Sunday, May 26

my birthday surprise! (w/ video footage!)

I love to dance. I love to drink tequila and shake my booty. So it comes as no surprise to my friends and family that on my birthday all I wanted was a big, fun, party with awesome music and lots of dancing. I had to work this weekend so going to the city to celebrate my birthday was out of the question. Since I live in such a small place I knew the chance of a dance party was pretty bleak. I planned to get some friends together for dinner, have some pre drinks and hope for a decent party. I headed to pick up Ashley at her house for dinner but as I arrived she said she needed help because her basement had flooded and she needed to bring boxes up stair. I ran in to help and as I came down the stairs into the basement, this happened :

Yeah. I was pretty freakin' excited and I had no clue. My friend Ashley knew I really wanted a dance party and she's the best friend, party planner and decorator in the lands so she made it happen behind my back. Her and my friends put together this amazing surprise all week and I ignorantly was planning my own bday festivities and they went along with it. There were some awesome dance related decorations, awesome music, yummy treats, great friends and of course - some delicious adult beverages. There was homemade wine and not homemade wine and tequila - a personal favorite. The night was SO much fun. I felt so much love and it was the best birthday EVER!

My birthday is on Tuesday and I asked on my facebook that for my birthday everyone do a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) in my birthday honor! It doesn't matter what it is, just go out of your way to make someone happy or smile. :) I hope you guys will all consider it. 

Have you ever had a surprise party? They are the BEST. 
Tell me about a RAOK you have given or received :) 

big love,
Bailey J 


  1. That is too cute! Sounds like you're surrounded by some awesome friends Bailey:)! Happiest Birthday Wishes to you girl! Hope you're party was amazing! And I love your idea with the RAOK! I will definitely be thinking of you when I do my RAOK this week:)!


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