Monday, May 6

Here Goes Nothin'

So as I wrote yesterday, my cleanse started today! Today all I have to do is take the fiber cleanse in the morning before I eat breakfast and then some vitamins at night while eating clean through the day. Easy enough except that the fibre drink isn't exactly delicious. I thought I should get a shot of my face after my first drink and I kid you not, this beauty is what I got :

Not a picture Id normally enjoy sharing but cmon...thats pretty priceless. But don't let that stray you from considering the products. It doesn't mean they won't work, it just means the fiber cleanse will take some ahh.. getting used to lol. If I'm still going to use it, I must have some faith in it right :)

Mine was a bit extra atrocious because I made it, then remembered I had to weigh in (which I do after I use the bathroom, totally naked and before I drink or eat anything lol seriously ritual). In about 3 minutes it started to harden and become less like a drink and more like a jelly. Not exactly easy to choke down but I'll stop deviating from weigh in and hit you with the harsh truth :

I gained 1lb. To be honest.. I was kind of happy about it. I'm not happy I gained obviously but it could have been worse, I thought it was going to be so much worse and it was a good wake up call for me to see that I DID gain and I can't fuck around. So I'm taking today as a lesson and honestly planning on such an awesome week!

Before I let you go I need to check in with my 5 for 5 goals with Jessica from last Monday and set some new ones.

1. Stay OP. I did this until the weekend but not very well, clearly, since I gained a pound. I didn't track at all Saturday or Sunday and I didn't have internet so I couldn't have anyway but I need to plan ahead of trips away so I can always be on point.

2.Sleep Like A Normal Human. My trip away helped me achieve this. I had to be up earlier on Saturday to catch a ferry and then a pigeon (not a joke) woke us up Sunday morning and today I woke up at 10am after going to bed at midnight which was exactly my goal. I'm considering this a success and hoping I can keep a somewhat normal schedule up :)

3.Possess my Car. Check! It's so amazing to have wheels again :)

4.Run. I wrote yesterday about how I ran for 15 minutes! Earlier this week I ran during a walk too so I could've done it a few more times but I worked out 5 or 6 times and I DID get some running in so I think success.

5. Be Money Smart. Pretty much a fail. I didn't spend a ton but .. I just wasn't particularly smart.

This week

1. Stay OP. This will always be a goal. It's a daily thing for me trying to do it but it's not that easy. I need to focus on it or I get off track.

2. Don't Undereat. On cleanses it can be easy to undereat I feel but I want to focus on still fueling my body well and reaching my points!

3. Run. I want to try to run 3 times this week even if its 5 minutes during 3 separate work outs. My knees are really bad right now but we'll see what I can do.

4. Beach Comb. I had been going to the beach for a bit and collecting glass and I need to get back this week. I'm working on a pretty decoration with the beach glass and I find it tremendously relaxing,

5. Be Positive. I just want to put some positive into the world and see the positive in it. I sound like a hippy but.. I just want to have a positive week.

Speaking of positive... I just won a 20$ gift card to Relish! Remember yesterday when I posted that drool worthy picture of a burger and poutine? It was from Relish and I tweeted it the day we were there and they messaged me saying they were giving me a 20$ gift card basically for tweeting about it.

They are fabulous to their customers and make AMAZING food so visit them if you can. They have locations all over the East Coast in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton and Oromocto in NB, Halifax NS, Charlottetown PEI and St.Johns NFLD so if you can get to one, GO to one! They even have veggie and chicken burger options for those of you not into red meat (deff not me).

Anywho - wish me luck this week and hope you guys have an awesome week.

Big Love,


  1. your face is priceless! Okay--anything with fiber in it is going to thicken up really quickly, so the key is to drink it IMMEDIATELY...and probably be near a bathroom all day.

    Our weights are less than 10lbs apart, so let's see what we can do this challenge! I have been stuck in the 230's since last year, and my goal of being 200 was supposed to happen THIS much for that. I think my issue is that I was losing weight before, largely, by not eating and moving a little bit. Now I want to eat more, and and I'm FINALLY consistent with moving. I'm doing Zumba 1-2x/week, trainer 2x week, yoga 1x a week and trying to walk as often as I can. I still haven't used my gym membership at all....since I can just go to my trainer's gym. I'm babysteppin' here!

  2. your awesome :)

  3. I love the picture of your face after trying the drink. I am sure mine would be similar if it started turning to a jelly consistency.

    Take one day a time and think about the choices you make, and you can rock this week. Beach combing sounds fun.

  4. Found your blog through the link-up! Don't stress about the one pound! That is usually water weight that can fluctuate. This week will be a better week! I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant, so I am trying not to stress about the pounds I'm already putting on lol! Good luck on your goals for this week1 Newest Follower! :)

  5. Chug that fiber drink! It's the only way!

  6. Yeah, that fiber drink is nasty! It does get easier tho :-) I also tried to down as much as I could before it got thick, then add a little more water and stir, it helps thin it out!!! Good Luck girl, you got this!!

  7. Gains can happen, and you're right, 1 pound isn't so bad. I know you will get back on point this week! :)


  8. ha ha, your pic is hilarious! I'm a person that has a really hard time drinking things that taste bad or look I feel you. I've been taking PGX and finally had to mix it into food cause I just can't get that jelly drink down...what we DO to lose weight!


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