Tuesday, January 15

yummy treats and real talk deets.

I have two super yummy and even decently healthy recipes for you today. I know - I'm on crack trying to be a food blogger, we all know I can't cook, but I'm only doing this for the sake of you knowing about and trying to make these yummy treats. I'll be back to talking about weightloss, sex toys and internet boyfriends in a flash.

The first recipe I'm sharing is one I've been waiting a few weeks to try. When I was doing some Christmas visiting with my friend Sandra she has these yummy cinnamomy tasting pecans set out. I could've ate all of them, and I almost did and I knew I needed to try to find a recipe online (it was a gift so she didnt have it). I will say that the recipe I tried isn't AS good as the first ones I tasted, but they are still pretty yummy. I will prob mess with the ingredients a bit the next time I try. Here is the recipe though (food.com)

First off : heat your oven to 325 degrees

1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
2 TSP Ground Cinnamon
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 Egg White
4 Cups Pecan Halves

before going into the oven.
I divided all ingredients by 4 because I just made a Bailey sized portion but it's a great recipe to make big, divide, wrap up and give as little Christmas treasures. Onto the baking! Mix the cinnamon, sugar, and salt together. Whisk the egg white until it is frothy. Roll the pecans in the egg white, add in the dry mix, and mix it all together (gets a baby bit messy but thats the fun of it in my opinion.) Bake for 10 min, turn over, bake for another 10 and presto! So yummy!

The second recipe I try is from Cassie Ho's blog for her Blogilates business. If you haven't heard of Blogilates, you need to crawl out from under your fitness rock and check it out. She does work out videos as well as writing health blogs, sharing yummy healthy recipes, owning a work out clothing and bag business..and probably every other accomplishment you can think of that is somewhat related to fitness. Yes, I wish I was her and no, I will never be her.

Anyways, this recipe is a two ingredient cookie! I love cookies, and I can't cook so 2 ingredients sounds just about perfect for this chica. You just take one cup of oats, and 1 banana, mash it all together and bake for 20 min on 350. Yeah. Easy as pie. You can add some berries or whatever you wish if that's your style, I added a bit of cinnamon cause I put that shit on everything.

Today I doubled the recipe so I can share with my gym buddy, Ash and her son Ryker who is joining us for a weight lifting sesh. Ps. Ryker is 15 months. And the cutest thing I ever did see. Wanna see? I know you do.

Yeah. He's a pretty awesome gym buddy too. Anywho - try these cookies. I wish they were filled with flour and chocolate chips but.. this is a pretty good alternative if you're craving a cookie but strong enough to avoid them. She also has 2 ingredient pancakes which are eggs and banana. It's really yummy too - it tastes like a banana crepe! I totally recommend those!

So why am I trying all these healthy recipes? Well..here comes a rant. I've spent my time since New Years trying to get my eating habits and exercise back on track. I've been pretty religiously going to the gym, started up yoga and volleyball starts this Wed. And what has happened? I've gained weight. 

Now. My eating isn't perfect. I figure that is where I go wrong. So I'm trying to try these healthy recipes and get my head in the healthy food game so that I don't freak the fuck out and eat all the chips on the island. But you know what? Maybe THAT would help me lose weight because during Christmas time I was eating at least 2x what I'm eating now and moving absolutely never. WTF? 

You know those like 2lbs (or even 6 or 8lbs depending on your weight and your habits) that you're suppose to lose in "water weight" when you first go back to a healthy lifestyle? I haven't even lost that! About 85% of the beverages Im drinking are water, I can actually think of all the times I drank anything different (a diet soda, a bit of apple juice and drinking at the bar). I went from eating pasta, chips, chocolate, cheese fucking galore and SO many sweets to eating a ton of veggies, fruits, protein and very few high carb foods. So why am I not losing anything? I understand not losing 5lbs a week but really, nothing? And a GAIN this week? WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?

It's frustrating. And this is my way of venting. And I won't give up because I can't, I can't do that anymore. Even if I never lose any weight I know the exercise is good for me, both physically and mentally, so if anything I need to focus on that. It is just SO discouraging. I see people losing 3lbs or even 6lbs. One friend lost 11lbs! I can't help but be jealous, I want that for myself! And not just because I'm greedy but because I'm working for it! 

I have been telling myself that as long as I keep it at it, the weight eventually has to come off. And it does, doesn't it? I'm going to try to be more strict with food, because if I'm around it, I eat it and I've been around it. I can't resist chips - kryptonite. I need to focus on making the healthiest choices possible. Focus .. definitely need more of that. 

Anyways. This week I'm going to work hard again and maybe I'll see better news next Tuesday. Maybe I'll gain again. Either way, it ain't over, scale! 

Big Love,


  1. I understand your struggle! I went 100% low carb on January 2, and my results thus far have been dismal. In the past, I have lost weight right away following this protocol, and now that I really have a need to lose the weight, I'm not. Urgh. Sometimes it's because your body needs to move past the homeostasis urge before it will let things start happening in your body again. So just keep working hard, and the results will come in time.

  2. Girl, I hear ya on the weight gain thing. I've been working my butt off and eating a mere fraction of what I was eating at Christmas time, and the scale doesn't seem to want to budge. Instead of freaking out and making myself miserable with negative thoughts or quitting, this time I'm gonna stick with it no matter what the stupid scale says. I expected a few pound gain when I started back up so I'm going to hide my scale for awhile and give my body a few weeks to figure its shit out.

    Keep doing what you're doing, and then do more. Keep working out and drinking tons of water and eating those healthy eats like I know you can. Give it time. If nothing changes in a few weeks, then re-evaluate what you're doing. You know I'll be here cheering you on no matter what!

  3. i'm not even gonna bore ya with the *muscle weighs more than fat* shit & all the other sweet things people tell you when the scale is being a heinous bitch. it's just not fucking fair! but you are right, you are doing healthy things for the big picture and i know it will all work out.
    damn that scale!


  4. Hey girl! Found your blog through the WWI link-up! Just a question: are you tracking your calories? I always find that when I "wing it" without tracking, I gain--even if I'm eating healthier. I'm not sure why...something about writing it down makes a difference. They always say we tend to underestimate what we eat.

    Hope that helps. If you ARE tracking already, then all I can say is: Weight-loss is a fucking bitch. :)

  5. New follower through the link up! Thanks for sharing your recipes! I can't wait to see what next week holds for you!

  6. im definitely trying this!

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  7. oh man it is frustrating! but like they say "one day at a time" .... good luck to you!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {PS - I'm giving away a fitness journal. Would love to have you win!}

  8. what great recipes! its so hard to loose weight but all that determination? thats amazing!


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