Wednesday, January 2

im boring.

I'm boring for two reasons. 1) I forced myself to wait until the countdown before I could call for a drive home last night on NYE and definitely started dialing at 12:01 and b) I'm going to share my best posts of 2012 with you today and that's not very exciting.

I'm sort of starving and having withdrawal from junk food as I'm starting whole30 today - read more here. I will go into greater depth in a day or two when I'm not ready to tear someones head off because Im so hangry. The starvation and hanger doesn't have me in the best blogging mood so I just thought I'd share with you my top 5 posts of the year and you can check em out in case you missed em. They're worth it, I swear!

So Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

5.) That Time I Lost My Virginity - my retelling of when I lost my virginity, my thoughts on the right time to have sex and my over all feelings about sex and the fact that i was a 21 year old virgin.

4.) 10 Steps To Bringing A Girl Home - My sassy and sarcastic tips for (not) getting a girl to come home with you. A "how to" in reverse with my own special bailey j twist.

3.) Hey, Fat Girl - The repost of a powerful message to those who are over weight and attempting ot get into shape from someone who is already in shape. It makes me cry every time.

2.) You're A Disgusting Pig -My thoughts on how hard society is on womens bodys, thinspiration, healthy vs skinny and many other subjects triggered by disgusting and offensive articles written about Kate Upton

and the #1 most read post in 2012 wasssssss...

1.)And You Thought I Was Single Part 2 - My first post from California when I came clean about my relationship status, Moo, how we met and what I was REALLY doing in California.

Thanks for an awesome year, readers! It's so much more fun with you around.

Big Love,


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I missed a few and enjoy catching up with them now. Your writing is so compelling!

  2. There's a lot of things you can pull off...boring most certainly isn't one of them.

  3. Just found your blog through the advice you gave in the Living in Yellow post... and now I'm intrigued, because I was also a 21 year old virgin =). Definitely going to have to check that post out, and look around a bit. Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2013.


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