Sunday, March 3

Identity Thief

Hey friends! I just wanted to check in quickly and wish you all a happy Sunday! Remember that brief stint in Truro Nova Scotia I did a year ago? Well I'm back here for a couple of days visiting the family I lived here with. I'm havin such a nice time-it's been way too long! Just wanted to let ya'll know the reason I'm neglecting the blog for a few days. There is no Internet here and I don't even have it on m phone so I'm currently updating from Sheri's phone. It's so frustrating - I'm not a fan of touch screen lol

Before I go I just wanted to mention that last night Sheri, Hannah and I saw Identity Thief - fuckin hilarious! I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor!

Seen any awesome movies lately? Let me know!!

Big love

1 comment:

  1. The only movie I've seen recently was The Raven- and I wasn't a fan. Hope you have a great Monday!


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