Tuesday, January 29

I want to hear from you!

Hey Guys! While I do write for me, it's a release and a passion, I do like to keep my readers happy and I've always prided myself on being real and writing about topics than my readers can understand and identify with. If you can't relate to me, I at least want you to laugh at me instead of with me. I can sort of gauge by comments and emails which topics you like to read about most but I'd love to get the answers im looking for straight from you and not by guessing. I put together this little poll in hopes you would take a second to let me know what you would like to read about most. For each topic I gave a few examples of things I've wrote about in the past to give you an idea of what sort of posts I consider each topic to consist of. I tried 4 times to give you the option of multiple answers but even though the box was checked, unfortunately it will only let you leave one. :( So let me know the topic you want to read about most! Leave me a comment if there's something else you'd like for me to write about again, take a stab at writing about for the first time or if there's an issue or product or whatever you'd like to get my opinion on.My opinion isn't very valuable but you never know aha. If you want, also leave a comment letting me know some other topics listed you would enjoy reading about but since the poll creators are stupid, you couldn't choose more than one.

Thanks so much guys :) Check in tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday! =] Did the scale FINALLLY move?

Which topics do you like to read about most?
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Thanks again.
Big Love,

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  1. I just like to read what you write: about you, your weight-loss, your journey through life. Filtered, or unfiltered!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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