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It's time for another Christmas post. I'm getting so excited! Mark and I are going to have our Christmas next weekend and then it's home for Christmas with my family. I'm getting so excited to see everyone at home and all my family that is coming from the mainland. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here but not only will it be the first Christmas with ALL my family in the same place in forever but it will be the first time in general that we have all been together in some crazy amount of time. Its been so long that I honestly have no idea how best guess is over 7 years but I could be wrong. Joan? What say you?

Anyways. Bailey the Christmas Fairy has been decorating and preparing around here for a few weeks now and I'm loving having a bit of cheer in the house. Mark wouldn't totally admit it but I"m pretty sure he loves it too. I put together a little collage of our Christmas Casa.

 I'm totally late on updating about this but this season I was involved in an Ornament Swap at Living In Yellow. First came choosing ornaments for my recipient - Cassie at The Walter Life. The thing I really notice and admire about Cassie is that her kids are her EVERYTHING. I love reading about her cuties, Stella and Henri so I wanted to send a decoration that had to do with family and of course I ended up absolutely NEEDING to buy some decorations for the kiddos. I found these on Etsy (i love etsy - but photo cred to Cassie cause I stole this pic from her blog because of ordering online) and though tthey were too cute. So I sent them and she seemed to love them which made me SO happy!

Now for the recieving! Annabelle at The Carolina Country Girl sent me the most adorable decoration!! It's this gorgeous little purpley/magenta/sparkley bird and I love the way it looks on my tree. Our decorations are just blue and silver and it just adds this POP to our little tree that I love. Unfortunately some of his feathers fell off on the travels but I love him! Thanks SO much Annabelle. Unfortunately blogger is being SO annoying and won't let me upload the picture but I DID tweet it - click here.  

I love ornaments and Christmas and the spirit and AHHH - it just makes me so happy. I am always extra cheerful this time of year.

What's your absolute most FAVORITE part of Christmas? Food? Stockings? Gifts? Decorations? Santa Clause Parade? Let me know. xx

Big Love,


  1. Poor bird lost some feathers!!! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I am seriously 50/50 on the whole Christmas season this year. Maybe next year I will hopefully feel better about it!

  3. HI Bailey!
    Found you after hopping around a few blogs and I just want to say your blog rocks a billion times! Love your lists and I probably should do the same! lol!

    BTW-Due to unforeseen circumstances, although my lovely xmas tree was up on time, I had to take it down and pack it up. Now I get to see my sister's tree instead of mine...hey, at least its some xmas spirit.

    Maybe I'll go into Etsy and get her something super cute too!
    Stop by and visit some time :) Can't wait to read on more on yours!
    Andie's Traveling Pants


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