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One of my favorite things to do when I'm home is to sit around with my friends and talk about old times. Last night Maddy, Diana and I looked at old pictures and videos and laughed our asses off. I love reminiscing in a very sad, nostalgic way. As I move into a stage in my life where the possibility of having only memories from now on with many of my friends becomes very real, I treasure the time I spend with them way more and I try to remember the fun times as much as my brain will allow. I don't know what my future brings but I'm so thankful for a past full of awesome friends and a lot of fun.

In honor of that, I'm linking up with Sunday Social to get all nostalgic on your asses. To get a bit more into my childhood/teenager head you can read my Letters To Teenage Me, My 90s Toy blast from the past post,  Kicking It Old School about Middle school (another sunday social post, in fact) and many of the other posts about the past I've written. Just writing this intro has made me realize we focus WAY too much on the past but fuck it - I've had a pretty good one.

1. Biggest Middle School Fashion Mistake : What WASN'T a fashion mistake in middle school OR high school for me? Nothing I did was in style but I was super comfortable and had a ton of fun with my style.

2.Who were your best friends in HS? I was alwayss friends with lots of people, I loved everyone, I'm a lover. I'd say over the four years Tam, Rach, Ash, Di, Jessi and Court were my best friends prob.

3. What was a typical weekend for you in high school? Honestly, like with friends, it depends on the year. I spent a lot of time doing extra curricular things like volleyball, drama and lots and lots of student council. Obviously I spent tons of time with friends especially my senior year - I did more partying that year.

4. Did you have any boyfriends? No. I had a baby fling with a boy who didn't live on the island which is why the fling had to end. I still have never really been on a date - my prom date was just a good friend. The Moo is my first real boyfriend :) I didn't even have my first kiss until I was in my senior year! I took that shit slow and steady lol

5. Did you  have any secret code with your friends? We had way too many inside jokes. Not sure about codes though.. I'll have to think about it!

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from MS or HS what would it be? I have no fucking clue. Grad week was so much fun. Everything was about me lol and it was just the most exciting thing ever. It makes you feel like the world is just there at your toes waiting for you to walk into it. There's parties and prom and graduation and safe grad. It was pretty wicked !

Fun timezzz. 

What is a fave memory of yours from middle school or high school? :) 

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  1. i can't get over how different we looked in our grad year. it seems like yesterday and yet it seems like it's been decades since highschool. Cass and I was skyping last night and what's changed more than our looks is our outlook on life and our overall selves inside. I miss highschool and I don't. I miss not having to worry about anything but tests and homework, but I don't miss being so dependant on other people.
    most of all I miss our connection, i miss how even if we hated someone, we still spent 13 years side by side and now we're spread out and not nearly as invincible as we once were :P

  2. I love reminiscing on old times! So much fun! I had the same best friend all through high school. We were inseparable. Our senior year, we had all but 1 class together. I think every memory with her is my favorite :)

    Thanks for sharing this post. It was fun to read.

  3. I love watching old videos and going through old pictures - Xo Megan,

  4. Love your sense of humor :) and the fact that you call your bf Moo

  5. I do miss high school, although when I was there I thought I was pretty badass and swore I never would. It's hard to go from comfortably seeing the same people every day for 13 years of your life and then barely speaking to most of them. AND I seriously miss drama.

  6. Great answers!


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