Thursday, February 21

the karma truck and an ELF cosmetics haul.

I was thrilled yesterday when my ELF cosmetics order arrived. I knew that sometimes their orders could take as long as 4 weeks to ship to Canada so when it arrived after 5 days I was thrilled. I was so happy to get it before I take off. I didn't necessarily need new make up but my make up style is changing so I wanted to get a few cheap additions to cater to what I'm liking these days. ELF is my go to when I need some small things but don't feel like/can't afford to be paying 10$ for lipstick or 20$ for blush. Their make up is decent quality in my opinion and you will not be able to beat the prices, especially for the quality you're getting.

If you like deals and you like make up and you're not a make up snob - you definitely want to keep reading!

Here is what I ordered :
1 Baked Eyeshadow in Bark  - absolutely love this shade. it is well pigmented and I've always felt confident in the quality of ELFS eyeshadows. I love this and want to order more of the baked eyeshadows
2 Baked Blushes in Rich Rose and Peachy Cheeky - the Peachy Cheeky is so pretty and I can't wait to actually use these. I have only really tested them on my hand since I just got them last night. I LOVE baked products though. I use a baked bronzer from Body Shop and wear it almost daily.
2 Essential Lipstick in Voodoo and Fantasy - Voodoo is my new favorite lipstick. I will be wearing it every day until its gone and they better not discontinue! I was surprised because I hadn't ordered lipstick from ELF since 2011 when I was super unimpressed with one I ordered. They have improved x10 and I will definitely order more. Ps - they have a really pretty scent.
Lip Exfoliator- Really nice product. Once you get past the smooth first layer it gets really rough which I like because my lips are super dry, I need something effective. I love that it comes in a lip stick applicator! It also has a really yummy smell and the taste is nice on the lips as well.
Eyelash Curler -I really needed a new one but haven't used this yet! I'm sure it's pretty average lol

Now, what we all want to know, or at least what I am most excited about - the price. If I was buying low quality products, maybe just a cheap brand  from Walmart, I would guess that this haul was 35$ at the very least. If I was shopping for the quality of make up that it actually is, and what I would pay for this haul, I would say the lowest price would be 45-50$. So what did I get this haul for? 22 FREAKIN' dollars. 22 bones. 22 jabronies. That's a steal and this isn't even where it ENDS.

This is the part where I tell you about the karma truck hitting me straight in the sniffer and this was the GOOD karma bus people, HELLA good. When I opened up my box I thought I had received the wrong order because there was an HD Blush and a set of FIFTEEN nail polishes in he box. It wasn't on the bill, I wasn't charged for it and I definitely hadn't planned to buy it but I am pumped. I don't know how it happened, I don't know if the ELF police are coming for me but I am beyond pleased.

The set is called the Elf Necessary Nails 15 Pc Collection and has some really great colors. I tried a couple out and LOVE the quality of the polish so far and really love the colors. Since I do not need 15 new polishes, consider I already have 20+, I will be adding some of the lovely shades to my giveaway (which will happen when I reach 300 followers so get to folowin', friends!) I believe in passing the karma on so 5 of these babies are goin in there! 

I received this HD blush from Elf in DIVA and it definitely lived up to that name. Just to warn you - shit is bright. When they said Rich Pigmented they meant it. This is without flash so you can read the packaging but the color is so bright. You need almost NONE of it to use it. I tested it out last night and this is what happened with just a little squirt.

Yeah. I clearly was unimpressed with it too. I was like Oh! They just need to get rid of this shit so they through one in my box buuutt, I was determined to make my freebie work and I did eventually get it applied to where it looked a bit better.

 But check out the pigmented HD blushes because if you're a big blush girl and love super pigmented products then this is definitely for you. The trick is to practice because Like I said, not the most easily applied product I've ever used. I also recommend using a brush like the stipple brush or something. I used my fingers and that may have made the job more complicated. Not sure. 

Needless to say though, yesterday was a very good day. I was just excited my make up was here so to top it off with some free shit was just beyond awesome! Thanks Karma! 

What is the best freebie you ever received? Where are your favorite places to buy cosmetics? Are you a splurger or a saver when it comes to make up? Let me know :) and remember to follow by clicking "join this site" to the left so you can have a chance to win some of the Karmalicious Polishes! 

Big Love,


  1. I've tried and swear by all the ELF mineral eyeshadows. I just might have to give the baked ones a try the next time!

  2. This post made me super excited. Going to order some makeup now, those prices are awesome!!

  3. Nice! I don't do a tonne of shopping online (I don't have the self control) but for those prices I'll have to keep ELF in mind when it comes to makeup! The baked blushes and eyeshadow look nice!

  4. I love ELF!!! I am ordering some too!

  5. I've heard that about the HD blush! haha I want to get some though, I've heard it's great!

  6. Dying at that blush haha! I've had the same experience with others lol.

  7. Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and we can totally get to it :D

  8. i love elf products! their nail polishes are my absolute favorite :)

    xo brie


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