Saturday, March 23

one of those times where I ask for help.

**Afterthought : This goes all day SUNDAY as well and you can vote as many times as you want!!

The help isn't for me per se but for my community. A while back I talked about how we're all famous here and stuff because we have a commercial about us ... this commmercial.It's all about how our hockey rink came to be, how Mars paid for our heated mezzonine and now we have this amazing hockey rink. Then there's this one guy who, I don't really think I've ever spoken to, but every time I'm there I see him. He's one of "those guys". He's the president of the minor hockey association I believe. And he's always there. And this guy needs your vote.. but again, its not for him, per se. The hockey on this island needs your vote. Kraft is giving away 100,000 to a lucky minor hockey association. Ours is new, and growing and I know we all see a bright future of Hockey on Grand Manan and that money would be a helluva boost. So you can go to THIS site and press vote beside Chris' face and write up and that would be a huge favor to.. a LOT of people.

In case you missed the link it's this :

You don't have to make an account or do anything that takes very long, just simply press the large red Vote  button. If you could share it with your friends, on your fb page, blog page, whatever that would be even better.

And just because I freakin' love this video about our island, made by Mars (like the bars), I'm going to share it. And Chris is actually in this video.. just for a factoid.

Thank you to anyone who votes - I know I can always count on the blogging community!

Big love and happy Saturday,

PS. I love you all. To anyone who has asked how I am or left a comment - Im doing well! I'll be okay. Thanks everyone for all your love. xo


Leave some love, questions, suggestions or links! Advice and constructive criticism always welcome but no hate and negativity if you can help it at all! Thanks in advance xx

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