Friday, April 5

Positive Vibes

Ever since I started receiving the feedback from my last post I've been focusing on positive vibes. I've been getting lot's of support, advice and some important tough love. I needed those things. I said I was waiting for the click and I received it.

A good friend said in a comment "We support you because you can get over it if you let yourself. Life can fuck you up man, everyone goes through shit and sometimes you think you'll never be happy again but thats the challenge - proving you are strong. You cant be strong by being skinny, you get strength by changing your life and your direction. There is no reason why you cant be as happy as you wish to be, counting the things wrong will always cancel out the good things." 

I needed to hear these things and ever since I read it my perspective and my attitude have totally changed. It starts here with me : I can choose to be strong and push through every thing I'm going through or I can choose to let it over power all the good things in my life and I SEE all those good things a bit clearer now!
For example I won 30$ that night - awesome. I also hit the 300 (and counting)mark in followers on my blog and that felt awesome. I decided to look at things from a positive angle and it has made my days much better. Am I struggling with my eating still? Fuck yes but I'm doing better and I've got in a few work outs. I'm also on my way to the city with my friends for the night I was anxious about with zero anxiety. It's going to be a lot of fun and there's no point in worrying about it when it can be so much fun. 

Sometimes when you're in a state like that, everything seems gloomy, and you just let the negativity build and grow until everything seems negative and it ruins everything it touches. I'm trying very hard to not let it do that and to turn it around.. I can choose that or I can choose to let everything be shitty. 

The fun, positive awesomeness that is coming up on Being Bailey J would be the giveaway I promised to celebrate 300 followers! Im just starting to put that together (I know, so unprepared) but it's coming asap. If you're a fellow blogger and you want to get in on it with some ad space or anything really just let me know - I'd love to have you! Shoot me an email at

Have an AWESOME weekend and to Breanna : hope you have an awesome time tonight celebrating your birthday! 

Big Love,


  1. Yay, Bailey! It is hard to come out of the funk sometimes. It takes conscious effort. Have fun tonight!! <3

  2. I'm glad to see this post. I've been worried ever since the breakup, but here's to today being better than yesterday and tomorrow being better than today. Have a great weekend!


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