Monday, April 29

a loss, a gain and some short term goals.

Once upon a time, forever ago I joined Jessicas 5 for 5 link up. I remember thinking it was a great idea and then never doing it again.. good work, Bail. You basically set some goals for the week and each week you check in, talk about what you achieved and set some new ones. It's a good way to stay accountable and Im all for accomplishing shit that needs to git' accomplished! So what are my goals for the week?

1. Stay OP. As most of you know I'm doing Weigh Watchers. I thought I did well this week but the scale wasn't saying the same. My official weigh was this AM and Im pretty excited to say I lost another pound - that's a total of 5.2lbs so far no WW :) Anyways - I've been exercising often and eating well but I could definitely track better. I noticed two incidences where I did some hella emotional eating - its good I noticed but now I need to take action. So this week I'm going for strict! I got this.

To be clear : Last weeks weight was 228.8, this week was 227.8 :) Yay!

2. Sleep like a normal human. I fucking love sleep - I could shnooze for days and once Im asleep I can go anywhere from 10-13hours. Unfortunately I sort of suck at falling asleep and after 2.5 years of staying up until 3am to talk to my long distance boyfriend through skype (4 hour time difference is to be blamed) I'm used to staying up late. I know this isn't healthy for me and won't get me anywhere with my weight loss so I would like to get on a better schedule. I'd like to be going to bed by midnight and up by 10 (I know, it sounds crazy that that is improvement) by next Monday. :)

3. Posses my car. I am buying a car this week (this would be the gain I was referring to in the title of my post) and I would really like to have all my ducks in a row and be driving it by the weekend and be able to call it mine (hopefully sooner, like Wed). I'm pretty excited about this btw. It's nothing fancy but I'm just so excited to have that freedom of owning a vehicle again! No more bumming rides - yahoo! You'd think I just bought a Benz by the excitement I'm experiencing.

4. Run. I've been doing a lot of walking and I'm definitely working out but I would like to run a few times this week because I would eventually like to get back to running for longer than 5 freakin' minutes. I'm headed out for a walk right after this and hoping to get in a few minutes of running - wish me luck.

5.Be Money Smart. Now that I've bought a car I'm not exactly rolling in dough so I want to try to make good choices with my money. I'm a good saver anyway and I don't spend much but I have to be careful to not get carried away. I may be hitting the city thsi weekend with some friends and I need to give myself a reasonable budget and not get drunk and buy 30$ worth of pizza.. for so many reasons.

What are you goals for the week?
You can link up too at :)

Big Love,

PS. I can't even believe it - sometime in the last 24 hours I reached 305 Likes on my Facebook Page - awesomeee.


  1. Congrats on losing this week! I did WW for a while when I first starting losing weight and it was great for portion control.

    I think your 5 goals are all really admirable. I vowed a few years back (I'm a little older than you) to get smart about money and using has been awesome for me staying on top of my finances. If you've never used it, you should definitely check it out!

    Good luck this week! -Cait at

  2. WTG Bailey J!
    I didn't do so well with the clean eating over the weekend, so my main goal is to get back on track nutrition wise...and to get a pedicure!

  3. I can't believe you can sleep for so long. That's crazy! I hate the idea of going to sleep but once I'm in bed I hate the idea of getting up. I average about 5-6 hours a night. I definitely need to be sleeping more!

  4. I'd say I can tell you have lost but you would probably say "Yea...right Mum!" but I won't so you can't but you do...XO

  5. Way to go on the loss, Weight Watchers usually helps you lose slowly but surely so that you can keep it off for the long run :)

  6. Hi Bailey I'm Sherry I found you on the Weigh In Wednesday link up :) I'm a new follower loving your blog. Great goals you set for yourself! Even better job on the pound loss!!! No weight watchers !? I believe it...we can all do it on our own with hard work and dedication! I'm right there with you on sleep! I work full time, school full time, trying to keep up with my weight loss and my blog is so time consuming and leaves me little time for sleep, even if it did I probably would stay up late anyway! Like you, I am so used to it!

  7. Yeah girl congrats!! So proud of you!! :) I have been MIA on WIW so glad to be back!! :)


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