Sunday, February 10

oh hey fresh meat.

Hello love bunnies! I love ridiculous terms of endearment. I'm one of those girlfriends who makes up the most strange ones, usually in public places, for The Moo just for the heck of it. I mean, Hello, his pet name is Markie Moo bear. Why not shout out "Do you want cheese strings, Pookie Wookie Love Monkey?" at Walmart? Exactly - I don't see why not either.

Even though I act as though my brain is only 1/3 functional, I have reached 277 followers. I am feeling crazy lucky and blessed to have about 25 new awesome people join the troop since Christmas. This makes me so ecstatic - it's honestly super cool. I never thought anyone would give a shit what I had to say but humans never cease to amaze me and here we are closing in on 300 GFC followers not to mention 205 facebook likes. I'm glad you enjoy it - and sort of scared for you all and your sanity at the same time. Kidding. Sort of. Not really.

Annnywhooo - I just wanted to reintroduce myself around these parts to those of you who are just jumpin' in on the fun. Clearly you know who I am - I'm Bailey J and I write this here blog but.. there's been a long (almost) 22 year journey getting me to this place, writing for only my your entertainment. My blog has gone from posting youtube videos I liked for zero readers, to travel blogs for my parents, to weight loss for a growing audience, to more travel, to love.. to .. anything really for a huge (to me) group of amazing readers! Constantly evolving, that's for sure, and happy about it too :)

So I'm Bailey, I'll be 22 this year and it's the first time I've felt like 'Oh, I'm getting Old' as a birthday approaches. Not old but I'm sort of an adult now which is freaky deaky. I care about paint colors and getting laundry done, it's fucked up. I hail from a small island in the Atlantic Ocean called Grand Manan (stalk me, bro) and I'm pretty small town - like, I went on my first public bus for the first time when I moved across the continent in October to be with my internet boyfriend..we'll get to that in a second though. The bus thing - yeah, I still get nervous on the buses. PANIC.

Here are some quick and fun facts.
  • I graduated in 2009 - class of 09, still got so much love for you guys. 
  • I grew up in a town so small you know everyone and their dogs name. not exaggerating
  • I was in the largest graduating class in 40 years with a whopping 36 of us. 
  • I traveled to and volunteered in Guatemala for 2 months the fall after graduation. 
  • I have spent the years since graduating becoming a professional waitress and a part time traveler. 
  • I have been to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Mexico and the US
  • I met my love, The Moo, on the internet in late 2010, fell in love and we met in Oct 2012
  • The Moo lives in West Sacramento so I spend some time there - I'm headed back in March.
  • I lost 40lbs in late 2011/early 2012. I gained back 20 this summer. I'm back on the weight loss train now.
  • I have a lot of issues with insecurity and shitty body image. This also leads me to be modest. I don't think my blog is that fabulous, I don't think I'm that fabulous and you will not find much about me being awesome around here. You will find a lot of honesty though because since I'm so imperfect, I'm easy to relate to because the jig is up - no one else is perfect either. 
  • I blog mostly about weight loss, self love, and I cuss a lot.
The number one thing that should be said and had over right now is this : 

I will say almost anything on here. I just do not give a fuck. This is my space to be me, and to let my filter fly out the window and to word vomit all over the page. The only thing, or word I should say, that I refrain from using is the C word. That word is reserved for special occasions and particularly heinous people - it's my "sting word" - you know..the word you save up so that when you let it loose it has extra sting. Yep, that's the C word for me. I also don't talk about my children much.. because I don't have any. Thank fuck.

So those are just some very basic facts that sort of help give you an idea if who I am and what you've gotten yourself into and what you are welcome to leave behind if you're not down with. I'd personally love if you stayed though because I have lots of problems that my lovely readers tend to help me through. I love you guys so freakin much!

Another way you can get to know me today is by sticking around since I'm participating in Neely and Ashleys Sunday Social which I do once a month or so. I actually am sponsoring Neely for Jan-Feb - go check her out. :) Onto the questions!

1.) What was your first car? My first and only car that I just recently sold, like, this week, was The Blueberry, a navy blue 2001 Cavalier. I sold her because she's old, I'm broke and I'm headed off to Cali for 3 months. In the summer, I don't need her and if I need a car I'll ruin my credit and buy one. I LOVE the blueberry. So many road trips, so many memories, its crazy. Pat - you better take good care of her. I know where you live.

2.)Who was your favorite childhood teacher? Obviously Mrs.Cronk, and she remains to be my favorite elementary teacher because she actually speaks to me in public and doesn't snub me. When you know your students and see them around town, you don't have to like them, but you don't have to SNUB them, teachers. We aren't huge fans of you either but cmon. The teacher in specific I'm talking about was actually my favorite, I loved her, but now I have a grudge! lol clearly.
Elementary school Bailey. DAT VELCRO! 

3.) Were you involved in any sports/extra curricular? Hell yes, I was. I did Drama in Elementary then in Middle School I took a stab at Soccer, more drama and started my long Student Council career. In High School my life pretty much revolved around Student Goverment but I did a few years of Drama and played and loved volleyball in the springs. I was good at warming the bench but I loved every minute of volleyball. 

                        Volleyball when I was 16 - clearly a bencher considering I was 500lbs. 

4.)What was your favorite birthday party? Um, does my 21st count? I guess this a childhood thing so it probably doesn't. My birthdays were always cool - my mom always tried to make em fun. My cousin had a horse so sometimes we had pony rides, there was always a candy toss and a bubblegum blowing contest aha. My most memorable party was when I was turning 13. I had just arrived home, on crutches, from our Grade 8 class trip where I broke my leg. They said we were having a slide show of pictures at the school but it was a surprise birthday for me. I totally knew it was but acted like I didn't aha. It was super nice of everyone :) Unfortunately I had to leave to attend a viewing for my "grandfather" who I didn't even grow up knowing even though he lived 10 mins down the road. So not worthy of skipping my surprise 13th birthday party but WHATEVER. 

5.) Who was your teen celebrity crush? Aaron Carter was way up on the list. I also had a crush on Steve Urkels alter ego, Stephane, aha. And of course, the fresh prince, Will Smith. I've always had a thing for black guys, just the way she goes. 

so much allure. 

6.) What movies/tv shows did your parents not allowed you to watch? I never remember not being allowed to watch anything, honestly. I watched movies with my parents and I had an older brother so if The Simpsons were on, The Simpsons were on. It didn't fuck me up too bad as far as I can tell and if anything it probably matured me a bit faster, opened me up. I always felt older than I was when I was younger, I wanted to hang around adults and listen to their conversations rather than play barbies or do kid stuff. I was an old soul a bit maybe. 

So now you know a bit more about me, even if you've been here from the start. Keep following, keep leaving me comments and spread the love. I love you guys millions. Oh - and 300 follower giveaway is SO on, so follow through gfc at the top right to get us a bit closahh. :)

Twitter : @bailj
Instagram : beejsmallz

Big Love,
Bailey J

Ps. Hope everyone getting hit by this storm is staying safe and warm! Good vibes to you all! 


  1. Maybe I was spoiled? Or just because I was an only child. I was always treated like an adult by my mom and dad... Eh, ah well. I never COULDN'T watch something. Weird?

  2. I think you're fabulous! Love you and love your blog! XOXOXO

  3. I am CRACKING up. Aaron Carter looks like a baby!!! And the fact that you named your car "The Blueberry"? Love!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Cute blog found you through Sunday Social. Almost to 300 followers!

    Come follow me at Wide Open Spaces

  5. I turn 22 Thursday and I'm freaking out about it too. It does seem like such a fucking adult birthday. Boo! But happy early birthday!

  6. I can't believe you had to leave your Birthday to go to a funeral! Sad Face.

    New follower stopping by from the Sunday Social!


  7. Ha Ha ha I totally forgot about my undeniying love for Aaron Carter! I thought he was amazing!
    Love you Bailey!

  8. Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is a choice. Stay young and stop worrying about your age, and it will never be able to define you :)


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