Saturday, January 12

naughty naughty.

I already took this post too far when I had a totally different title that made even ME feel uncomfortable.This is going to be an awkwardly amusing thing to write about because my mother reads this, I know several older ladies who read this and who knows who else but - you're all bad ass and I'm sure it won't make you too uncomfortable.

What am I writing about? Sex Toys. Okay, it won't be TOO explicit I promise but the inspiration for this blog started the other day when I entered a giveaway over at my girl Cyns blog The Racy Redhead - and that she is ( I love this woman, you have no idea, she's so bad ass.). She was giving away a 30$ credit to Edens Fantasy - an online sex shop. I was like hmm - MAZAL (may as well for those of you who don't speak Stupid) and I WON! I was probably more pumped about this than any other giveaway I've won.

Now, some of you are probably wondering why I'm so excited when I just lost my virginity in November. Its true, I'm not some sex toy professional, but I'm certainly not against it. Heres the thing : I'm all about letting your freak flag fuckin FLY, man. If you don't want to ever have sex -rock it & if you want to be whipped, hand cuffed and covered in whipped cream during your sexy time w/ your partner (or even on your own ) then own it!

When the Fifty Shades trilogy came out my first thought was - you ladies are trippin'. There was all this talk of "Oh I wish I had a man like Whats-His-Nuts Gray" and I'm like - YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT. Because honestly, I think many of these women would have had a serious problem if their man tried to do some of the shit he does to Anna in the book to them. I can hear the girls CHIRPIN across the lands all "Oh my god! So degrading! He can't treat me like that. I'm not an object" But since it's not their husband and the character is suppose to be so perfect they are like "Oh I'd let him do that to me". Well then let your partner do it! In my humble, young, naive head it's not degrading or offensive when it's something you're interested in (which you clearly are if the book makes you tingle!)

Stop reading about sexual fantasty.. create a sexual fantasy! If you're nervous, just start small and talk about it with your partner. In my opinion, doing these things with someone you love and trust is probably the best approach - that is what I'm comfortable with. If it all makes you uncomfortable, then don't do it. But I stick to my guns when I say don't just read about it - do it. Yes, I'm young and not particularly experienced so maybe I can't say shit but.. you know what, I think I can. If you read this post, you know I'm all about doing all things sexual (and things in general) on your OWN terms and that involves getting blind folded and letting someone do unspeakable things to you. Don't feel guilty for liking it either - we're humans, we're sexual creatures and there's nothing wrong with being a freak-a-leak and theres nothing wrong with Vanilla sex or no sex at all - do what you wish.

What do you guys think? Should we let our freak flags fly? Let me know in the comments.

Big Love,

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  1. Way to go bail!!! I'm so proud of you for winning :)

  2. You should be a consultant for Pure Romance or Slumber Parties! lol. I worked for both, SP for three years - I am all about letting a freak flag fly! ♥

  3. If you have someone willing to fly their flag with you, then go ahead and fly it I say! (heck fly it by yourself too, this is one thing people need to be more openly confident about in my opinion) congrats on winning!

  4. I read the books. I actually didn't care for them much, not because of the sex (that was fun, i got pregnant while reading them! Lol, though we were actually trying anyway) I just didn't find the story line interesting enough. And I actaully found them way too predictable! But I totally agree, do it your own way! I also think, seriously, that if you're not happy in your sex life, try something new! :)

  5. Ha Ha nice post Bailey!
    Congrats on winning too.
    I am all for letting your freak flag fly! Funny story my husband and I where trying to be all naughty and he tied me up and then blindfolded my eyes. I was pretty sure that he was going to tip massage oil on my chest or something but he thought I might like candle wax! Big mistake burnt the hell out of my chest, I still have a little scar.
    I make sure we are on the same wave length now when we do anything like that ha ha!

  6. You are such a brave, proud, powerful woman, Bailey. I love that you do not shy away from talking about things that make others feel a little uncomfortable, and that you do so in such a frank and honest manner. It is so important for people to own their sexuality, whatever that looks like for them. By that same token, there are things that I find titilating in books, or movies that I would never wish to try in real life... everyone's flag is different!

  7. woohoo love this post & not just because you gave me a kickass shout out (THANK YOU!!!) but because i am all for people doing what makes them happy! letting your freak out is healthy, fun & well you get to all that sexy stuff too!
    so glad you won and are truly loving it!


  8. Hollllllllllerrrrrrr! OMG - congrats on winning! I hope you give us some, uh, reviews of the products you're purchasing with your credit! ;)


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