Monday, February 11

I'll Take A Stab At It

It seems as though my blog has been dipping it's toes in fashion lately. I do not consider myself fashionable and not even THAT into fashion but I certainly care about it and having a style I am comfortable in and that represents me is important to me. Should you care what dresses I liked at the Grammys? Probably not but it's fun to discuss. I am a girly girl at heart! I'm sharing my Top 5 Best Dresses and Top 5 Worst Dressed.

Being Bailey J's Top 5 Worst Dressed 
Grammy Picks

Clearly the most obviously worst dressed was Adele but I mostly didn't even care because I love her so much. I tried to not let the ugliness of the dress escape me but it tended to because she is so beautiful and amazing. Alas, she still made it on my list.

My first question is Why was Ashanti at the Grammys? My second is why is she wearing a life size butterfly? This was ugly and stupid and 90s. And I see side boob - didn't she get the side boob memo? Meh. I don't think anyone did. 

Beyonce will always look hot, it doesn't matter what she does, I just thought this looked like she was going on a business dinner date or something. It's the Grammys -look glamorous. I can barely even say she's worst dressed though cause she's fucking Beyonce. And where the hell was the Destinys Child reunion Part 2? I waited and waited. Michelle probably didn't get an invite to the Grammys on account of being irrelevant (even though Ashanti was there) so I guess they couldn't go through with it. Kelly was lookin goooood though.
How fooking HOT is Katy Perry? I mean, yes, that dress is hideous and she looks like a really sexy after dinner mint, but she looks so amazingly gorgeous and the boobs..oh the boobs. This dress is shit but she looks amazing from the neck up. Or ..the boobs up and avoiding the dress. 

I love Florence Welch and she clearly should've won the grammy but this dress is ridiculous. I noticed someone comparing her to Reptar from Rugratz - he wants his skin back, Florence! So not right. 

Being Bailey J's Top 5 Best Dressed Grammy Picks

I had no idea who this was until I read the name, then I still didn't know who it was. It's Kaya Jones who is apparently a Pussy Cat Doll..or was one. Anyways, don't care about that, but I loved her dress so here she is on Being Bailey J (lucky her.) I thought there was only one pussy cat doll? What say you, Nicole?

Carrie Underwood always looks good. Her performance was really awesome, she won a grammy, she definitely had a good evening. I have a lot of envy for her - have you seen her legs? She looked amazing.

I freakin' love Kelly. She looked hot and scandelous! Like I said, I thought she was there for another DC surprise show but.. maybe next time. 

Although I'm disappointed in Taylors horrendous performance, not to mention her horrendous bangs, I still loved this dress. I love Grecian goddess dresses and the like so she won me over in this. Tamara thinks I'm crazy but I thought her hair was stupid with the dress.. I wanted something more glamorous..and less bang. 
Clearly the best dressed of the whole freakin' night was Rihanna. I'm not going to go into my opinions on the fact that her and Chris Brown were there together because someone, somewhere is bound to get offended either way. But despite what anyone thinks of her, she looked amazing and her performances were both perfect. She was the best dressed and did the best shows of the night. Absolutely love her. AHH. I'm so jealous of her in every way. Well..not EVERY way. 

So what did you guys think of the red carpet looks last night? Who was your favorite? Who's dress did you want to barf all over? Did you even watch the grammys? Sometimes I just look up all the dresses the next day but I actually watched this year. Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Oh, Adele. Not a good look. It's especially sad that her shoes match the dress. But I love her too!

    Katy Perry--hmmm. I feel like this dress could aallmmosstt look good in person, but in pictures it's terrible!

    Carrie ALWAYS looks amazing and classy. LOVE IT.

    Fun post!! : )

  2. Katy Perry & Florence look like after dinner mints. :-)


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