Wednesday, May 1

Psych! The Giveaway Isn't Over!

So first off, I won a freaking awesome giveaway today!! I entered a 125$ Amazon Gift Card giveaway at Nathans blog (which you should totally check out because he is always doing awesome things for people.. like giving me amazon credit..but actually way better things than that) about a month ago and then today I found out I won it. YAY ME!

I also won 25$ to Amazon at Mish's blog about a month ago so I'm just rolling in Amazon dough. What do you guys think I should buy? Aside from obviously wanting beauty products I'm considering three things big time : a heart rate monitor, a juicer or a kindle! I'm not leaning more towards any of them so I need you guys to help me figure it out! Let me know in the comments which you would buy or which you think is the best choice for me.

So 2nd order of business is this : I'm choosing (well I've chosen.. as in rafflecopter chose for me) another winner for my giveaway. Krystal won but Krystal lives in Puerto Rico and since it would be a racket to get the prize to her, I asked her if she would prefer to receive a larger gift card in exchange for the extra goodies that were in the giveaway. Krystal was down, of course - who wouldn't be, which means I still have those extra goodies!

Instead of being the greedy gremlin I'd enjoy to be and keeping everything for myself I thought I could just pick another winner and that makes TWO happy Being Bailey J readers. I was totally down for that and then when I chose the winner - they lied about their entry. I check the entries when someone wins because I don't think it's fair to me or to the other people who were honest about their entries if someon says 'Oh I liked your facebook page' but they actually didn't. So SUCKS to be you almost winner of the giveaway round 2.

SO THEN I picked ANOTHER winner! And THIS happened :

I am SO happy! Morgan is a girl I met through MyFitnessPal and we've been cheering for each other for over a year I'm guessing -it's been forever. I was so happy to see someone so awesome win! Morgan I sent you an email telling you to read this so I'll be waiting for your reply! aha. I know it's not as exciting without the gift card but products are products! hehe

What a great day :)
Big love,


  1. Yaaayyyy! :) :) :)

  2. You really are rolling in Amazon dough :) Lucky lady!

  3. I would get a juicer :D I've been wanting to get a nicer juice myself.


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