Saturday, May 25

I'm Greedy.

I'm greedy for a lot things but this week I'm greedy for weight loss. Here's the break down : in 5 weeks I've lost 10.8lbs which is right on track for where I would like to be..a bit higher even - fabulous. In 2 weeks i've lost 6.6 of that which is over half - I've been on a roll and I'm super happy about it. Happy as a clam.

Here is the thing : I've been doing this weight loss thing for long enough to know that that shit doesn't last forever if it happens at all. Though I am still working hard and eating well I know that it's super possible that I will stay the same this week or maybe even go up a pound. I'm working so hard and although I know its normal and okay to stall, I would prob shed a little tear if I gained. This isn't even the greedy party though : I REALLY want to lose this week.

I feel bad though because if it was anyone else I'd be like "girlfriend! not only are you bound to have a week where you dont lose but you're lifting hella weights and that makes you retain water AND you're building muscle which may cause a little gain". But instead Im all "I NEED A WEIGHTLOSS".

I am being realistic though : I'm hoping realistically for .5 just to keep it going - half a pound is awesome. My unrealistic goal is 2.2lbs cause I had this pipe dream of being 220 by my 22nd birthday on Tuesday. I know that the chance of that happening is like.. ridiculously low but I can't help but have a little hope for it. You may say I'm a dreamer..but I'm not the only one..

Anywho. I just wanted to check in and talk about my greed apparently. My greed is also continuing into tomorrow where I act like im 13 and try to celebrate my birthday with way too much enthusiasm. Tuesday is not really a "lets party and celebrate birth" kind of a day (though I will prob do it again) so I'm hoping to get together with a small study group of people (hopefully there is a huge huge party somewhere that I can shake my booty) to enjoy a casual drink. We'll see what happens - send me awesome party vibes. If I visualize will happen.

Enjoy your weekend folks,
Big Love,


  1. Oh to be 22 again! Happy Birthday! You are obsessing. Don't let yourself get to a state of obsession. Just let it go and continue on doing what your doing. I know easier said than done. I obsess as well. But why not divorce the scale until AFTER your birthday don't let the scale affect your day like that! I hope you find a little peace of mind :) But your doing great and that is all that counts!

  2. I am so like this too! I want to keep losing and losing but I know eventually I'll plateau or have a bad week...which is when the vicious cycle starts again and I end up gaining.

    I guess we have to lower our expectations or focus on other goals to distract us :/ Have a good weekend!

  3. LOL, you too cute, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY doll!!!!!

  4. You're doing so good! I've actually gained weight since I've started working out, so at least you're moving in the right direction!


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