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I had a conversation with a friend today about being disconnected. Lately I'm always sort of lost in my own thoughts (which I hate to admit, it's selfish) and less engaged in conversations and what happens in social settings. That is so not me. I really want to work on that and get back to being bubbly and talkative like I normally am. No more of this withdrawn bullshit.

I need and wish to get back to being healthy and productive as well. Being healthy and productive gets me more in touch with my body and mind and keeps me much happier. Struggling with getting over my break up and not having a job is a lethal mixture : it gives me a lot of time to just lose myself inside my own head and disconnect from who I am and the people and situations I'm surrounded with and things I want to achieve. I'm not cool with that and I'm trying to fight it that cycle.

So my goals for the week are to reconnect with reality and to reconnect with myself. I want to get connected with my body and feel good. I always feel sick and full and sad and blah. I want to fuel my body with healthy foods, get moving, do something productive and get my brain functioning. I'm not going to worry about the scale this week - I'm only concerned with feeling good. I also want to feel accomplished- to have a good week and feel proud and know that I can turn this around. I'm not going to weigh in at all because at this point it doesn't matter. I've gained 7 lbs so whatever i'm doing isn't working so I just need to do something that DOES work, makes me feel better and just ignore that scale for now.

Specific goals would be to really try to eat cleaner. On top of losing weight I would like to get rid of all the chemicals and crazy shit that I take in by eating processed foods. I've been watching documentaries and reading so many scary things about food it makes me want to see the day where I treat my body well and don't put it through that. It's hard on this island - we're very limited.. but I can take small steps. The first will be to stalk up on food even though I'm feeling a bit broke. If I'm going to spend my money on anything it should be a fridge full of health foods!

Last but not least I have some pretty cool news. After last weeks edition of weigh in Wednesday a very lovely, sweet woman named Meredith left me a comment on my blog to email her asap. I reply to all comments and always love to interact with anyone, especially folks who read my blog, (unless you are a no-reply commentor or blogger which you need to fix) so I contacted her. She made me an offer I couldn't refuse.. well.. I could have but it would have been dumb and rude!

She wrote "I want to help. Have you thought about the 10 or 24 Day Cleanse that everyone is doing with Advocare? Or heard of it? I'm assuming you have being a part of the blog world. :) have you decided for or against it for any reason? I'm asking, because I would love to buy it for you if you are open to it. (I am not a distributor, so this would be completely out of my pocket.) I did it a few weeks ago but only lasted 4 days. But even in just those 4 days I felt so much better, and I really want to give it a go again. I would love it if you would do it with me, and we could hold each other accountable. I got the 10 Day Cleanse and then added on the MNS-3 which was like doing it for 24 days. Like I said, I didn't finish it, so I want to try it again. I would be completely willing to buy you the 10 day cleanse, or that plus the other supplement to make it 24 days. If you do it with me. You wouldn't owe me a thing, just a promise that you'll stick to it with me. :) I just really felt for you after your post bc I've been there. I want to pay it forward and help somebody out (while helping myself at the same time."

At first I was like Holy - I can't believe this. I instantly was so thankful for my blog - it has connected me with people who actually care about me enough, from reading one blog post (it was her first visit to my blog that day) to try and help me out! Now.. you all may know from this post how I feel about diet supplements and fad diets - I'm pretty old fashion. The only thing I have considered trying is Shakeology for all the awesome nutrients and the fact that you're allowed to eat meals on it. I've also mulled over advocare products after reading all about it on a blog I love - Butler : Party of Two - and Advocare gives me the same sort of vibe. They are both more about nutrition and giving you all the things you need rather than weight loss. I did the research, I feel good about using it and I accepted Merediths offer. We'll be started at the end of the month and I'm excited for the boost - it should be cool and I will be giving you guys the full run down on how i feel, energy levels, weight loss, all the things I'm taking, inches lost, and whatever else you want to know!

What do you guys think about me trying advocare? After reading up on it -do you think it's gimmicky like a fad diet or do you think I'm making the right decision? I'm feeling good about the decision to try it as it's about health not weight loss and while I'm trying to lose weight you have to change your health habits in order for that to happen.

Big Love,

PS. Somehow I haven't remembered to write about the fact that I had my first ever blogger meet up! I met Georgia from one of the first weight loss blogs I started reading back when I started writing about it. I've mentioned Georgia a million times and I've even wrote for her here. Check her out here and check out my first photo with a blogger. You have no idea how excited I was. It was such a nice time (we met up for coffee in my hometown where she came for work) and she was so sweet, and funny and even more cool in person. A definite success!

Photo cred to Georgia - I totally stole this from her twitter. She's gorgeous and I'm a mess! haha


  1. I loved Advocare!! It makes you feel so great and cleans out those yucky toxins! I have some recipes on my blog too:)

  2. I did the 10 day cleanse last month and kept going with the 24 day challenge and I loved it! I've actually ordered more spark and more MNS 3 because it helps soo much! I totally recommend it.

  3. i think it's great to list out your goals of what you want to achieve. i'm a huge fan of planning things and weight loss/healthy living is no different...plans are important as they allows you to figure out what needs to be done and how you're going to do them..and then crossing those goals off you list are huge motivators to keep going.

    i personally don't believe in cleanses because the human body is designed to detoxify itself; you just need to feed it healthy foods and let it do its thing...however, if you feel like you want to try it, go for it as long as you don't do it beyond 3-4days and listen closely to your body...if you start to feel strange/dizzy/ill etc, stop. that means it's not for you (and that's ok; just eat clean and you'll be good).

  4. Hi! Obviously this is my first time visiting your blog from weigh in wednesdays. So please take my comment heartly, I dont want to be harsh. I agree with Kathy, a cleanse that costs $200 isnt worth it. You mentioned money is an issue when it comes to buying food. I would put that $200 in fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains. You need to go through your kitchen and throw out the crap. Nope, dont eat it, literally throw it out. It seems like you know the correct path to go (getting rid of processed foods - eating clean) so you just need to take the first step. I dont think a cleanse would be helpful.

  5. What a nice gesture!
    I've never tried, but have read a few blogs about it. It doesn't seem too "gimmicky" as you can still eat normal food.

  6. I gotta tell you, I am a HUGE foodie, so any "diet" that you can't really eat on- count me out!! I've heard of those ones that you can only drink shakes for certain meals, or only eat certain foods, etc. The reason I was ok with trying Advocare is bc honestly- it's just eating clean, but taking supplements as well. No skipping meals or anything! That's why I decided I would be ok with trying it- bc the minute you take food out of one of my meals, I'm not doing it.
    But to eat clean and get rid of the processed crap even for those 4 days, I felt much better. I don't eat great at all otherwise, so it was a well needed reality check.
    I'm excited to do it with you!!

  7. P.S. I still cheated and had coffee every morning. That is one thing I couldn't ever quit ;)

  8. yea i agree with @lifeand3boys!
    save the money and put it towards REAL food!
    it is way healthier for you and it will show you better results!


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