  5. Great review of toys. They are all after my time. When I was young, kids like troll-dolls, which were the ugliest things ever.


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