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The Weekend From Hell

As most of you know I recently went through a complicated break up.. like very recently..like four days ago. I wrote *this post* as I flew, drove, bussed and ferried the long 5466.5 mile journey back home. For those of you using the metric system..which is anyone who isn't american I believe, that's 8797.47km and yes I calculated all of this. From the taxi to the airport, to the flight to San Francisco, over to Chicago and Halifax. To my drive to Truro, my bus to Quispamsis and finally my drive to the ferry and the ferry to bring me to my new nesting spot :my bed.

Now.. all that travel with a broken heart was enough to make this the weekend from hell. I can say confidently that this has been the most horrible weekend of my life. It was heartbreakingly terrible. You would think that the universe thought that my situation was enough but little did I know that it was going to hurl a few more curve balls my way before the weekend was out. It started at the airport.

I spent the taxi drive from Moos apt to the airport trying to figure out if I was going to turn around or not. Clearly, I didn't, but I considered it the whole way. I continued to consider it until I flew out from San Francisco..I knew then there was no turning back. At the airport in Sacramento I did okay. I didn't cry as I checked in and walked up to wait for security. I kept my cool.

I told myself if I could get to the plane before I started crying that was something to be proud of. At least on the plane you can turn your head to the window or pretend to sleep. I sent my belongings through the security xray and I walked myself through the human one. If I had a dollar for every shot they have of my basically naked in that thing I'd only have like 20$ but seriously.. why do they need that thorough of an xray of me? Anyways. I made it through fine but my things did not. This is where the real fun began.

They sent my luggage through the x ray 3 times before telling me that they were going to have to search my things. They wouldn't tell me why but I thought "Great.. this is totally what I need right now" and waited for them to find the very threatening thing in my bag : nothing. They couldn't find what they were looking for but said that they would need to pat me down. Perfect. A lady came to politely pat me down and I figured thatd be the end of it. Unfortunately, whatever they were searching for was apparently "all over me".

I was patted down 3 more times, after the 2nd I was taken to a room to be more aggressively patted down. My things were gone through (including my underwear.. jokes on him, one pair was dirty) in front of everyone passing through before I was exiled to the private room and I was totally mortified. Did I look like a criminal? By the 2nd pat down I started to cry and explain that I had just gone through a break up and I just wanted to get home. They didn't really give a shit and as I set off alarm after alarm.. Id say I was about one more BEEP away from a lovely cavity search that was sure to maim me for life emotionally.

Fortunately, after the 4th pat down the alarm didn't go off. I believe she was swabbing her gloves after patting me down, then they would test the swabs on a machine and on the 4th try nothing came up. I have no idea what was all over me, no idea what they believed it was and honestly, I don't care now. That wasn't the end unfortunately. When they gave me back my bag - the zipper was completely broke. I almost shit my pants. They taped it up with TSA tape and I had to walk around the airport with a taped up carry on that looked like it may contain something partially threatening. Fuck my life.

Source: wanelo.com via Sawyer on Pinterest

The rest of the day went reasonably well. I ended up being in the middle seat once, so I had to hold in my tears so I wouldn't look crazy as fuck and the only other downside was the man sitting near me in Chicago who smelt like someone took a shit on him and he hadn't bothered to clean it off. I arrived in Halifax a bit late but it felt good to be a bit closer to home and further away from the smelly man.

On Saturday I decided to be so emotionally unstable I almost hit about 4 people when I was driving (2 on foot, 2 in vehicles). I was visiting a friend until I could head home and she let me use her vehicle while she worked. Apparently this notion that one can be too emotionally unstable to drive is real because I was so distracted I almost made a lot of boo-boos. The universe must've been working with me at this point since I didn't actually hit anyone or anything. Praise.

Later that night on my way to pick Sheri up, I took the wrong turn and all of a sudden I was on the darkest highway I've ever driven on headed to butt fuck no where. I began to panic, lose my cool then I took the first prohibited u turn available and made me way back to Truro. It took some searching for a GPS pin and some loud music to calm me down but I eventually ended up where I needed to be. We missed Jungle Jims for dinner because of my poor judgement which really pissed me off. We ended up eating nasty Greco food and it was WAY too garlicy. I was fighting back the garlic burps and pukes for the next 24 hours. Absolutely awful.

The next day I hopped on a bus to Quispamsis where my Aunt lives. My mother was flying in from her trip to Florida and we would drive home that evening..not before I almost had my head chopped off though. Okay so it wasn't that dramatic but the events that occured had me spooked. I'm not sure about where you're from but taking the bus in Canada isn't the most reassuring way to travel. Anyone can take the bus and I mean anyone. You don't need any sort of ID, nothing gets checked, no one gets checked, anything can be brought onto a bus.. it basically can be a disaster. It wasnt that long ago that a guy simple cut off a mans head on a bus in Canada and held it up for the rest of the passengers to see. Yeah. Fucking sketchy.

I normally don't worry about those sorts of things. I'm a seasoned traveler, by all means of transportation, and I can't let it get to me. When we stopped in Amherst I got concerned - why were we waiting around? Oh .. we were waiting for the police. Four cars hauled up, came on the bus, escorted a man off, and proceded to arrest him. For what? I'm not sure. I was at the back of the bus so if there was information passed around about him, it didn't get to me. Of course I had been the one to text a friend and say "there is a really cute guy on the bus" .. "never mind. he's a criminal". Honestly this man looked no more suspicious or threatening than I did but you just never know.

We kept on truckin'. Once in Sackville, we let someone off, let a few on and we should've been on our way. I've done this bus route, I know there is not a break in Sackville yet we waited for 20 minutes. All of a sudden I knew what was up.. we were waiting for our arrested friend to rejoin the crew. Sure enough a police car showed up about 2 minutes later and the man was let back on the bus. Shit was awkward for EVERYONE. We all felt uncomfortable - were our heads going to be chopped off by this man? And imagine the embarrassment he went through. He apparently was innocent and being taken off, then let back on would've been mortifying. I felt horrible for him.

The rest of the trip home went pretty smooth. Mom and I had lots of life chats, stopped for a yummy dinner and discussed both of our trips on the way home. And now here I am..back at square one.

This week is already going much smoother than the weekend. It may not be so smooth without the love and support of friends, family, anonymous strangers, blog friends, MFP friends etc who have helped me through this super tough time. To be clear, Mark and I are best friends, on good terms and I am doing okay.. definitely not easy though. The amount of emails I have received  even from people who I've never spoken to , has been positively overwhelming. I don't know how I became lucky enough to have so many people care about me but.. thank you to whatever reason.

Have you ever had an "incident" while on an aiport, bus, train etc? Let me know in the comments.

HUGE love to you all,


  1. I so sorry you had to go through all of that, i would of been a hot mess more than a couple times. I hope this week is better to you.


  2. You survived the weekend, as bad as it was. You can survive anything, and turn it in your favor...I think I love you, for your resilience!

  3. Oh no- I`m so that you had such a hard weekend. That sounds terrible. Travel is stressful enough without the added heartache and chaos. Hope you will have a decent week after having gone through all of that.

  4. OMGosh Bail. I can't believe they did that to you at the airport, that would be so hard during what you were going through. I would have like melted down completely and demanded to be taken to a canadian embassy haha, I definitely asked what was on me and how I could avoid it getting on me again!! yuck, probably so coke on the seats of the cab or something.

    Just you describing greco, I could gag on the garlic. My heart goes out to you and how you went through such an awful weekend, I can definitely understand what it's like to have 1 absolutely awful thing happen and then a string more of them to follow. My hasn't ended yet, so I hope your luck is better. I broke down the other day after tripping on the ladder and spilling a can of paint all over myself and the floor. But I'm trying to learn to laugh at it all now :) If you ever want to come spend the night and chat or even sit in silence and watch a movie. I'm here. My interal clock sucks and I need to start getting up before noon. So we need to start making a gym schedule or something :)

    The only incident I can think of was bussing to see Nevan and we were all 16 and trying to cross the border without parents notes hahaha, i remember one of us saying when it was taking forever "I wonder what idiot on here is holding us up" then that overly tall, mean looking border cop gracefully biffed his head getting on the bus to question us all about why we were trying to get into the states :P

    Love ya chica <3 Cheer up, I know it's not easy!

  5. oh my god!!! I am so sorry for all you are going through and then to be patted down 4 times at the airport?! awful

  6. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry to hear!! And that airport stuff is hell! They broke the zipper on all three of my bags once? What is that all about? They said they thought it was locked, but the lock was clearly only on ONE zipper, which was not holding the bags shut!!! aaahhhhh. Drove me freaking nuts. hugs!!!! xoxoxo

  7. AAggh sounds so awful! But travel is something we all can bond over!! There's a particularly notorious bus that operates out of New York -- the Chinatown bus. It makes trips between DC, NY, and Boston, and the drivers are all crazy old men who literally cannot speak a word of English. They're known for speeding on the freeway, and getting pulled over by cops, with all the passengers on board. Of course, because I'm so cheap, when i've taken trips to visit my friends in Boston, Chinatown bus it is! Though I have never been in a bus when it's pulled over, there have been the sickeningly jerky rides, and the driver's awkward bathroom breaks on the side of the highway. Gotta love transportation!!


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