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I read a lot of blogs - like A LOT. I read blogs about weight loss, blogs about fitness, blogs about make up, blogs about travel, jobs, hair, pregnancy, children, fashion, everything. It's very hard to keep up sometimes but it also keeps my mind open and I learn a lot about things I wouldn't know about otherwise. I'm exposed to lives that are 100% different than mine which I enjoy.

For example : Sinead Bradley from Sinead In The Sun who's blog is now Sinead In The Disney Sun. She is a cute and creative Kiwi who dabbles in graphic design, just finished University and will be headed to Florida this summer to begin working at Disney World. She is 100% different than me but I find her so intriguing. She inspired my post today with her post : Lust List.

I wrote a post about awesome Plus Size Fashion and how to be sexy in it that if you haven't read, you should, because there are so many awesome options out there. I have been lusting after so many cute things on Forever 21 I wanted to share and see what you guys think :my very own lust list. As far as writing about my actual emotions and feelings I don't know what to say. Emotional constipation is still in full swing even though I'm home, in my zone. I don't know how I feel besides sad a lot of the time and I'm not about spreading my sadness all over the blogosphere. I will spread my shopping addiction though.

I have a list on my Forever 21 account called "210". It's summer clothes I will buy myself when I get back down to 210lbs - definitely a good reward! I'm hoping to reach it by my birthday so I can justify spending the money as a birthday gift. Keep in mind that in the summer I work a lot so most of the clothes I buy myself are things I will wear to work.

                 1. 2. 3.

These are all from Forever 21 and shirts I have in mind for work. I work in a restaurant and in the summer the heat is insane so I have to keep the clothing light but appropriate. The reasons I love these shirts : they meet those guidelines and 1 is a gorgeous color, 2 is sequins but not too much (I'm so picky about sequins!) and 3 is pink and peplum - need I say more? My favorite is the peplum and it WILL be mine and I WILL reach 210 before summer! 

This row is a little less for work. I can't really wear the shorts but I LOVE them for a day off and I've been looking for the perfect blazer and I'm in love with this nautical one on F21. The skirt I can wear to work and as you can tell from the top above I'm having myself a little obsession over royal blue. I have skirts in every other girl : red, pink, black, purple, even tie dye and I need this to complete the skirt collection. 

Dresses are my absolute favorite for work and this tribal print dress is perfect - I love the neckline/straps - I will definitely be ordering this one for summer.  

What are you most excited about buying for summer? Do you like the shorts, the fun summer dresses or are you a beach bum who's only worry is bikinis? I can't wait for the warm weather and cute clothes. I am more than ready. 

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  1. Like you, I read lots of blogs written by people very different from me. Like yours!

  2. Love that sassy skirt! and shorts I'd prob wear daily!


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