Wednesday, March 13

Any Excuse To Shop.

Two days in a row.. I'm back in the blog game! I shouldn't speak too soon I guess, but I knew I had to link up for WIW after missing last week. Consistency is good and I love hearing from and reading all the other ladies blogs! You should seriously go to and check out some of the other blogs who link up. I always feel inspired after seeing how everyone else is doing.

When I weighed in two weeks ago I was way up at 230. This week I'm back down at what I've sort of been hovering around at 227.4 Way better than 230 but not really much of an improvement considering I'm on month 3 of trying to lose weight again and I haven't even lost 2 lbs. Story of my life oh well. 

That's sad but what makes me happy? Shopping. When I realized I have no good shirts for working out in I took it as an excuse to head over to target. I left with a new coral sports bra which I love and a really nice work out tshirt. I normally just wear old shirts but this one is legit and if I like it I may head back for another. There was no picture of the tshirt on line but I did find the sports bra.  
I also bought a scale which I'm so happy to have. Last time I didn't have one here and I gained 10lbs so at least if I have it here and don't lose weight I can keep in check and not gain. I also can participate in WIW which I love to do. Hopefully this scale will track an actual loss though..that's what I'm hoping for. It's actually really cool and literally tracks my loss for each time I step on and overall since the first time I weighed in. It does that for up to 4 people which I think is pretty nifty. 

So I'm down to 227.4 and my TOM is coming this weekend. Hopefully I can fight the forces of my period and have a loss to show next Wednesday. We'll see. :) 

Do you find you gain during your period week? I usually see a 2lb gain that goes away once it's over. I tend to not fret over a gain during this time of the month. 

Big Love,


  1. I love that sports bra - I think I need to hit up Tar-jay now. I used to work out in old baggy t shirts but now that I am losing I am rewarding myself with some nicer workout gear :)

  2. girl i sometimes gain up to 5 pounds.. it sucks but its life!

    and i crave cholocate and coke cola lol

  3. The first Target of many soon to be Targets in my area is opening up soon. Looking forward to it. I need to buy some cute exercise gear. I look so ridiculous right now. It's not even funny.

  4. love me some Target!!! Especially clearance :)


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