Wednesday, February 13

it's wednesday, so i weighed.

It feels like the Wednesdays get here so quickly come so but the weeks feel like they go by so slowly. It doesn't make any sense. I'd enjoy for these next few weeks to go decently fast though because then I get to go back to see THE MOO! I should formally state that Yes,I am going back to California. I always talk about things on here and never officially say "Hey, this is what I decided". I wrote in this post about how I was still deciding if I was going back and if Moo and I would stay together but we decided after Christmas that our love deserved a chance. And it does, I truly believe that. So there's that totally off topic conclusion that I wanted to officially talk to you guys about!

So back to the weigh in which I was probably subconsciously avoiding. Last week I was up .6 which wouldn't be such a huge deal if I had lost more than 2lbs since I started in January but.. there I was, 5 weeks into my 2013 journey not losing, but gaining. I know you guys have heard me drone on and on about this but holy frustration!

This week I'm down to 226.4 which makes me feel a bit better but I'm still not even down 3 lbs since New Years. I'm still totally stumped as to how I haven't even lost 5lbs but..whatever. Some days I get really sad, there are tears, a little voice in my head tells me to give up but I know it's not an option. I decided to lower my calories and we'll see how that pans out over the next few weeks.

I've also made the big decision to go back to WW if I don't start losing after a few weeks of lowered calories. When I was 16 I did weight watchers and I lost almost 40lbs and so I know that it works, it works for so many men and women. If I don't see any change in the scale by March, and even possibly if I do, I'm going to join in West Sac and hopefully go to the weigh in/meetings because that was a huge part of what I loved about WW when I did it.

Me at 17 after 6 months of WW 212lbs
So this week I was down but only .2 lower than my lowest weight so far this year at 226.4 which is a total loss of .8lb since last week I'm really hoping to see a solid loss of 1-2lbs (hopefully more like 4) since lowering my calories this week. I guess we'll see!

My question to those of you who are losing weight is how many calories do you eat? I refuse to go on a 1200 calorie diet. For one, I would starve, and I just don't think it's enough to eat when I weight 225lbs and work out 5 days a week. I just don't - no judgements if you're the same and you only eat 1200. Props to you cause I'd be dying of hunger and so angry at the world. I'd love to get input on what you guys eat, even better if you tell me what you weigh (fat chance, I know, ever since I started saying my weight out loud I forget that most women refuse to) and how often you work out.

And ps - you don't wanna miss tomorrows Valentines Day post! I did an interview with The Moo, asking him a bunch of questions about me and our relationship that I had already answered myself and tomorrow I'm comparing the answers. It's pretty funny and also pretty cute so check back tomorrow if you're not too busy enjoying your Valentines Day!

Happy Wednesday, Lovers!
Big Love,


  1. Yeah I wouldn't reccommend eating a 1200 calorie diet. Be sure to eat healthy and drink lots of water. You're supposed to drink half your body weight (but in ounces..not pounds lol!). Also be sure to get enough fiber and protein to be strong after your workouts.

  2. Have you ever thought of going to a nutritionist?
    I had a time when I was frantic to lose the last 10lbs. Couldn't get it to go, didnt matter what I did...Seriously almost suicidal!!!!! Someone suggested a nutritionist and I finally went. We talked about my lifestyle, my activity level etc...she came up with a plan for me. I wasn't, but we talked some more and I went home and tried it .Well, to my surprise it worked!!!! It was basically following the canada food guide and using portion control. The food is spaced out to make sure I dont have time to get to hungry. It worked and I was never hungry and always had the energy to get through the day. Oh and you know I am pretty active so need the food!!!! I don't always follow it anymore but still have the guide line she did for me and go back to it when I feel myself slipping. In box me if you would like her name and location.

  3. Hey! I am 6'1 and I currently weigh 217... I eat 1700-1900 calories a day. My goal is 1700 but some days I workout for over 2 hours and I burn about 1500-2000 calories on those days so I eat more on those days.
    On Sunday's I take the day off exercise and I make sure I only eat 1700 that day. Basically I eat when I'm hungry. I'm not going to starve myself but if I've only eaten 1400 calories that day and I am full then I don't go find something for 300 calories. Listen to your body.

  4. So I'm 5'7" and weigh 151. In May of 2007 I topped out at 190, the heaviest I have ever been. By January 2008, I was down to the low 140's, and by that summer was at 135. The weight started creeping on again 2 years ago. Even though I'm not technically overweight, I did set a limit weight for myself, and I'm above it. It's frustrating that I went above it, and even more frustrating that I am having a hard time getting back down again. It isn't coming off eaily at all, and I know I am working really hard. There are days when I just don't know what else to do, I don't want to give up, but I don't want to keep making myself miserable at the same time.

    One thing that helps me is to try to make 50% of my plate at each meal vegetable. Preferrably green vegetables. It's really hard, but helpful.

  5. I'm 5'6 and weigh 166 pounds. In November of 2011, I weighed 230 pounds. I knew I needed to do something to change that. I currently eat a lot of veggies, meats, eggs and fruits. I stay away from breads, SUGAR and anything factory made, and eat very little dairy. Since I have started eating this way, it really jump started my weight loss. I drink a ton of water all day as well, and really try not to drink my calories ( though I have been known to drink some alcoholic drinks on the weekend.) Remember, its 80% diet, 20% fitness to see results. Don't run yourself crazy in the gym, get your eating under control first and the rest will come. Really try to not give in to cravings for the bad stuff for at least a few weeks so your body can show you results. I used to drive myself crazy working out all week and eating right all week and then say "Fuck it" on the weekends in regards to food and couldn't understand why the scale wouldn't move. Yes, those few days of fucking up will affect your many days of not fucking up. I hope that helps. I'm your buddy on MyFitness Pal (meve3681) if you would like to check out my food diary. Oh, and I try to eat at least 1300-1500 calories a day, depending if I have worked out or not. But really, when you're feeding your body the stuff that it needs, protein, veggies, and non processed stuff, you don't feel much hunger.

  6. I used to eat around 1400 calories and 39 grams of fat per day and I lost 40 pounds. Definitely the 1200 would be too low for me, but for some reason, the extra 200 helped a lot!

  7. I've done weight watchers in the past, and I agree that it works. I also think it is possible to maintain it as a lifestyle, which is really the most important aspect of any diet. Also, if done right, weight watchers can be healthy and combined easily with exercise.

  8. stopping by from the link up. Girl you got this.

  9. I am one of those people that eat between 1200 and 1600 calories a day dependent on my exercise. At first, I wanted to hurt people, but surprisingly enough, my body is used to it. On the weekend, I am gluttonous though. I am 225 (26 pound weight loss). The scaled didn't move for me for the longest time too, then I realized my sodium intake was through the roof and I was retaining water. I hope that you are finally able to see a change on the scales!!

  10. I totally agree with you! 1200 calories is just impossible right now! I'm on MFP and my daily goal is 1790. I work out 1 hr 6 days a week and I'm still only down a few pounds after 6 weeks. I'm thinking of dropping to 1650-1700. Good luck!

  11. I stick to a 1,200 calorie diet but if I go over by 100 or 200 calories every couple of days I don't stress over it, especially if I get a good workout in. It's very eye opening to see just how many calories I was consuming before!

  12. I eat around 1500 and work out 6days a week! I have been on a plateau for the last month so I am finally jumping on measurement train. Keep your head up!


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