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Be Sexy In Plus Size.

I remember not fitting into clothes that my friends could before I ever even got into middle school. I remember shopping from sears because they went to sizes higher than the stores with all the cute clothes at the mall. I remember praying I could find something half stylish and affordable to fit me when I was way too young to be worrying about it.  I carry those painful emotions with me still, I have moments in stores where I remember the panic in my chest and all the times tears would well up in my eyes as I tried on prom dresses and I try to shove those memories back into the place where I keep them quietly hidden. Because even now I'm ashamed that I couldn't find a nice prom dress and even now I'm ashamed I was wearing plus sizes before I had even hit puberty.

Being overweight plagues me. It is the biggest burden I've had to carry and it's the toughest battle I've had to fight. Growing up all you want is to fit in, it's just how we are programmed and all I wanted was to be thin and to wear all the cute clothes and be liked by all the cute boys. Even now I cry for the 12 year old me who had no idea that there was any light at the end of those tunnels - those dark, stomach twisting tunnels of insecurity and wondering if I'd ever look okay..feel okay.. BE okay.

Fashion, for what ever reason, has so much to do with how we fit in and relate to people. It also, for so many of us, is a part of who we are. It has always been a way I expressed myself. I wish I had known sooner that there WERE options for me and I didn't have to wear something because "well, it fit me, and I couldn't find anything else". I didn't have to buy a dress I hated, that was totally wrong for my body. I didn't have to avoid all the trends I wanted to because "there's no way they make that in my size". At the time, there weren't as many options for me but there were options and I want all the curvy, thick, chunky, fabulous babes out there to know that just because you're not a size 2 doesn't mean you can't look like a rock star and rock all those styles you want to try. That's why I put together this post of all kinds of great places you can shop that have gorgeous clothing. I've also put together my TOP 5 ways for us "Plus Size" ladies to rock out fits just as hard as anyone.

5. Be Daring. Rock a trend you'd love to try, you've seen in magazines but haven't seen within your circles. Turn heads, make people do a double take. I was never afraid to rock skinny jeans when no else did even though I wasn't skinny. I wasn't afraid to try anything for that matter. Wear what you love so that you are comfortable!

4. Work with what you've got! Find clothes that accentuate your favorite body parts and help you feel better about the parts you aren't so into. Is your booty rockin? Play it up, find that perfect pair of jeans and accentuate what yo' mama gave ya! Nice shoulders? Make sure to rock tanks and even sleeveless tops! Nice legs? Skirts and dresses, ladies! And most people would scoff at me for saying this but if you've got it, flaunt it - I want all my boob sisters working the cleavage (within your modesty levels, of course my dears).

3. Go for the high rise. I know, I know - when I was 13, low rise, "hip huggers" were so in but.. this bitch didn't have hips to begin with so all those pants were merely muffin top enhancers. I wear the highest rise jeans I can find now because they hold you in, they fit better, and your belly isn't pushing down your jeans giving you plumbers crack. If you're a belly girl like me, rock some high rise jeans. You will find LOTS on the sites I'm about to share.

2. Wear what fits. Don't be afraid to go up a size! The biggest mistake I think girls of all sizes make, is being afraid to wear what fits them because they are afraid of the number on the tag. All stores are different, I have clothes of all sizes in my closet. Don't worry about that number, rip out the tag if you want. No one can see it but they CAN see your muffin top spillin' over those jeans. You will look so much more put together and even smaller in my opinion if you find what works with your body and what fits your shape.

1.The Golden Rule - Confidence. If you want people to believe you look and feel great, you MUST think and feel it too. Wear things you are comfortable in and rock them with the confidence of Beyonce. Feeling good about yourself is SO important and when you believe it, other people will believe it too. But when you believe it, who cares what anyone else thinks? It's all you, ladies.

So where must you shop you ask? I've got some treats for you! I so wish I had known about these stores back in my high school days! Many of these stories are for ALL sizes too - so check em out whether you're in search of plus sizes or not :)

1. Forever 21 Plus
I know, plus is such a scary word. I hate using it because so many women wearing plus sizes are simply curvy, or athletic or just built to be that size but plus has such a daunting feeling to it - the average woman is in a plus size though!. But alas -the Forever 21 Plus line is amazing .If you know me well and have asked me where I have bought a piece of clothing, chances are it has come from there. I shop there quite often and they have great prices running in sizes XL-3X and 12-20. They have got you covered, my stylish dears! These jean are the perfect pink and are SO on my wish list right now!

A bit more on the expensive side but SO much selection and so stylish. They have everything from clothing, to jewelry, to shoes (oh the shoes!) and even lingerie! Warning : the shipping is expensive and you'll want a million things so warm up that visa card before entering. Items available in sizes 12-30/32 - AWESOME! I'm a dress girl - I loooove pretty dresses. Here are my top picks currently -I'm feelin the red!

I will always regret not buying a prom dress there because I am so in love with their dresses every time I go shopping on their site. Debs is great. They have some cute clothes of all sizes and for my plus size divas - they carry sizes 14 through 24 - perfect :)  We all know what I really want is to relive my youth and get a prom dress but instead I'm currently planning to nab some cute chiffon tops and the dresses are adorable. They have so many cute cuts with lace, and in the best colors - whites, corals, mints.. yes please! 

Great glam is for all my hoochie mamas! They have all sizes but also carry a great supply of dresses to hit the town in for sizes 1x-3x I love me a good going out dress and they have some pretty wld styles but also some dresses I'd totally buy. I have never ordered from this site but totally want to. If you have - let me know what you think :) I'm currently loving that royal blue dress - I would so not work it as hard as she is! 

I had never heard of Maurices until I was in Bangor last October before heading to Sacramento because sadly, they aren't in Canada and what a store I was missing out on. They have all sizes but a great selection of super cute plus size items. Check out their online store, you will not be disappointed! They carry sizes 14-28 in tops and 12-18 in bottoms (as well as regular sizes) so don't miss out on their super cute stuff!

And last but never least, I MUST give Kiki La Rue a shout out because Becka has a FABULOUS and growing plus size section and I know from personal experience that some of the regular stuff runs large. For example the Maddie Tops, Piko Tops and Piko Dresses are all very spacious and holy moly my Maddie top is comfortable - still wearing it WAY too often. Check out Kiki La Rue, you won't be disappointed. 

So now you have a head start on plus size fashions and some tips for rocking it. I am in no way fashionable, a fashion expert or anything like that - I simply know what it's like to be in your shoes if you have ever felt like you are limited by your size. You are so not limited - there are all of these choices and even more out there. I encourage you to research plus sizes, and find some shops that sell styles you love. You may be surprised by shopping online and seeing who has extended lines like American Eagle who carry plus sizes on their websites! The possibilities really are endless - do not let being "plus size" hold you back from looking fabulous. 

Also, remember to not let your size determine your self worth, ever. I have spent way too much time worrying about the size of something - who gives a fuck? It has NOTHING to do with anything. You are beautiful and you are amazing - no matter what that stupid tag says and no matter what clothing you can and cannot fit into. Fo realz. 

What is your favorite place to shop? If you have some great suggestions for other awesome plus size stores or any stores at all please leave a comment and share with us! I'm always looking for more :)

Big Love,

and a bit of j.k. rowling wisdom for ya'lll


  1. I love love love Maurices! And,I can so relate to the younger you. I always felt that same way!

  2. Brilliant post!

    I wish Forever 21 Plus would deliver to SA.

  3. Bravo!! This is such a great post. Although I never have worn plus size clothing, I know what it feels like to have to wear bigger shirt sizes because of my swimmer shoulders and weirdly proportioned body. I was also the tallest and biggest of my friends and could never wear the tiny sizes they did. For some reason, the size number on the tag and the stores the clothes were from greatly mattered to me at the time, but I've learned to not give a shit. You gotta dress the body you have right now, not the body you want! (Def lol'd at the jeans being "muffin top enhancers". Totally know where you're coming from) I agree, confidence is everything and you should make your clothes work for you!

  4. There is nothing worse than not feeling good in your clothes. Actually there is...going into a store and knowing that you can't fit into the clothing and being embarassed. I think fashion for plus sizes has gotten better over the last 4-5 years, but still has a long way to go.

  5. I responded this morning, strange.
    Anyway, what I said, was I love Torrid. What I love most about Torrid is if you discover you are a 12, 24, 18, what ever, all the bottoms that are that size fit the same way. I love knowing that I like how their skirt fits and I can go online and pick out the same size jeans and know they are going to fit just right. If you can actually get into one of their stores, they have awesome clearance racks. I found one in Portland Maine, which I think is the closest one to us.

  6. I am just going to say thank you for these awesome stores. I basically didn't know about them other than forever 21 plus. I am broke and just torturing myself by looking at these sites wishing i was rich lol

  7. I love Maurice's--but their selection absolutely sucked in WV. I like Avenue and am obsessed currently with Eddie Bauer.

  8. Love this post! And I totally agree with you about not caring about what the size on the tag says. I always try to shop without size in mind and go just by the fit. I recommend bringing an honest friend with you shopping. There is nothing worse than when you see someone trying things on, and the salesperson says ooh that looks soo nice, and all you can see is the shirt riding up or muffin top and you wish you could say something but it would just come across as rude. There is nothing better than an honest shopping buddy who will straight up tell you if things fit or not!

  9. Really appreciate the plus size outfits!
    Thank you so much! I love seeing posts with plus sized options


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