Sunday, March 31

Mini Eggs and Body Pump

Thought I'd keep it light on this gorgeous Easter Sunday and link up for Sunday Social! Go to A Complete Waste Of Make Up to link up and/or see other bloggers thoughts and answers to these 5 questions. Happy Easter everyone, love you guys so much! Ps - check out how close I am to 300 followers! WOOP WOOP!!

1. What is your favorite type of work out to do? I love classes like body bump. I love getting my heart rate up, feelin like a machine and then pumping out some strength exercises and feeling like a monster. Those classes always get me sweating and I ALWAYS feel sore the next day. We don't have any of that in my town right now and it makes me sad :(

2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet? Oh my soul - in the spirit of Easter I could say Mini Eggs cause I could eat those things like my life depended on it. All day, errrry day!!

3.What is one thing you continuously forget to do? I even have an alarm set for this but I always change it or turn it off for something else and I CANNOT remember ot do it on my own : my birth control. It's horrible - I know. Lucky for me I won't be getting laid for years so it's no big deal.. may as well reclaim my virginity.

4. Post its or phone reminders? Why? I'd say phone reminders since I always have it on me - there's a larger chance I'll actually see it. I'm so scatter brained I could post a post it somewhere and just totally ignore it.

5. Favorite picture on your phone that makes you smile? I dont really take pictures on my phone since it's not an android and I don't have internet on it aha. I can't do anything with the pictures so I use my ipod but I love this picture. I know, I'm the crazy girl uploading pics of her and her ex but we're still really good friends and I just love this picture - we were weird around each other from the start. I plugged his toilet the 2nd day I was there.. we didn't really have a "hide your weirdness" phase.

Big Easter Love,

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  1. Even though i've never heard it before, I'm pretty sure the phrase "I plugged his toilet" can be understood throughout the world hahahaha.


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