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Hey guys! I guess I really loved that Valentines Day post with The Moo since I left it up for the last 6 days and haven't wrote since. I did love it, and we had a lot of fun, but there are 2 more truths to why I have't wrote anything. 1) A bunch of my friends were home over the weekend keeping me very distracted from the blog. Real life keeping my from my blog is never something I've let make me feel guilty. 2.) I'm under a lot of stress with eating and my health and having PMS which totally amplifies every bad feeling EVER.

So the fun part of this weekend, which was my friends being home, rocked! Tamara came from PEI, Diana from Moncton, Maddy and Courtney from Fredericton and I was in my glory. I have a few good friend still on the island but when they all come home and we get together like "old times" I feel so much happier. GM can be lonely and knowing I will be separated from them all for 3 months makes it hard to be here alone. So needless to say, lovely lovely lovely wkd.

yes, that is my lard ass tipping the couch. 

So the stressy poopy shit in my life is obviously that I'm struggling to lose weight but now I'm having issues with my ankle. I'm not just being a baby making up excuses, cause I'm still working out 5 times a week on it, but let me rewind for you to almost 9 years ago (Fucking weird). I was in grade 8 and we were on a big class trip to Ottawa. We had crossed over into Quebec for the day to go zip lining. It was a blast but then I broke my leg -legit. I hit a tree on a zipline, broke my fibula, had to be left behind for surgery, flew home alone - the whole shebang.

Some classmates and I outside a museum just a few short days before I did the stupid.

So now 9 years later I'm fine and well with a lot of hardware in my leg...untilll... Last week all of a sudden i'm having burning pains in my ankle. I noticed that two screws are literally poking out of my skin. Not cool and pretty dangerous considering I'm training for a 5k. I'm pretty stressed.

The MORE stressful part of all of this is that I do need surgery, I need that shit taken out asap, and I know that the chances of me being able to have it done before I go to California are slim to none. So I will either have to go to California, risk having them cut through my skin, or cancel my trip, buy a whole new ticket (550 bones down the drain from the first one) and have the surgery whenever they can get me in. I'm broke, and I miss my boyfriend so none of this is bringing me much joy considering I've had one taken out and it takes literally minutes.

I'm going to my doctor today. The original appointment was to get some antibiotics prescriptions for my sinus infection I've had for 6 months - as you can see, I don't do hospitals very often. Now the more pressing issue are the screws that are in fact aggressively pressing against my ankle skin. FUCK.

So moving onto more news with me that isn't depressing and mood diminishing - I got my hair cut. Normally this IS a depressing issue for me as my hair is and forever will be my security blanket. I'm on this new healthy hair kick though and decided to chop some of it to get my healthy on.


SUPER attractive pictures, I know, but at the time I was taking them I wasn't thinking "oh you should look attractive so you can show your readers" i was just thinking "my hair is cut" lol. And yes, the sucker is from the hair dresser for being a good girl. When I look at the pictures now I'm like "yeah, you're a little bitch, it's not that much" but i'm the bitch that can feel like the tiniest snip and I have a break down over it. I actually really like it and I'm not finding it to be an awkward length liek I thought it would be. It looks and feels healthier and that was the goal.

Aside from the chop I'm also trying to avoid applying any heat or harsh products to my hair. I am no longer dying my hair as well. I plan to start applying coconut oil to my hair a few times a week and Mark has already been designated my scalp masseuse as it is rumored to stimulate hair growth. I don't necessarily want super long hair, I just want my hair to grow. People are surprised to hear that my hair is thin but it is actually super fine, fragile and falls out super easily. It's a huge insecurity of mine.

Wow. These topics keep taking depressing turns. Damnit. Anyways, these are some of the things that have been up in my life lately and what's on my mind. I'm about to head to my doc appt (wish me luck, I'll fill ya'll in asap) and then I'm getting ready for my Grams birthday dinner tonight - Happy Birthday, Gram! Also - Happy Birthday to my cousin, Steph! Our family is weird that way - we have a lot of close birthdays. Rach and I are 2 weeks apart, my aunt is 2 days after Rach, cousin is 4 days before. My cousin Hannah and mom share the day and another cousin is the day after..etc etc. I think here are just too many of us - that's my theory.

What's been up with you guys? I haven't heard from many of you in the past week so tell me what's up with you. Love to you all!. Weigh in Wed tomorrow.. I couldn't be less excited.

Big Love,


  1. BAIL! I'm so sorry to hear about your screws and how they are fucking with your plans right now! Not cool! I hope that everything works out for you and that you dont have to waste that ticket to california. If you have to do that though, try selling it...or can you?
    I have wanted to do this coconut oil thing for awhile! I'm all about my hair and well and RARELY straighten it anymore. I also wanted to try the NO POO thing, but I don't know how I would get through the greasy phase before the awesome phase lol
    And finally when I saw the photo and your comment about tipping the couch, my first thought was, I'm holding it down on the other end. So we're good.
    Lastly, I can't believe it's been 9 fucking years since ottawa....that's insane shit right there.

  2. Good luck with the doctor Bailey, and please update on what is going on...
    Stop stressing because your body is taking a short break from weight-loss, to adjust. I was always told that if you exercise more than six hours a week, you should increase calorie intake to lose weight safely...not sure of that one, though-never tested it.
    I do know you have to put your big girl panties on and keep trying, or you'll just have to start all over again on another day, with even more to lose than you have now. Been there. Done that. Breaking the cycle is tuff, hang in there!

  3. BTW, I would love to have your butt! :D

  4. Hello, gorgeous! It kills me that you're not feeling super in love with yourself these days. I wrote a post last spring, and I want to share it with you, because I think you need it. I hope it helps =) http://thisradientlife.blogspot.com/2012/04/you-can-do-anything.html

  5. Gahh the whole screw thing sucks Bailey! Talk about crappy timing! I hope that you can still head to Cali!
    Love the haircut, I can't bring myself to cutting my hair its so long but it has taken for ever to grow and I have super bad split ends but I feel like I can hide my fat arse behind the fact I have beautiful long hair. There is clearly something wrong with me ha ha.
    Good luck with it all, sending positive waves to you!
    Gi xx


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