Wednesday, January 30

Weigh in Wednesday

Technically I "officially weigh in" Tuesdays but the link up is wednesdays, and it sounds better, so here I am updating you a day late. I skipped last week. Last week I stayed the same. Yes, I am SO frustrated about that. Like I said, it's suck to be working hard and seeing no change on the scale but I feel better, I see something better when I look in the mirror and I'm so proud of myself for getting back on track and keeping at it even through the frustrations of plateaus.

Last week I weighed in at 228.8 Ugh. Sucks to be back there when i was 208 in the summer! SUCH A BUMMER! Anyway, gotta get past it. I WILL get back to 208 and lower. This week I weighed in at 226.6 - down 2.2lbs! This makes me so happy. Looks like the scale is finally going to start working with me! Fingers crossed!

As far as the gym I've been keeping it mixed up. I do cardio and lot's of weight lifting during every work out. Some days I do legs and I bike, some days I do step aerobics and arms, some days its running and abs. I like to do on and off - 5 mins intense cardio, weight lifting, 5 more minutes, etc. It works for me, makes me feel stronger and I honestly see the changes in the mirror. I need to start measuring - I don't know why I haven't been. Laziness probably - I'm good at lazy.

So other than the loss and the gym - I do have some other health related news. Today is my TENTH day sugar free! My plan was to give up added sugar for Lent but then I was just like.. "FUCK IT!" and I gave it up cold turkey 9 days ago. (yes i just said Fuck and Lent in the same sentence. That can't be good) Unless I see something extra delicious on Pinterest or I'm surrounded by bags of chips and friends who are eating them - I don't mind it! I really have not minded it at all and I have to say - I'm really freaking proud of myself!

Things I avoid? Well, I check labels for added sugar and avoid all the obvious things. Chocolate bars, ice cream, cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc. I don't eat chips, drink soda or juice and I avoid sweetener like splenda as well and I cut back on my Crystal Light intake. I find if I eat sweet things it makes me crave more so if I avoid that stuff it's easier for me. I do NOT pay much attention to my fruit intake because I'm working my ass off to avoid the added sugars - I'm not going to kill myself cutting back on fruit - fruit is fine. That's my opinion. Some people watch their fruit intake but if I want an apple, a banana and some raspberries in the same day and you think it's wrong then kiss my booty.

Do I still treat myself to a YOLO treat? Yes. Not often but I did have a piece of Banana Bread which was homemade and may or may not have had sugar, I honestly don't know. I kept my portion small and enjoyed it and now it's back to hardcore. I probably won't do this every week but you've heard me say a million times - moderation is key. I do not plan to never eat peanut butter fudge crunch ice cream again or enjoy a piece of birthday cake on my own or a friends big day. I just don't need it as often as I was eating it and that's the plain truth. Showing myself I can go a few months without it is rewarding for me and it also becomes habit - healthy habits are important. That is what this journey is ABOUT - changing my habits and becoming a healthier me who makes healthier choices!

As far as goals, I've learned to not set time limits. I find they make me nervous, they psych me out and 99% of the time I just find myself so disappointed. Originally I wanted to be back down to 215 by the time I go back to Marks. I don't see it happening because I have just over a month and my January loss was very small and slow but you never know.

I'm just so happy to be back at this. I want this so much, I want to be healthy and slim and confident and fit.

What is one major change you've made in your diet or gym routine since NY? Have you given up soda or sugar? Have you started running or lifting weights? Let me know what you're rocking at!

Big Love,

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  1. You are so much stronger than me! I have an issue with not continuing, if I fail to follow my plan, even once. You just pick yourself up, and continue onward :) Yay Bailey!

  2. Girl we are in exactly almost the same place... I was 226.6 last week. I know what you mean about being frustrated because this summer I was almost 10 pounds less than I am now. I wish so badly that I didn't gain the weight back and had made more progress but there's nothing we can do now... we're here, frustrating as it may be, and one of these weeks all the small numbers that we're losing will add up to a big loss and we'll notice a big difference!

  3. Thats great Bailey! I want a 2.2lb loss in a week! January has been very slow for me as well. Here's to a fab Feb!

  4. Well done are doing well....
    I check food labels a lot too


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