Thursday, December 6

that time i gained 40lbs in mexico.

I might have to reacquaint everyone with who I am and what this blog is all about since I haven't wrote a post in a fucking week! Shit! Sorry! I'm not THAT sorry though because I've been away from a computer the whole time as I was on vacay in San Diego and Mexico. SO GREAT! I love Mexico!! But I am usually much more consistent.(In fact I wrote TWO blog posts for tonight so check THIS one out -it's all about shopping local on GM and some of your options this Holiday season! =])

I wrote last week about going to meet up with Martha, a San Diegan I met in Honduras and our trip to Mexico. It was such a fabulous trip and I'm pretty sure I gained like 15lbs because of all the food we ate. The plus side? The food was so worth it - oh my god!

I flew into San Diego on Wednesday evening. Martha picked me up at the airport - it took us FOREVER to find each other because we didn't even realize we were at different terminals - oops. We met up with Arnold, who came and traveled with Martha while I was still with her. He is hilarious and it was so nice to meet him. We went to this super yummy restaurant called The Neighborhood and caught up - it was so nice to socialize. I don't do much socializing in Sac!

Thursday Martha had to work so her roomate and sister took me out and showed me around. San Diego was really cool - palm trees every where, so much diversity, big buildings, lots going on. I really loved my time in San Diego. Michelle and Ivonne took me to try In-and-Out - a popular fast food chain here- and it was surprisingly delicious for how cheap it was! We stopped by the mall (always a favorite of mine) and a super cute Farmers Market (so tempting to buy everything!!) then made our way to Balboa Park . The park was great but the sun was setting and things were pretty much shut down. I still enjoyed the walk and got to see this gorgeous Whoville Christmas tree!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! How adorable is this tree?

That night after Martha got off work we all went to this amazing Thai food place. I absolutely love Thai and Martha and I split some Yellow Curry and Pad Thai - mmmm! We tried again before I left but it was closed - so sad! This shit was seriously the best! On Friday Martha had to work again in the morning but we got ready and headed for Mexico friday afternoon. Before we crossed the border she took me to try Carne Asada Fries - for you Northern white folk it's like French fires with cheese and meat - the Tex Mex Poutine! It was really delicious and Im hoping Mark and I will attempt it before I leave.

San Diego is RIGHT at the border and Tijuana is right on the other side so the trip there was pretty quick.We drove straight to the mall (worst tourists ever?) and after buying some totally unnecessary Gelato for my already full belly we hit up a VIP movie theater. Not the most touristy thing I've ever done but it was great and seeing movies while in Latin America is kind of Martha and mine's thing. We saw Breaking Dawn and I absolutely loved it. The VIP experience was amazing. My own recliner and crepes? I'm fucking sold. The best part is that it was the same, even less than some regular movie theatres in the states for this awesome experience. I felt G'd up.

After the movie (which was so good and so tricky!) we went to find a hotel. We paid practically nothing for a pretty nice space and got ready to hit the town. And hit the town we did! We stayed out until 4am dancing, drinking, running away from scary boys, eatin hot dogs and having a blast. Tijuana is a ton of fun and I hope I get to visit again someday - so much fun! The next day we hit the market and I even got ot see the red light district which was mostly just sad. I didn't realize it was legal there and I couldn't believe how obvious the prostitutes were but then I was informed that they were registered sex workers and it was 100% legal - weird. Some of these girls were hella young and that made me sad but that's another topic for another day.

When walking through the town I came across the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. This little guy was such a pro - he had some pretty sweet moves and I just wanted to cry he was so adorable. Wish I could've shot some of the cuter parts (and that it was rotated) but believe me - he was so pretty freakin' adorable. I had to get a clip!

Saturday evening we headed to Ensanada where Martha is from! We took a nap when we got there because of the first night of going out so that we could have a 2nd night of going out. Ensanada was just as fun and Marthas cousin joined us which was great. Another night out until 4am and another night hugely enjoyed. Have i mentioned I love Mexico?

Sunday and Monday were spent doing tourist business! I tried some different Mexican food including some Fish Tacos (which apparently ended up being shark) and it was so yummy. We visited a winery and La Bufadora - a natural blow hole. There are only a few in the world and if you watch Survivor, I know one season they were in an area that had one of them. After I saw that I really wanted to witness one and so it was great to go there! It was a really cool experience and the place in general was gorgeous.

 I took a little video for you guys so you could experience it too. Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the big ones but there were only 3-4 big ones during our visit - they say it can just depend on the day how high the water will go and such. This gives you can idea of what it was like though!

On your way in (and again as you leave) there are lot's of little stores and shops and food places. The plus side to it being Monday was that the place was basically all ours but the down side was that a lot of the shops were closed. We definitely got some of the best ones though the first shop we passed on our way out said "Come in, we have everything, we have leather whips".. wait what?! He said this in Spanish so Martha and Armando busted up laughing and then explained to me what he had said. Umm.. no thanks! Maybe next time! The second we came across said "Come in, I have men at the back, ladies!" Well shit - we better get in there! Then, a third, possibly most creepy store owner said "Come get a treat to sweeten your mouth". It just sounded plain ole wrong.

My personal favorite place was the one selling these babies!!

So delicious! How can you beat a fresh Pina Colada right out of a pineapple? You can't. Believe me - this shit was to fucking die for. While I really wanted to spend the money on a leather whip, I'm glad I spent it on this!

That night we headed back to the border. I was a little sad to go but fun awaited us at the 2.5hr border line up. Apparently that is considered good - some people wait 4-5 hours during the busy hours. FOOK THAT. Waiting in the line for the border is an experience all it's own. Lot's of people selling food, toys and all kinds of random shit. People trying to clean your car or sing to you when they hav eshitty voices - it's a unique place for sure. I filled up on a fruit bowl and some churros - seriously.. I did not stop eating for a week straight, so bad.

Yesterday in San Diego Martha showed me a few more sites including Coronado Island where you can see a gorgeous view of the San Diego skyline - really like that city! We looked around and tried on very stylish hats - I bought one for everyone at home of course, you're welcome.

Then last night it was time to fly back to Sac. It was so great to get back and see the Moo - I really missed him. Today was spent cleaning up the apartment ( yeah, he's sorta messy), unpackin (sort of), blogging and wrapping some gifts for Mark that arrived while I was gone. And what else arrived? MY NEW LAPTOP! It's almost 9 and I still haven't used it.. I know, I'm weird.

Anyways. I'm just rambling now. I'm so happy to get you guys all caught up on my trip - it was such a blast. I hope I can visit Mexico again soon but like I said, nice to be back at home (my 2nd home anyway) with the Moo Bear. Now.. it's time to fast!

Big Love,


  1. Whoa that pineapple drink looks insaley good!

  2. how is it ipossible to gain 40lbs and still be gorgeous. hate you ;)
    Xo Megan,


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