Thursday, March 28

Why First Impressions Don't Last

"You never have a second chance to make a first impression"

I've been told to make a good first impression before and it's true.. a first impression only happens once. I kind of think the first impression thing is bull shit though. I don't believe you can have even a baby idea what someone is like at their core from a first impression, I believe in giving people a chance to show you their true colors and that's why I think we should care less about a first impression and more about actually getting to know someone for who they are not what they have to offer you in the first 10 seconds of meeting them.This works both ways - I believe some people may seem fabulous and good from the first impression but those types of people can also be fake and manipulative. For those of us who like to believe in the good in people.. we fall for that easily.

Here is why I no longer trust my first impressions. When I was 17, I met Cassie. Cassie was new to Grand Manan and Cassie drove me fucking insane. She was a mutual friend through a group of girlfriends in the grade lower than I was, which she was also in. She quickly found a spot in their group and I quickly knew I didn't wanna be around when she was. I thought she was loud and too much for me.

My [what I thought would be] last straw with Cassie was when we were drinking at friends camp on the water one summer. Looking back now we laugh but at the time I wanted to smack her. My friend Jason and I sat on the dock as a drunken Cassie screamed about how much she loved Jason and while jumping off a raft into the water over and over. She was something else.

Cassie, jason and I in High School 
I decided then I didn't want much to do with Cassie and I wouldn't spend much time around her from then on but the universe had something else planned. As time went on I got to know Cassie better and began to see her more for who she was, and less for how she acted in groups or when drunk. For the past 5 years I've learned about Cassie's life before she moved to Grand Manan that summer and more about who she is as a person.

Cassie is now one of my best friends and one of the best human beings I've ever known. Her heart is so huge, she is such a giver and I don't know if I have anyone in my life who is as strong as she is. She has been there for me so many times and I hope that I can be there for her even half as much.. I could be proud of that.

The past few weeks Cassie has helped me get through my break up and has been such a good friend. She picks me up and helps me get out of the house, she hosted a bunch of us for lobster dip and girl time, she got me off of the island for a day and she's currently visiting me as I type where i'm housesitting. The past few weeks would have been 10x worse without her and I feel so thankful to have her in my life. So many tears were not shed because I had her cheering me up and keeping me in tact.

Cassie taught me that first impressions don't mean anything. If I had gone off my first impression of Cassie and not given her a chance to show me who she is I would've missed out on one of the best friendships of my life. I've had so many good times with Cassie, she has taught me so much and I woud've missed out on a lotta love! I owe her so much.

Have you ever had a Cassie come into your life?

Big Love,


  1. I'm so embarrassed when I think of that night and how I acted. I'm so glad I was given a second chance . And the Opportunity to have you in my life. Having you and the girls has been such a blessing if it wasn't for you and the girls I would still be in such a dark place .. I love you and am so glad to have been able to be here for you these past few weeks love ya girl- Cassie

  2. I love Cassie too . She's one of my girls. Strong and loving and kind and very candid and funny....that's my girl so glad she came in all our lives .....Debs

  3. I am so happy to say that I have a Cassie in my life, literally! I can't imagine anyone NOT liking her, although I haven't seen her loaded. You are right on about the big heart! She is irreplaceable! - Court

  4. Totally has happened to me, my "bully" from grade school is one of my best friends! Crazy how things happen like that!

  5. missing my friends so much, xox


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