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kiki la rue, win some scentsy and help a sister out.

I've written here, and here and in many other posts about living on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. It's tiny, it's population is 2500 and while we're not totally remote, we lack resources and things to do. In the run of a week on Grand Manan, besides working, I usually hang out with friends and go to the gym. That's about it.

In 2011 I started my big journey to lose 100lbs. I'm still working on that journey and still attending the gym. The problem is that the gym is under funded and REALLY needing some TLC.It has been needing TLC for years. I remember going with my mother as a little girl (at least 12 years ago prob more) and some of the same equipment is still there. That can't be right.

I know how hard it is to lose weight. I know how hard it is to get the gumption to go the gym. I know it's hard when you're insecure to go to the gym and see not just people, but people you know (yes, its that small here - you know everyone at the gym) and make it through your work out without feeling like you're going to throw up. It's scary, it can be embarrassing and I know I'm not the only one who has ever felt that way. So to get up and go, and then get to a gym where you're scared to get on the equipment for fear of it breaking under neath you or just plain not working is just one more thing to keep people from going. I want people to want to go to the gym - I want people to fight like hell and have the resources to do so if they are ready to make that change in their life. This is why I'm fundraising to get the gym some new equipment.

Right now for cardio there is a rower from the 1600s that does work so that's a plus. The one elliptical we have beside the rower doesn't function. There are two treadmills - one that works, one that works but sometimes you have to restart it (sometimes in the middle of a work out)to make it work. So not right.  There are two working bikes, and one stone age stair climber that kills me every gym session - but it turns on. Ideally, I'd love to get all new everything but no amount of fundraising will get me there anytime soon (especially by March.4th when I head back to Cali - yes! im going back!). So I'm focusing and setting my intentions on a new Elliptical and hopefully at some point a new Treadmill. I know the men of the gym want a hack squat for the weight section which is also a great thing to work towards. (Ps. I do plan to continue to fund raise whenever I am on the island).

So I need your help. I'm doing some fundraisers and I was hoping some of my blogging friends, readers and all your friends could help. Whether you want to buy tickets Im selling or just send in a donation from the kindness of your heart - I thank you. I'm not looking for 100$ donations - just 3$ can make a difference - it gets me that much closer! All donations will go STRAIGHT to the Fitness Centre!

One way to donate and have a chance to benefit form that donation is to buy tickets on this gorgeous Scentsy Basket! I had mentioned on Facebook that I was fundraising for the fitness centre and a local Scentsy consultant Christine approached me about creating a basket to sell tickets on. She is like an angel sent form heaven - seriously. She put together this Scentsy basket of 125$ value
  • it has a premium full size warmer, a buddy, 3 bars, room spray, fragrance foam, scent pack, scent circle and a Scentsy water bottle! 
Tickets are 3$ea or 2 for 5$ (4 for 10$ 8 for 20$ etc) and for now you can either buy tickets from me or if you are in the area and at a Scentsy party that someone is hosting through Christine, she has awesomely offered to sell tickets at the parites as well! How awesome is that? Thank you so much Christine. You can visit Christine at her Official Scentsy Page and her Scentsy Facebook page! If you are interested in getting involved in Scentsy products do so - they are amazing, even The Moo (my boyfriend) loves them!

If you are not from the island and wish to buy tickets you can paypal me. You can paypal me the money at with subject line as "FITNESS CENTRE FUNDRAISER".  I know that you may find it questionable but I'm a very honest person and I promise that 100% of the money will be going to the fundraiser. My whole heart is in this fundraiser and believe me - it will get to them! If sending money through pay pal AND purchasing tickets - please include that in the message box - it's as simply as writing "tickets" with your full name and email. If you want proof, I will take a photo of the tickets after I have filled them out for you and send it your way.

If you are from the island and interested in buying tickets you can email me, pay pal me, inbox me on fb, call me, or come straight to my door! I will have them out and around and tickets will be on sale until Feb. 28th! Thank you so much in advance to everyone who buys tickets, donates, volunteers or supports me in any way - you're awesome!!

Now to my second order of business - Kiki La rue. If you havent heard of Kiki La Rue -- well, that sucks for you but you're about to. Kiki La Rue is a cute little online boutique run by Becka from Busy Becka The clothes are cute, comfy, stylish, affordable and something I always support - she includes plus size items! A few months back (well like 6.. I hoarded it) I won a 50$ credit to Kiki La Rue from Neely at A Complete Waste Of Make Up. After Christmas, I finally spent it and today I received it and I am a happy happy happy girl. I ordered the Maddie Top and the Red Eye skirt and I'm so happy.

I will let you guys in on the skirt asap but today Im going to share the top. I ordered the Maddie top and when I say I'm in love.. I mean it, sorry Moo! This is in Sand and when you see me from now on I will most likely be in this top. No jokes. It's so comfy and it hides my belly and I love it. You need one. They run large, Im normally an XL and this Large is very spacious. You can shop Maddie tops here - check out all the gorgeous colors.

On top of the great products the customer service is amazing. Becka is quick to reply to any questions, comments, tweets, instagram comments etc. On top of that, my order came wrapped in cute pink tissue in a shiny pink package with a hand written thanks from Becka. That's what I call service. Make sure you check out Kiki La Rue immediately!

Alright guys. That's it from me tonight - thank god for you cause that was one hell of a post. If you made it here - I salute you. Now buy some tickets, spread the word and get your hot asses over to Kiki La Rue and buy me some presents yourselves something cute!

Big Love,

PS. Keep an eye out on my Operation Sexy Bitch page tomorrow - its weigh in day! Then Wednesday I will be linking up for Weigh In Wednesdays and letting you in on whats up with me in the diet and fitness world lately. Have a good one guys. xo


  1. Love Kiki La Rue!! I have 2 Maddie tops and a cardigan.

    You're such a motivation! Thanks for being awesome. :)

  2. As always, you are such an inspiration, Bail! Good luck with the Fitness Center Fundraiser!


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