Wednesday, February 6

wednesday again.

Wednesday is spelled so funny, I can't help but notice when I type it all out. Thats neither here nor there though - it's weigh in Wednesday!

Last week I finally had a loss and weighed in at 226.6. This week, of course because I can't lose twice in a row and staying the same would be too easy, I weighed in at 227.2 I can't get a freaking break - I know! But honestly, .6 is not even as much of a gain as I deserved. I fucked up, ladies and gents, I lost some serious control. 

I was about 12 days no sugar and then I face planted into a big pile of junk food. I was housesitting all weekend, away from my own groceries and routine, and it started out with french fries. Then by Sunday Night, when I just HAD to celebrate the Superbowl, I was eating cool whip and nacho dip. Then Monday I continued the disaster by eating EVERYTHING I could at the Baby Shower I attended (Congrats Sable!) - crackers, cheese, chips, dips, squares, mini cupcakes and punch. WHAT THE FUCK, BAILEY? I could not control myself. Then I went up to Ashleys, had some MORE chips, some pumpkin pie dip and topped it off by sharing some peanut buter pie with Ash. 

Then yesterday morning I dusted myself off and I'm back at it. 100%. I have to say, something I can appreciate about myself and maybe my saving grace - is my ability to bounce back. I refuse to let the shitty weekend of shitty decisions turn this into a failure. This weekend was the tiniest of setbacks on a long, bumpy, harsh road of set backs and failures that will eventually turn into successes and get me to my goals. Life is not perfect, and nothing is easy but why would I give up after that? So that I can never ever change? At least if I keep trying, and don't make any progress, I can say I tried. 

I will admit - if I have a good week this week and don't see a loss I'm going to be frustrated. Six weeks is a long time to go to the gym relentlessly and eat well and hope and pray. But i shall soldier on.. I just might have a shit fit first. 

So there you have it. Check back next Wednesday to see if I finally get a good loss! Lets hope I at least get rid of the .6 from this week. Bollocks. 

Oh and ladies, plus size especially, check out my last post Be Sexy In Plus Size if you haven't! I talked about growing up chunky, shopping for plus size as a teenager, tips for dressing your plus size body (which apply to anyone really) and some awesome stores to check out for all the hottest styles in the sizes you need :) 

Big Love,


  1. I did the same thing on the weekend- started with cake, then I snuck two Sweet Tarts, then a couple chips, and so on. Once you start that stuff again its sooo hard to stop! I actually had a dream last night that I ate a snickers bar and told myself that I would get back on track the next day... WTF! LOL

  2. Such a frustrating cycle, isn't it?! I'm glad you jumped right back on track! Thank you for linking up... I'm so glad I found your blog!

  3. Superbowl did me in too! Pizza, chips & dip, plus my favorite ice cream:) Love the quote "I will try again tomorrow."

  4. Yeah, sometimes when you fall of the wagon, you get run over by it too. As long as you get up and jump back on it, you'll be fine. You and I are at about the same weight right now (weighed in this morning at 226.6), so I'll be checking back in a lot to see how you're doing!

  5. It's okay. Must have been the moon this week. I was a nutcake too. Let's give it our all this week.

  6. Glad that I am back in the blogging sphere so I can catch up on some much missed Bailey blogs!
    Love you bailey <3

  7. Omg this post helped me SO much! I so lost control this week and even though I weighed myself on sunday and was down two pounds that week, I'm scared I gained like 20 since. I'm going to be sending you a text tomorrow because I will be ready to hit the gym again and get my ass back to it. I can't let me few days of falling down the junk food stairs stop me from picking myself back up. You definitely inspire me to let go of today's mistakes and try for better tomorrow :)

  8. I've been reading your weight loss posts and they are really motivating, but I keep making excuses to not start exercising and being healthy. One day, one day.


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