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Spoiled Rotten : Christmas Haul 2012

This Christmas was crutty - crazy and nutty. Christmas Eve had the family down in the dumps when Rusty, my 4 year old nephew, was admitted to the hospital with a pending Whooping Cough or Pneumonia diagnosis. I'm not sure what everyone else was thinking but I just felt like Christmas wasn't going to be complete without Rusty.

The tree on Christmas Eve
On Christmas morning I woke up and my father was up at the hospital with Rusty so that my brother Jer and his wife Robin could be here to watch the other 3 kiddos open presents. I was thankful they would be able to but I was selfishly sad for myself - it would be my first Christmas without my father around. We were about to start doing Christmas when we found out Rusty was going to be released - a Christmas miracle in my opinion.

We patiently waited for Rusty to get home and the madness began. 2 year old twins, an ill 4 year old, an almost 8 year old and 6 adults in my tiny living room - it was wild. There was barely enough arm space to open your presents and keeping track of what was what and who's wasn't easy but we made it through and it was a great Christmas. I was spoiled rotten.. like.. so bad.

The twins on lock down on Xmas morning.
I broke down my haul into 6 groups : bath, beauty, clothing, home, books and gift cards. Spoiled.

1. Body Shop Body Butter in Japanese Cherry Blossom 2. A big ole pink body loofa 3. Watermelon Deodorant 4. Kleenex 5. Red Loofa 6. Body Shop Tea Tree Toner 7. Edward Beale Moroccan Gloss Argan Oil Condition - Maximum Volume 8. Blistex 7. Spa Breeze Razors 8. Body Shop Body Set In Vanilla Bliss (Thanks Debs!) 9. Exfoliating Soap 10. Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator 10. Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
Not pictured : Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma (Thanks Nat!)

                                                                        BEAUTY (& SCENTS)
1. La Senza Body Kiss Double Mist in Goddess Nectar 2. Poppy by Coach (if you read my wish list you know I was dying to get this! thanks mama!) 3. Body Shop Baked-to-Last Bronzer 4. Peace, Love and Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture 5. Angel Wings, With Love and Pizazz by OPI
Not Pictured : Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist, Paint My Moji-toes Red by Opi (Thx Cass!)

1. Nine West Moccasins 2. Old Navy Plaid Pjs 3. Old Navy Sequined Tank 4. Aerie Slippers 5. Old navy Tee 6. Decree Tee 7. Old Navy Scarf and Mitts 8. TOMS 9. Decree Tye Dye Skirt (which I died over - my mom picked it out! Go Joan!) 10. Custom Tshirt with my blog on it!!! 11. Nine West Clutch 12. AE Skirt (Thx Court - I love it!)
Not Pictured : Old Navy Black Jeans & Old Navy Jungle Kitty Pajama Bottoms
1. The liquor didn't have a category. I will probably drink it in a home. 2. Quote Sign - I use part of this quote on my header of this blog - it was the perfect gift, thanks Robin+Jer 3.Scentsy Plug in 4.Scentsy Scents in Blueberry Cheesecake, Mochadoodle, Vanilla Cream and Black Raspberry Vanilla 5. Tea Lights in Hazelnut Cream 6. Homemade dish Cloths knitted by a friends mother - love them!  
Not Pictured : A bad ass blender. Can't wait to get some smoothies poppin in that baby in the New Year (because my stomach literally cannot handle any more solid food by now).

Everything is there so I won't list them all. The Thought A Day is actually a really awesome journal. I don't have the patience to write a journal entry often but this is a thought a day journal for five years where I can jot down just some random thought or activity from the day. I was so happy to receive this - thanks again Mama Joan!
Not Pictured: She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Old Navy, Boston Pizza, American Eagle, La Senza, H&M, Walmart and Amazon. YAY.

But the best Christmas present of all? Living past December.21st
I kidd, I kidd. Clearly all this time with family and friends has been great! After two months away and as long as six months away from certain special someones, it has been lovely to be comfy at home with lots of company. Here's a little Christmas Lovin Collection for ya'll.
The Twins and I! (my niece and nephew - Max and Mollie)
Cuzzin Lovin'
The Rents and I.. glad everyone is looking. I almost looked then my eyes started closing apparently.
Mollie girl and I.
Tam and I ready for some Christmas party action.

W/Tam and Maddy at Ashleys Christmas party. I look gorgeous.

What are your favorite part of Christmas 2012? What was your favorite gift?

Let me know how your holiday went. xo

Big Love,


  1. Cool! Love the Being Bailey shirt!

  2. You are spoiled rotten...and I like to keep you that way! Love you bunches! XOXO

  3. So cool you got a shirt with your blog! Also so fun to have kids around at Christmas, makes it way more exciting!

  4. looks like you had a great Christmas, and I'm so glad your cousin is doing better!


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