Thursday, May 16

But What Do You Eat? Advocare Update Day 10

And by Day 10.. I mean Day 14. I'm a fucking knob.

When I tell people I'm on a cleanse and even sometimes when I tell people I'm on Weight Watchers the most common question I get is "Well what do you eat? Are you eating enough". Cleanses are often seen as a negative, fad diet sort of thing and I say that because I'm the first person to say "Well what the fuck are you eating because if it's lemon juice and cayenne pepper get out of my face!". If you know me well, you know I would never do a cleanse that had crazy limitations with the knowledge I have now. I don't believe in restricting your diet to under 1000 calories to detox or only eating liquids or any malarkey like that.. I believe in eating clean and giving your body the supplements it needs to be restored and detoxed back to the way it should be- and that's what I'm doing.

The 10 Day Advocare Cleanse diet is strict but I eat almost anything I would if I was behaving on a clean diet. There is no sugar and no alcohol and very limited grains. I eat most of the things I normally would :tons of veggies, tons of fruit, lean protein (chicken and fish - fish is more highly recommended but I'm not rollin in dough here, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? i eat a lot of chicken), healthy nuts and oils. The next 14 days are less strict - they recommend a 90% "on" diet with limited dairy and alcohol. I will be slipping up with alcohol as I am celebrating some birthdays tomorrow night and then its my own birthday next week but I'll be mixing with Crystal Light! Don't fuck with me - Crystal Light Gets me CRAZY. Just kidding.

So I thought I'd share with you my daily diet - I eat a TON. I'm allowed like a gillion points on WW because I'm so large and I meet the requirement pretty much everyday - I am definitely not under-eating. I repeat : I AM NOT UNDER EATING ON THIS CLEANSE.

Breakfast : 1 Cup Blackberries
Lunch : 1 Avocado, A Big Green Salad w/ 1.5Tbsps of Garlic Parmesan & Roasted Cauliflower Dressing and 4oz of Chicken Breast. (I used montreal steak spices on my chicken. Delish).
Dinner : 3/4 Cup Brown Rice, 1 Cup Raw Brocolli, 1/2 Cup Cucumber, 5 Oz Chicken and 2Tbsps of Ranch (Huge dinner! Im so eating!)
Snacks : An Apricot & an Apple through out the day.

I had big meals yesterday so I didnt do much snacking but Im a snacker. You can definitely find me eating lots of fruits through out the day. Sometimes I eat eggs with my breakfast or tuna at lunch. I do try to make my plates dominantly vegetables as I know it's good for me. I do admit : sometimes I have to force that because I don't want to eat a cup of raw brocolli BUT it's good for me and it makes me poo. I definitely don't eat "rabbit food" all the time and have certainly messed up! Don't take yesterdays menu as a representation of every day.

I'm on Day 14 of my Advocare Cleanse which starts what is called the MNS 3 packs. You can go to this webpage and read all about them. Basically I'm taking 4 different packs through out the day for a total of 14 vitamins/supplements each day which is way better than having to take the fibre drink which I am officially done - WOOOP WOOP! I take one packet 30 mins before breakfast, one 30 mins before lunch then the other 2 I can take with either breakfast or lunch but they recommend both with breakfast.

So how do I feel? Awesome. I still feel awesome. I have been working out hard, getting lots of sleep and eating healthy which normally would make me feel awesome anyway and it's good motivation to keep up the healthy eating with or without the cleanse. Its my lady week this week so yesterday I felt pretty crumby but all things considered, I'm still feeling really great! Day 14 was a lot like day 4 when all of a sudden I was "very regular". Between days 7-13 I wasn't as regular as I wished to be but I caught up this morning that's for damn sure. That is a huge priority for me so if I'm good in that area I'm a happy lady!

I'm working very hard and will be surprised if I don't see another loss but totally okay with it because I feel so great. I do a lot of weight lifting so on weeks where I know I work my ass off and don't see a loss I know that that can contribute.  I'm obviously not building 10lbs of muscle each week but Im certainly building muscle - feel my pipes! Im just really happy with where Im at and proud of myself..glad its finally clicking. The cleanse has definitely helped it click so a big thanks to Meredith for  doing this with me and supplying me with the products and cheering me on. She's an awesome partner!

So yeah.. just feelin good, feelin positive! haha. Headed away tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays - so Happy Birthday shout outs to Rach, Cass and especially Kim who is turning the fabulous NINETEEEN today, big day for Canadians (19th birthday not Kims birthday). Sucks to be you - americans, 2 more years SUCKASSS.

Big Love,
Bailey J 

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