Tuesday, April 30

A Reply To Anonymous

Normally if I was writing a reply to an anonymous comment formally in a post it would be something sassy to something nasty someone said. Instead, I'm writing to an anonymous commentar who asked this (I prefer this over a nasty comment btw) :

Can you please tell us how you lost so much weight? Thats amazing and honestly Im jealous! :P What kind of exercises/programs are you using? 

Well anonymous, I'm using Weight Watchers right now. I could be doing much better but I'm losing the weight because of WW and because the foods I choose to fill myself with most of the time are pretty healthy. I tend to fill up on fruits and veggies and lean protein and though I could be doing MUCH better on the junk food and carb front, I'm not a big bread person and when I do eat carbalicious foods I choose whole grains if there is an option. Choosing whole wheat and whole grain is more of a preference thing for me : white shit grosses me out, but it's also a helluva lot better for you.

The second part to my weight loss is that I keep pretty active. I am lazy as fuck but I try to go to the gym 5x a week and lately I've been walking outside because of the gorgeous weather. I know I have to keep moving to feel motivated to eat better.. otherwise I get into a vicious cycle with myself.

I don't normally take any supplements or try gimmicky fad diets but I am doing a trial of the 24 day advocare clean starting next Monday. An awesome reader offered to send me the advocare products and we are going to do the cleanse together. I agreed to it as I can still eat healthy and follow my WW plan while getting an extra boost. I'm hoping for some more energy for my work outs and to just feel a bit cleaner. I will be documenting it on here :)

The bummer part of doing WW in my town is that there is no meeting or weigh in which I love so I decided to start my own. It is not a WW meeting but instead a community weigh in for anyone losing weight with a program or on their own to come for accountablity. This is huge for me as everyone inspires me and I love the energy of knowing we're in it together.

So.. in a million word or less, that is how I'm doing it (this time around aha).

If ya'll have any other questions feel more than free to ask - I was kind of excited to get a question and be able to blog about it. Yep, I'm a dork.

Big Love,


  1. Congrats on staying Motivated!

  2. Great response to a great happy anonymous comment!


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