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Giveaways in blogs are a weird concept. When I first started my blog and started seeing them I didn't really understand the point - why is this person offering to give me free shit? Did I enter? Of course I entered but I didn't really understand. I was the blogger who advertised blogs for free and didn't realize certain blogs charged to advertise for other blogs. Oh the things I have learned since then.

Giveaways are a way to bring people to your blog, gain followers not only on your blog but other social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, bloglovin, linked in, pinterest etc. For me, I do giveaways to celebrate my milestones and appreciate readers - and of course, I enjoy new followers like any other blogger. I am currently working on my 2nd giveaway for reaching 300 followers.

I've entered a lot of giveaways and yes - I have even won a few. The first giveaway I ever won was on one of my favorite blogs that sort of disappeared into thin air - haven't heard from her in over a year. Sad face. Anyway, I won a Bobble Water Bottle from her and was the most excited girl on the planet.

Since then I have won a lot of ad space to blogs. I rarely buy ad space and if I do it's because there is a sale and it's a blog I love so I want to support them. I get pretty excited about winning ad space though - it's cool to go to a blog I love and see my face on the side of it. I don't offer ad space simply because my blog would become messy because I don't know ANYTHING about blog design. Off topic. Aside from ad space I have won a few gift cards to amazon and this pretty necklace that is currently coming to me in the mail - so excited to receive it!

Most recently I won a credit to Sephora from Chelsea and Carly. For any of you girls who are into make up, which is probably most of you, you probably know the awesomness that is Sephora and how freakin' wicked free money to Sephora is. My struggle is that I have NO idea what to buy. The problem is not that I don't like anything - it's that I like everything.

The one item from Sephora I've been coveting forever is the Naked Palette but I cannot afford or bring myself to spend 50$ on it. So I asked myself - could I spend 30$ on it (as my gift card would cover 20)? I still don't think I could. So I let go of that dream for now.

I also thought about trying a gift set so I could test out some different products to see what I would be willing to buy full price in the future but I'm not seeing anything that strikes me. This Benefit Eyeshadow set is sort of speaking to me - what do you guys think of it?

My last big idea that I'm leaning toward is buying a new foundation. I care about nice skin more than eye shadow or lips and I'm still searching for the perfect foundation or bb cream. The scary thing with ordering foundation online though is that if it doesn't match I just wasted my gift card. I've ended up looking like this one too many times.

It's a big decision to make, I'm telling you! If you could order one thing from Sephora what would it be? Should I consider a product I haven't mentioned?! Help me out friends!!

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  1. if you can only order online, i would go to an actual store, test out some products and then when you find the one you like (foundation or something else etc), order it online with the credit.
    OR, i would buy something that i'm running out of and one that i know works for me.

  2. Urban decay's all nighter make up setting spray :)

  3. Urban Decay's cream blushes are fantastic and a MUST-HAVE for the impending warm weather. Plus, you really get the bang for your buck. Just sayin'. :)

  4. oh my gosh I'm JUST like you. I hate spending a lot of money on anything so I really have to weigh my options, ahha. I think with $20 I would buy one of the value the Benefit or Smashbox tester packs where you get samples of a bunch of products. They're pretty cool!

  5. They have these incredible pore cleansing thingies for $5. I don't remember exactly what they're called, but you use them with your regular face wash. Best $5 I've ever spent, for real!


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